Peeping perv pleases neighbour and her BFFs

“Are you just going to continue peeping at my girlfriends and I, or are you going to come over soon to eat our pussies?”

At least Krystal was smiling as she confronted me. She had moved in next door in the middle of winter, so we had never properly met. She was thirtyish, blond, athletic, apparently a nurse, or so said one of the neighbourhood gossips.

A lot of people- mostly young women around her age- came and went from her house. A big change from the conservative boring middle aged couple she had replaced.

With the arrival of spring, Krystal had started wearing T-shirts and shorts, or leggings, all of which flattered her fine figure. Her blonde ponytail swung behind her as she moved with grace, a bounce perpetually in her step. I noticed because I watched her a lot. The way that she gave me a little wave coming or going from her house if she saw me sitting on my front porch just encouraged my fantasies.

I spent many a night reclined on my couch, cock in fist, imagining Krystal’s lips around my shaft, her tongue licking me like a lollipop, fingers teasing my scrotum, teeth grazing my frenulum, then her head bobbing up and down as she deep throated me until I came. There were lots of variations on that theme, but what I most wanted to do was what I wanted most with any woman- to lick her all over, slowly focusing in on her cunt, which I imagined would be soaked by the time my tongue teasing she gash open. Making my partner come always gave me more satisfaction than my own orgasms, which I considered cheap and easy, since I could trigger them so easily solo.

Summer had arrived early this year. Krystal and her galpals had started to spend much of their time on her back deck, chatting, playing cards, drinking. Since she worked shifts, this went on during the day or evening randomly.

I had discovered that my second floor spare room window gave me a perfect view of Krystal’s deck. On the sunny days, I got treated to scenes of the young women all helping each other out spreading the sun tan lotion on one another’s hard to reach places. My drool provided a handy lubricant for stroking my meat. The only thing that might have improved the situation would have been skimpy bikini, but a voyeur can only expect so much, and has to fill in the rest with imagination.

So when Krystal confronted me, I was both shocked embarrassed. I knew that my conduct was inappropriate, wrong, maybe even illegal. On the other hand, she did not seem inclined to call the cops on me.

“Don’t you ladies have boyfriends for that?” I asked once I finally found my voice. “I see some guy cutting your lawn.”

“Oh-Virgil?” Krystal sighed. “Like most young guys, he’s too macho to want to go down on me. Even when he does, he rushes too much. Plus when my girlfriends ask to share, he either thinks it’s a joke, or a trap to test his loyalty to me.”

My cock was throbbing in my shorts. I had to resist reaching down to stroke it. I could feel Krystal’s gaze shift to my groin.

She giggled girlishly and grinned at me. “Besides which, none of us have ever had tongue from a mature older man. We all figure that experience counts, that older guys know more about how to please a woman. Even if we are wrong, it might be fun to find out.”

Another giggle.

“Please?” she begged, batting her eyelashes, thrusting those pert boobs toward me. “If you won’t help, we’re so desperate for some good head that we’re almost willing to try going down on each other.”

Now THAT I would love to watch, but saying so would not help things.

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