Plump and sexy mother in law

I really can’t explain what the attraction to my mother- in- law is, just that it’s there. She is a foul mouthed woman, who married an older man for money. Although I could never tell my wife how I desired her mother, Ginas’ heavier and thicker build held a sexual plumpness that left me wanting her. She isn’t what I’d consider obese but her fifty plus inch fat ass made the rest of her seem a little smaller. That combined with her long black hair made it easy to overlook the few grays and extra pounds. Gina had seen my swinging cock on one occasion as I got out of the shower and walked into our living room expecting only my wife to be there. My mother-in –law sat talking to my wife as me and my bouncing cock and balls made a hasty retreat amidst some giggling. I later grew hard at the thought of the old bitch enjoying the glimpse of my meat. Although married I knew Gina would have the occasional boyfriend on the side and the old whore had no problem pulling men a decade younger.

On occasion my wife wouldn’t be home when her mother stopped by and I would always become slightly nervous as we made small talk. Partially because of the dirty thoughts I was having and knowing I would be jacking off minutes after she left with the sight of her big juicy ass in thin loosely fitting shorts fresh on my mind. I was certain she would enjoy a good stern fucking from a young stud, and was quite confident in my girthy seven & a half inches, but how in the hell would I ever proposition her?

Gina struggled to get the box on the shelf overhead so I assisted from behind her. Of course the thoughts came rushing in as her wide butt jiggled in front of me only inches from my crotch even slightly bumping me. I had been enlisted to help her briefly this afternoon for a garage sale she was planning. We had already removed appliances and other furniture from the pole barn and I planned to be done helping shortly. I merely stuck around pretending to help because I was enjoying watching my mother in law. Bent over rummaging through boxes I could take in her thick ass undetected. I swore I could see her pussy camel toed in her summer shorts as she moved around. Gina stood up dusting off her hands proclaiming, “That’s should be it.” Shit, I thought, the show was over. She hit the button and the overhead door came down. It was an awkward moment to be alone with her in the dimly lit building.

“That ol pricks’ probably still napping,” she stated referring to her husband. As we walked toward the pole barns side door I realized in a moment of courage it was now or never. I jokingly slapped her on the ass saying, “You’ll get a bill in the mail.” Her big ass rippled against my palm. “You better straighten up boy,” Gina remarked. “Boy?” I said, “Do you call an alligator a lizard?” I had used this line countless times before but now it seemed to hold new significance saying it to my mother-in-law. The old whore shook her head in cocky fashion, “Alligator my ass.” My heart nearly leaped from my chest as she grabbed my crotch squeezing firmly. I playfully goosed her ample butt before sliding my hand down the back of her shorts. Grabbing a handful of her cheek my cock grew firmer in my pants. Gina moved away and grabbing a throw rug knelt down in front of me. I massaged her shoulders while she jerked my pants down around my ankles. My bone stood straight up as she wrapped her hand around it and began slapping the head of my cock on her tongue. She licked her lips seeming to enjoy the pre-cum I was dripping.

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