Pastor Share His Wife With black men

As Pastor Richard Knowlton sat in his office at home
while trying to prepare his sermon for that coming
Sunday, he looked out of his open doorway to the view
across the way where his lovely wife Nell was drying the
dishes. So beautiful, so pure and innocent looking, the
sight of his lovely wife caused Rich (as he liked to be
called) to reflect back a few weeks earlier as Nell left
with their son and her parents on the cabin cruiser.
Seeing them off at the dock, it was planned for Rich to
later fly over to meet them at one of their island
hopping stops.

Waving and taking pictures as the boat departed from the
dock, Rich sat at his computer that night to download
the shots and print a copy of each. Then came that last
shot of them waving from the back of the deck, but atop
the boat was the muscular black deckhand hired to handle
chores, and his evil smile while gazing at Nell below
was unnerving as the bastard was squeezing at his
bulging crotch.

Upon meeting up with them as scheduled, Rich learned
that his nightly dreams and fantasies of his lovely
wife, since she had departed on the boat, had actually
become reality one night.

With him alone on the anchored boat while everyone was
in the water swimming and diving, Rich had invaded his
wife’s privacy by sneaking into the dairy that she
updated daily. And in it were the horrifying yet
enthralling details of his beautiful wife being fucked
on deck one night in the darkness of the night.


His cock throbbing in the confines of his shorts, Rich
read the dairy ‘Awful! So awful! He did his thing in me,
finished in me!’ And further along in the diary, he
read: ‘I feel sick right now thinking about it all, how
awful it was to take his filthy penis into my mouth!

‘He made me kneel there on the cushion, pushing himself
into my mouth, entwining his thick fingers into my hair!
How humiliating! He was actually having sex with my
mouth! …he stopped, keeping the fat tip in… then
began spewing his slimy filth into my mouth! …had to
swallow it all or choke to death on it! So much, just so
much of it! So horrible!’

Going ashore to visit the island, walking hand in hand,
they later parted ways with Nell going to the nearby
bazaar while he went to view the old monastery. Having
told Nell that he’d later catch up with her, Rich went
to the bazaar to look for her and had just spotted her
flowing blonde hair near the edge of a stall.
Recognizing the dress that she wore, Rich began making
his way over to her then realized that she was talking
to someone standing behind the wooden stall.

With a large black hand coming into view, taking his
wife’s petite white one in hand, Rich watched as Nell
disappeared behind the stall. Making his way there, Rich
then found a pathway between the bushes behind the stall
and quietly began down the pathway.

This turned out to be such a mind blowing experience for
him while hiding in the tall grass and watching intently
like a filthy-minded voyeur. His jaw dropped wide open
upon seeing his lovely wife getting eaten out by this
man who’s name apparently was Balai as Nell screamed
out, “Yes, oh yesss! Eat me Balai! Eat ME PLEASE!!”

The fellow named Balai later proceeded to give Nell the
fucking of a lifetime, with Rich watching intently from
his hiding spot, listening to the “Shlurk, shlurk,
shlurk, shlurk!” sounds emanating from the lovers’
union. Like rutting animals, the pair went at it with
wild abandon as Rich looked on in astonishment, hearing
his innocent wife exclaim “Fuck me! Fuck me with your
big black donker! Fuck me, Balai!”

As his wife lay with her arms and legs fully widespread,
her charms fully exposed, thick male spunk oozed out of
her well-fucked cunny to puddle onto the grass below.
Then Rich observed the fellow named Balai reach over to
a conch shell near his clothing and sounded his
triumphant signal of having just conquered a lovely
white married bitch. But soon Rich learned firsthand
that the triumphant signal also was to invite Balai’s
friends down to where he was as Balai was going to share
his golden treasure.

One by one they came running through the brush from all
directions, with Rich counting fourteen others coming in
to join the party. Watching intently from his hiding
spot, Rich got to see Nell take on five men at a time as
she was gangbanged time and time again. One thing that
had made Rich shudder was the shrilling shriek that Nell
had let out upon being sodomized for the very first
time, for he could imagine her awful pain upon hearing,


When it was all over, Rich had snuck out of his hiding
place and made his way back to the bazaar and waited for
wife to reappear. He pretended on just having gotten
then when she stepped out from behind the wooden stall,
looking again like the pure and innocent beauty that she
carried on to be and not like the wanton slut that had
just been gangbanged by fifteen muscular and horny
blacks men.

