Pizza delivery

“Yes, oh fuck yes, ram me, make me cum!”

Amy’s urging powered Brian along, he could feel his balls swollen up, ready to dump a hot load. Amy’s legs were around his waist, he felt her legs tighten up, then the grip as Amy’s pussy clamped at him, pulling hard, spasming wildly, and her shreik as she climaxed took him with her. He let out a loud grunt as his prick exploded, pumping rapidly.

Amy felt the rush of hot spunk blossoming deep inside her, oh yes, the warmth spreading out, filling her needy heat with hot sperm satisfaction, ahh that felt so good.

Brian’s cock finally squirted out the last drops, and he sagged down, pleasantly drained, Amy had the sweetest cunt he’d ever had, a gripping, eager tightness that he’d never had before, and he was hooked.

Amy was feeling kinky and naughty, she wanted to try something that she’d thought of, but never tried before. How to ask Brian, how would he react, fuck it, just tell it bluntly.

“Let’s order a pizza, and if the delivery guy is cute, I’ll be his tip! I’d like to answer the door, totally naked, and tease him with my nude body to lick me and fuck me! Can you handle watching another guy lick my pussy, than ram my cunt and fill it with a hot load?”

Amy held her breath until she saw his cock rising up beneath the sheets, and she giggled and cooed, “I take that as a yes!”

It was perfect. Brian’s house had one of those cameras at the front door that would act as a survelliance device, recording any comings and goings around the front porch. They could see who would be delivering, Amy hoped he would be cute, so he could make an extra delivery to her tight pussy.

Amy said, “You call up, make it a mushroom, ham and green pepper.”

After the call, Amy strolled around totally naked, and laid out her plan.

“Brian, I am sure you’ll want to watch. So, you will be over where the living room has that doorway into the hallway, if you turn out the light in the hall, you can stand in the dark and watch. Now, I must ask you, are you totally sure you can handle watching me with another man?”

Brian knew that he would say yes, he would not give up Amy, she was far too fine, and he said, softly, “Oh yeah baby. I can handle it!”

Amy smiled and cooed, “After the delivery’s guy’s gotten his tip, it’ll be your turn lover!”

Firfteen minutes later, they were both eagerly watching the camera feed, and they saw a car park at the curb, with the pizza company’s lighted display topper on the car’s roof. They saw the driver get out, and walk up towards the door.

Amy purred, “Oh yeah, he looks so nice. This is it lover!”

Brian quickly scuttled back to his assigned watching spot, and when Amy heard the doorbell chime, she hurried over, clicking on the light right above her so he would get a great view. She took a deep breath, aware of how naked she was, and opened the door.

The delivery guy started to say Good evening, and he fell silent as he was confronted with the view. Holy fuck, a hot naked blonde babe was opening the door to him!

She smiled at himm he was wearing a name tag that said Jim and she cooed, “Umm, that was so fast Jim, I’ll bet it’s all hot and juicy!”

As she rummaged in her purse, Jim couldn’t tear his eyes away. He quickly sized her up, wanting to commit her sexy shape to memory for masturbation fodder. Five foot seven, about 130 pounds, shoulder length golden honey color hair, jade green eyes, nice smooth complexion. His eyes took in the firm, upright breasts. Nice, grapefruit sized mounds, he saw her nipples jutting up. Her tummy was flat, her hips had a sexy curve, her pussy was waxed bare and smooth, sleek, full legs, and from watching her as she turned to get her purse from the doorside table, he had observed how her rump had a graceful curve, perky and smooth.

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