Pastor Share His Wife With black men

As Pastor Richard Knowlton sat in his office at home
while trying to prepare his sermon for that coming
Sunday, he looked out of his open doorway to the view
across the way where his lovely wife Nell was drying the
dishes. So beautiful, so pure and innocent looking, the
sight of his lovely wife caused Rich (as he liked to be
called) to reflect back a few weeks earlier as Nell left
with their son and her parents on the cabin cruiser.
Seeing them off at the dock, it was planned for Rich to
later fly over to meet them at one of their island
hopping stops.

Waving and taking pictures as the boat departed from the
dock, Rich sat at his computer that night to download
the shots and print a copy of each. Then came that last
shot of them waving from the back of the deck, but atop
the boat was the muscular black deckhand hired to handle
chores, and his evil smile while gazing at Nell below
was unnerving as the bastard was squeezing at his
bulging crotch.

Upon meeting up with them as scheduled, Rich learned
that his nightly dreams and fantasies of his lovely
wife, since she had departed on the boat, had actually
become reality one night.

With him alone on the anchored boat while everyone was
in the water swimming and diving, Rich had invaded his
wife’s privacy by sneaking into the dairy that she
updated daily. And in it were the horrifying yet
enthralling details of his beautiful wife being fucked
on deck one night in the darkness of the night.


His cock throbbing in the confines of his shorts, Rich
read the dairy ‘Awful! So awful! He did his thing in me,
finished in me!’ And further along in the diary, he
read: ‘I feel sick right now thinking about it all, how
awful it was to take his filthy penis into my mouth!

‘He made me kneel there on the cushion, pushing himself
into my mouth, entwining his thick fingers into my hair!
How humiliating! He was actually having sex with my
mouth! …he stopped, keeping the fat tip in… then
began spewing his slimy filth into my mouth! …had to
swallow it all or choke to death on it! So much, just so
much of it! So horrible!’

Going ashore to visit the island, walking hand in hand,
they later parted ways with Nell going to the nearby
bazaar while he went to view the old monastery. Having
told Nell that he’d later catch up with her, Rich went
to the bazaar to look for her and had just spotted her
flowing blonde hair near the edge of a stall.
Recognizing the dress that she wore, Rich began making
his way over to her then realized that she was talking
to someone standing behind the wooden stall.

With a large black hand coming into view, taking his
wife’s petite white one in hand, Rich watched as Nell
disappeared behind the stall. Making his way there, Rich
then found a pathway between the bushes behind the stall
and quietly began down the pathway.

This turned out to be such a mind blowing experience for
him while hiding in the tall grass and watching intently
like a filthy-minded voyeur. His jaw dropped wide open
upon seeing his lovely wife getting eaten out by this
man who’s name apparently was Balai as Nell screamed
out, “Yes, oh yesss! Eat me Balai! Eat ME PLEASE!!”

The fellow named Balai later proceeded to give Nell the
fucking of a lifetime, with Rich watching intently from
his hiding spot, listening to the “Shlurk, shlurk,
shlurk, shlurk!” sounds emanating from the lovers’
union. Like rutting animals, the pair went at it with
wild abandon as Rich looked on in astonishment, hearing
his innocent wife exclaim “Fuck me! Fuck me with your
big black donker! Fuck me, Balai!”

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