Pee time in the military

Being in the military and being a woman has its challenges, but also its rewards. Most of those rewards come in the way of f/f sexual encounters. I have held off writing about a two week trip I made last year as I guess I wanted it to settle in so I could write without giving away too much information, and focus in only on the sex. I am putting this in the taboo section, but it probably could go anywhere. Here we go with part one:

I had left the US for two week coverage for someone taking leave in the medical corp. I had never been to this country and was pretty nervous about it. Because there was no real thought about women in the planning, the US government took over a couple of floors of hotel a few blocks from the local hospital where we also had a few floors dedicated to US servicemen.
I arrived at the hotel about mid-day and was shown to my room. When I walked in there was another woman, Jen, taking a nap. I felt bad waking her, knowing she probably had a night shift or something, but there wasn’t much I could do.
When Jen saw me she bounced out of bed and welcomed me like I was an old friend. It didn’t bother her at all that she was just in her bra and panties. After a few minutes I had gathered that her last two room-mates had been “old-maids” and she couldn’t believe that she (all of 21 years old) had someone 29, to room with finally.

I put my duffel on the floor and we started to talk, I was looking at this really cute nurse, who had a nice set of tits, and her dark areola were showing through the typical military white boring under garments. She asked me “so tell me about you?” I was about 3 minutes into my life story when she stopped me and asked “no, I mean tell me about you. Are you straight, bi, gay, traditional, kinky, dominant, submissive? Tell me.” I looked at her, I had been in the room all of about 10 minutes and she is asking me to bare all. She could see the hesitation and surprise in my face and continued “Do you want me to go first?” I smiled in relief and said “yes, please.”
Jen looked at me and said “well I guess I should ask first if you are a prude or goodie-two shoes?” I looked at her and said “I do out rank you, but as far as being off-duty I may be as wild you appear to be.”

She almost jumped up and down. She then said “Like ok then; I love to cum so I don’t care if it’s a guy, girl or toy that is helping me cum. I am definitely kinky and will do just about anything if it has to do with sex. When I get horny I can play either role, but I guess I am much more dominant because I want to get off the way I want to at the time… Oh, and I hope you don’t mind, but I usually masturbate myself to sleep even for a nap.”

Wow I thought to myself, this girl and I could be twins. I looked at her and decided to have some fun for a minute or two and replied “Now Jen, I guess I didn’t know you were that wild. You actually will be masturbating while I am in the room and you want me to be OK with that?” the girl’s huge smile disappeared and she actually looked nervous that maybe she went to far to too quick.

“Did you actually do that with the other roommates you had, who you said were older and not much fun?” I asked. She looked back at me , her head down a bit and said “well I did, but I had to hide it which meant I had like little orgasms.”

I was having a little problem keeping a straight face, so I stated “ Well Jen, if I am in the room I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t masturbate.” I hesitated and saw her head drop even more. I continued “I would hope that you ask me if I could finger or lick you into an orgasm instead.” Her head snapped up and smile started to appear. I went on “to answer your questions, I go either way but since joining the military I prefer to be with a woman or more when possible. I don’t know what you mean by kinky, it is a very relative term, but in the right setting I would love if we were making out and you needed to pee that you would just let it flow all over me. Giving that statement I guess you can tell that, when out of uniform, I prefer to be submissive and make my partner happy.” I stopped at that and looked at her.

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