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Sujata’s fingers were moving with lightning speed between her thighs, in her love hole and her eyes were glued to the Laptop screen. She was not watching a steamy porn movie but was reading an i****t story, Mom seducing and getting fucked by her son.

She read many Mom son stories but nothing excited and drove her up the wall like the one she was reading, Vanaja’s insatiable i****t. The story was so near to her feelings towards her son, Rohit and the deion of fucking scene so graphic that she almost felt as if she was being fucked by her darling 18 year old son.

Her breath was coming in shallow gasps and suddenly she clenched her thighs, buttocks and stomach muscles and gave a loud moan and series of spasms shook her body as her cunt sprouted jets of juice like a fountain. Then she collapsed like a rag doll and she removed her fingers from cunt, juice was dripping. As she licked the juice, her breathing became normal.

She looked at clock. It was 1130 AM.

She called her brother, Karan.

He picked up “Hello, Didi, how are you?” he asked affectionately.

Sujata replied” Not so fine”

Karan was worried” What happened?” he asked anxiously.

Sujata said “My cunt is on fire. I need my brother’s juice to quench the fire”

Karan laughed” Hahaha. Darling, can it wait for few hours? I am in the middle of something important. I will come after two hours and we can have 2 rounds before k**s come back from college” he said in a low voice.

Sujata was firm” No, it can’t wait. You come over for lunch, anyway it is going to be lunch break for you now. Go a little late”

Karan hesitated “Hmmm, ok I will give some cock and bull story and squeeze out. But make my special dish. I am very hungry” he said and disconnected.

Sujata didn’t bother to dress up. Cook Santosh had already prepared lunch. She had to make few items which Karan liked.

Sujata is a gorgeous, sexy and horny lady in her early 40s, married to a very handsome and successful businessman, Sandeep. She is blessed with a ripe cunt and is proud of her most prized possession, of her clean shaved, reddish plumb hole, nested between heavy voluptuous thighs, smooth as silk her vagina sat proudly, slight protruding outwards with big outer lips. If her pussy lips are opened wide, one would find a fiery red watery inner orifice. Her beauty is enhanced by 38c big boobs with brownish pink nipples and massive shapely buttocks and a cute ass hole.

Regular yoga and aerobics had served her well, her boobs were tight and firm and so was her vagina, she was quietly proud of her body be it with clothes or without, it has magical effect on young and old, people would be extra nice to her trying to win her smile and exclusive company, even after 2 k**s, Rohit 18 and Prema 20, she would give a run for money to even an 18 year old girl. The whole affect was augmented by smooth, marble like skin.

She was happy with everything, husband, family, financial status..only area that left her somewhat unhappy was the fucking department. Her hubby was for ever travelling, his business was booming and he has to be on the move. Though she is happy with that she sorely missed him and his hot throbbing cock on cold nights. She tried to be faithful to a large extent, it was not possible, so she has occasional flings with few friends’ husbands, her brother Karan.

Sujata smiled to herself as her thoughts travelled to 2 decades back as to how she got married to Sandeep ……………………….

……………………When Sujata returned from her fucking session with her cousin brother’s friends, she was taken aback to be hugged and kissed by Jaya Aunty and Mom Gayatri.

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