‘My, God, how can she be holding my hand and acting as
if nothing was out of the ordinary? Had he not witness
it for himself, there was no way he’d have ever believed
it ever could have happened!’

Having returned home for a few days, with his wife in
the shower the night before, Rich snuck into her
personal diary and looked at the continuous scribbling
at the letters ‘CDBF’. Those four letters apparently
were obviously on his wife’s mind constantly, with it
even being scribbled on the grocery list that she had
prepared for shopping and had clipped it onto the
refrigerator. Purposely questioning his wife as to what
‘CDBF’ meant, he smiled pretending not to know what it
truly meant as she responded, “It’s a new group that
stands for Christian Devotees to brotherhood!”

By coincidence Richard had picked up the phone in the
study at the same time his wife got the phone ringing in
the kitchen. Hearing Nell say ‘Hello’ first, Rich was
about to hang up when a deep intriguing male voice spoke
and asked, “Mrs. Knolton?” After a ‘yes’ response, the
male advised, “Mama Wanda gave me your name and number!
I understand you are a member of ‘CDFB’! A Cum Dump for
Blacks! Is that correct?”

With another ‘yes’ response, Rich heard the man then ask
“When and where would you like me to dump my black cum
in you?” “Friday night, at my home, when my husband goes
bowling with the church league and my son is sleeping
over at a friend’s!” he heard his wife tell the unknown
caller. Rich swallowed as his heart thumped in his
chest, knowing that he’d be making a call for a
substitute to replace him on the bowling team on Friday
night, plus to clean up his side of the closet in order
to give him a place to hide.

Since getting that phone call, Nell heart was beating
rapidly in her chest as she wondered just why in the
world she had said ‘yes’ to his questions and in fact
had invited this unknown black man over to her home when
Richard and her son would be out on Friday night.
Clenching her cunny lips and squeezing her thighs
together, Nell felt her mouth begin to water as she
trembled in nervousness. ‘My, God, what have I done? A
man… a black man… a stranger… he’s coming to my
home on Friday night… to make love to me… no, to
fuck me with his big black cock!’ she shuddered.

Biting down on her bottom lip, Nell blinked back the
tears as she looked at the king-sized bed that was
nicely made in the master bedroom with an ivory white
spread upon it. She swallowed nervously in picturing
herself lying upon the top of it… naked with a
muscular black man unclothed and lying atop of her,
fitting his bloated cockhead up against her sex.

Squeezing her thighs together at the image of it, love
juices oozed out of her pulsating slit into the crotch
of her panties. Shuddering as she imagined seeing the
huge black thrusting forward and slamming himself into
her, the crotch of Nell’s panties suddenly became
sopping wet.

Bowling shirt on with bowling bag at the ready, Rich
licked at his lips in seeing his beautiful wife lay out
a nice pink dress to wear for the evening along with a
pair of white pantyhose and 3″ white heels to go with
her outfit.

“Off for your regular meeting with the gals from the
Women’s Auxiliary? Actual meeting or a gab session
tonight?” he teasingly asked, knowing full well what was
on the agenda for his beautiful wife.

“Oh Rich, you know it’s always a pure business session
and that we women don’t go gabbing about people in the
community!” she laughed in response.

With Nell going to her underwear drawer to get ready to
go into the shower, Rich gave her a kiss goodbye and
told her “I’m going to be out late tonight! Think I’ll
have a pop or something mild after bowling, just to chat
with the guys while they grab a beer or two, not good to
keep passing when they invite me to join them!”

Thus, Rich had just provided his wife with more time to
entertain the guest that she was expecting that night.
As she entered the bathroom, Rich hurried out to the
garage to stash his car around the block, packing a more
indiscreet shirt to change into once he parked the car.

Minutes later, having parked on a side street away from
his home, Rich was at the outside of his home near the
master bath to make sure that his wife was still in the
shower. Hearing it still on, he could then make it back
into the house and into the closet of the master bedroom
without her knowledge. Getting into the small but
comfortably set-up hiding space that he had prepared
from himself, Rich peered out through the slits and
smiled in seeing that he had a fabulous view of their
marital bed.

As Nell appeared out of the master bath to sit on the
bed, Rich watched intently as his wife grasped her
pantyhose and was proceeding to roll one hose over her
right foot. ‘No, you don’t need those honey! You’ll turn
him on even more when he sees your long sexy white legs
bare without the pantyhose!’ he wanted to tell his wife.

