Pool Party

Mindy and Derrick decided to have all their freinds over for a hot pool party. Mindy invited Tommy her neighbor and fuck buddy. Tommy invited his new girl Amanda and his best bud Bryce, who brought his long time one and only sweetheart Ashley. Ashley brought her bff Billie. Derrick invited his buddies Tyrone, Kevin, and Tara.
Mindy, Ashley, Amanda and Billie wear your typical sweet girls with fair complextions, long hair, and light limber bodies with long thin legs. Tara was a hot foxy petite girl with a slightly thicker build with those thick toned thighs and a nice round yet firm bubble butt.
Tommy and Bryce were your typical skater guys, with lean builds. Derrick, Kevin, and Tyrone were all big thick muscle bound dudes that have linebacker written all over them.
Things were average and normal until Mindy decided they all needed to play a game. Volleyball in the pool was too boring so she and all the girls agreed that a cock stroking contest would make things fun!
Bryce was uneasy about this but he was quickly out voted as everyone else was thrilled with the idea. Especially Derrick, Kevin, and Tyrone.
The girls all shared a bench and watched the guys proceed to drop their shorts and grab their dicks.
Ashley and Amanda were dumbfounded when they saw those long dark flaccid cocks come swinging out of their trunks. The girls responded by taking off their tops and started rubbing thier nipples and pussies.
Ash ripped off her thong and started fingering herself with and insatiable passion.
“Those cocks have you turned on Ash?” asked Billie as she got on her knees an worked her mouth down towards Ashley’s pussy as Amanda gazed on at the growing cocks.
Amanda couldn’t believe how long and thick they were. Atleast twice the size of Tommy’s. He didn’tseem bothered though. He was looking at their cocks too. Bryce was having trouble just getting hard. But that was a task when he easily had the smallest cock there. Even Tommy was bigger, and he thought he was better at him in everything.
Tara was enjoying this. pulled off her shorts qickly after the guys started getting hard. She loved watching 5 dudes all stroke their dicks at once. Those hands movibg up and down those shafts. She bent over in front of tjem and started working that butt and givin them a good twerk before yanking down Billie’s shorts.
“Shit, she’s got a dick!” Derrick yelled as a big rubbery dick dangled from out of Billie’s shorts.
Bryce was in shock. Billie not only had a cock, it was 4 times bigger than his, limp! He watched Ashley’s eyes grow with amusement before dropping to her knees and pushing Billie on the ground so she could bury her face in her cock. Amanda walked over to the brothers looking perfect in her thong that was about to be removed before they each started to attempt to put their hard pulsing swollen cocks in each of her willing holes.
Tommy made his way over to Tara, watching her watch the brothers try to fit their thick dick meat in Amanda’s tiny holes.
“Looks like I just lost my new girl.” Tommy says as he strokes his rigid cock, watching Tara’s booty clap as she twerks with a hand rubbing her soaking wet pussy.
“I think Billie should be the one you should be worried about, considering how well shes working Amanda’s tight little box.” Tara says as she spreads her nice thick legs and looks up at Tommy eeagerly.
“I could use a hard cock right now and yours is big enough”.
Without thinking twice Tommy got down on his knees and started working his 8 inch meat missle in Tara’s welcome little pussy. It wasn’t long before Tommy pulled out and gave her a pearl necklace. She didn’t let that stop her. She just inhaled his cock and sucked the blood back into it so she could ride the shit out of it. Twerkin that butt and working that meat.
Mindy saw Bryce by himself and told him to watch her man give his girl the fuck she always dreamed of. She stroked his cock, licking it occassionally and fingered herself as she watched Ashley get all her holes reamed as each brother took a turn on each hole.
When they were done with her they moved to Amanda who encouraged them to fuck her harder. Ashley bent over in front of Billie and said she wanted to know how a girl fucks..
Billie did so with intensity like none other. while eyeing Bryce and asking him how he liked seeing his girl get filled with her big cock. Her C size round boobs bouncing with each deep trust into Ashley’s tight pussy.
Soon everyone but Bryce had drained themselves of every last drop of sexual energy they had. Mindy noticed this and her and all the girls along with Billie. took turns teasing him in a chair while Derrick and Kevin him him down. Dicks dangling beside him to make sure he knew his place. He did finally shoot a small load all over Ashley’s slit as she ran it along his shaft but not actually inserting it. The girls decided this needed to be a regular thing. The pool parties at Mindy’s were never the same after this!

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