Polly has her first woman

I am just another twenty something girl living her life in Portsmouth. Life here is probably typical of most places its always who you hang with that matters. I have lots of friends and am usually busy most nights hanging at the pub with my mates, enjoying a glass or two just passing the time as best as we can. On those nights when I stay at home I tend to end up getting to know myself a bit more. I have to admit that even on nights coming in late from the pub I tend to take some time with myself too. The night table next to my bed holds many of my ‘other ‘ friends, friends I’ve come to know real well.

I should admit that I am a bit of an exhibitionist in that I frequently post photos of myself, naked to the Internet. I enjoy knowing that guys and even some girls out there are thinking about me in that way. In one of those photos I am naked with my legs spread and my smooth shaved pussy is entertaining one of my dearest friends, my purple vibrator. If you look closely you can see how wet I am as I plunge that vibrating cock into my own puss.

When I entertain my night table friends I think of various sex partners and lately I’ve been thinking about women almost as often as I think about guys. In those moments I imagine my purple vibrator is in her hands as I stare up at her tits bouncing above me. I dream about reaching up and touching her there, maybe even tasting her swollen erect nipples as she moves that vibrator faster, bringing me the relief I seek. I’m not sure I could ever do that, but on those nights when I conjure her up I cum hard.

I went to the pub last night looking to see if any of my mates were there and the place was almost empty. As I sat and ordered a glass I looked about and saw mostly older guys and their wives, none of my friends were there. I decided to take my time with my drink and see if any of my friends made it and if not? Well there was the night table and I knew those friends would be there.

I’d polished off maybe half of my brew when someone asked if she could join me. I looked up at a woman with long blonde hair holding two glasses.

“I thought you could use another and some conversation.”

She said as she smiled down at me.

“Sure, I was just hoping some of my friends might come in but I’d love some company. Please sit. Thanks for the drink, my names Polly.”

“Call me Jolie! I’m new to the area and was getting tired of fending off the married guys here. I figured if I joined you I’d get some relief.”

“There all harmless but you are a pretty girl and its gets them thinking, you know?”

“Thanks for the ‘pretty girl’ comment and I know the guys are just being guys but all the same I’d rather not have to pretend to be so nice, I just wanted to relax and enjoy a drink or two. I confess you looked very interesting sitting here. A pretty young girl sitting all alone I guess I figured you’d been stood up and might enjoy some company.”

So my evening took a different path and I must admit I enjoyed talking with Jolie. I also enjoyed wondering what she looked like naked but hadn’t the guts to push my fantasy. Instead we talked about everything else. I learned where she worked, that she was single, that she came from London a few months before. I told her I was single that I lived alone and that this was my home pub and that I was usually among a bunch of mates, but that tonight none of them had showed.

We laughed at silly jokes and told each other stories about our lives. In the short time we were talking I felt as though I’d known Jolie her whole life, felt very comfortable with her and it seemed she was too. We’d each had another, my treat and were just about done when Jolie said.

By :SplendidSpunk

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