It was as if she had read his mind as Nell pulled the
garment off and tossed it aside on the king-sized bed.
Garbed only in a pair of matching lacy white panties and
flimsy bra, Rich was excited in seeing her don her pink
dress on and slip into her white heels in preparation
for her big date.

Right at 7 p.m., the doorbell rang and Rich could see
his anxious wife nearly run out of the bedroom to get
the door. He desperately wanted to see who had arrived
and what was happening out in the living room or den as
he could make out a bit of the conversation taking place
between his wife and definitely a male visitor from the
deeper voice that he could make out. But Rich dared not
leave his hiding spot for fear of being discovered and
that would certainly put a damper on the evening’s
activities, especially what he hoped to view right there
in the master bedroom.

A long fifteen minutes later, footsteps could finally be
heard coming down the hallway toward the master bedroom,
and Rich began to sport a boner in his pants. There came
Nell with a glass of her favorite white wine in one hand
and her other one was in that of her guest as she guided
him into the master bedroom. ‘Damn, even after what I
witnessed during the vacation, I’d never ever believe
that Nell would desecrate her marital vows to me right
here on our marital bed!’ he thought, though quite
anxious for it to actually happen. With Nell setting
down her glass of wine and then taking the drink from
her guest to do the same with it, Rich watched in awe as
a passionate kiss ensued.

“Hot damn, Mrs. Knowlton, yer a fuck’n preacher’s wife!
Holy shit! Jeezus fuck’n Christ, if’n that don’t beat it
all!” came the exclamation from the big black male guest
that Nell had invited into the master bedroom. Rich
swallowed in anticipation, unable to breathe as he
stared into the bedroom through the slits in the closet
door, becoming quite excited upon hearing the man tell
Nell “Oh, man, sweetie, I’s ain’t ever had no preacher’s
wife give me some head!”

Seeing the man pushing Nell down to the carpet after
leading her to a nearby sofa where he sat down and
pulled off his shirt, they had come to just a few feet
away from the closet door. Rich leaned forward for more
of a close-up view as his beautiful wife was reaching up
towards the front of the man’s pants.

Eyes wide, unable to breathe, Rich leaned further
towards the slits of the closet door to get an even
closer view as his wife’s lovely manicured fingers
fished out the long thick male specimen that this man
possessed. Then his seemingly innocent looking wife
began shucking at the man’s cock as if she was a pro,
shucking at the growing stem that was mere inches from
her beautiful face.

When she stuck out her pink tongue and avidly began
teasing the bloated cockhead by flicking the tip of her
tongue about it, the big man groaned with pleasure and
exclaimed “Damn! No one’s ever gonna believe this!
Beautiful wife of a preacher …and a fabulous little

Rich’s jaw dropped wide open as down went his beautiful
wife, gobbling up as much of the dark meat as she could
get into her mouth, causing the big man to grasp the
back of her blonde head for support as he moaned “Oh,
baby! Oh, yeah… that’s it honey… suck it… git all,
cause Billy Ray’s soon gonna give ya a real special
kinda communion… one ya ain’t ever gonna git in
church!” Then Rich observed Nell’s right hand move from
the man’s thigh up to the center of the big man’s
crotch, causing him to groan with pleasure as he panted
“Oh, yeah, baby! That’s it sweetie… that’s it! Oh,
man, yer soft little hand feels so fuck’n goooooooood!
Yeah, baby… roll them nuts like that!”

Head bobbing up and down, gulping down then releasing it
to tongue the sensitive head, the beautiful Mrs. Nell
Knowlton was quite impressive in her performance in
giving a man ‘head’. That would certainly be attested to
by the big black man whom she had just met twenty
minutes ago and was moaning with pleasure as he grasped
her long silky blonde hair to keep her from unmouthing
him. And as a spectator, her own husband was quite
impressed at the avid enthusiasm in his wife’s
performance in going down on a man, especially since she
had never given him such a pleasure.

Seeing Billy Ray’s eyes glass over before throwing his
head back while arching up his hips, his large hands
kept Nell from pulling away from any of the lengthy cock
that was deep down in her throat, Rich felt his own cock
near bursting as the large fellow bellowed “Ohhhhh…
ohhhhh… ohhh, communion time fer ya, Mrs. Knowlton!
Yeah baby …eat it …eat it all! Ah, Jezzzus, yer one
hell of a cocksucker, sweetie! Ohhh, baby, ya ain’t
gonna be treated to any communion wine as sweet and
fresh as Billy Ray’s, no sireee!”

Rich stared on in amazement as his beautiful wife
continued sucking as the now dwindling stem till Billy
Ray pulled at the back of her hair to ease her off of
his now oversensitive cockhead. With Billy Ray standing
while pulling her up from the floor and looking into her
eyes as Nell liked at her pink lips, Rich watched as the
big man bent down to give his wife a deep kiss on the
lips. “Hmmm, always wanted to kiss a preacher’s wife,
and a beautiful one with my cum on her pink lips makes
it all more exciting!” the man taunted.

To Rich’s shock, he then heard his innocent wife tell
Billy Ray “Now you’ve gotten your wish of kissing a
pastor’s wife with your creamy cum on her lips! So, have
you ever wanted to undress the wife of a pastor? Strip a
pastor’s wife… get her naked and ready for bed… so
you can ‘fuck’ the daylights out of her!”

Then he watched as Nell turned her back to the big man,
who’s hands were being guided up to the hook and zipper
behind of his wife’s neck. ‘Zzzziiiippp!’ could be heard
as the big man’s hand was obviously unzipping Nell’s
pink dress.

Pink dress on the floor puddled around Nell’s white
heels, then her milky white breasts were bared as her
bra was removed by the big man who dragged the frilly
bra from its shoulder strap on the closet’s doorknob.
Big black hands were now cupping his wife’s titties,
thumb and forefingers caressing and teasing at Nell’s
tender pink nipples.

The big man was now kissing and teasing her earlobes
while fondling her breasts, the man asked of Nell “How
would the preacher’s beautiful wife want Billy Ray to
please her?” Looking at his wife through the slits, Rich
observed her tremble then stammer out “Eee… eat me! I
want you to eat me, Billy Ray!”

With his wife carried over to the bed and laid upon it,
her ass on the edge and legs dipped down to the ground,
Rich watched as the big man proceeded to work Nell’s
lacy white panties down over her trim hips. Down her
trim sexy white legs, then one white heel was slipped
off followed by the other before her panties were
stripped from her completely. Next, the big man was
kneeling upon the bedroom carpet, the perfect height to
just snuggle his face up into Nell’s soft golden nest.

Pretty pedicured toes of both petite feet pressing down
upon the muscular black shoulder muscles, Rich observed
his beautiful wife arching up into the slurping mouth as
Nell’s trim white fingers grasped desperately at the
man’s kinky hair. “Oh, yes… yes… yes, Billy Ray…
eat me… eat MEE! AHHH!!”

Rich heard his wife scream out over the loud slurping
sounds from between her thighs as Billy Ray obviously
took great pleasure in eating out a pastor’s hot little

Having orgasmed in Billy Ray’s slurping mouth, Nell’s
legs were wide splayed as she lay upon the bed, her feet
resting upon the carpeting while her guest was now
shucking off his clothing. Watching as the big man
shucked at his boner in preparation, Rich was pressed up
against the closet door from where he saw Billy Ray lift
Nell’s limp legs to place them upon the king-sized bed
while getting his wife to turn lengthwise upon it. Then
the big man was joining her upon their marital bed.

Seeing Nell’s beautifully manicured fingers reach for
and clasp the ebony shaft, Rich sucked in his breath as
his lovely wife spread her trim white legs wide as she
guided the long black cock to her entrance. Then she was
rubbing the head of the fuckstick up and down her slit,
apparently to stimulate it even more as well as to
lubricate it. “Ohhhhh, you’re so big, Billy Ray! Ohhhh,
yes, yes, do it… do it… give it to me …yes,
yessss, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeee! Fuck me with your big
black cock… cum in me… make me a cum dump for your
big black cock!”


It was quite an entertaining Friday night for Rich as he
sat hiding in the corner of his closet, with the finale
coming as Nell was up on all fours while Billy Ray gave
her a good butt fucking that had his beautiful wife
squealing as he got her tight butt of open for him.
Nearing ten o’clock, with Nell seeing her guest to the
front door, Rich awaited for her to shower once again in
order to take that opportunity in exiting the closet and
making his own departure without being discovered.

Out the side door and on his way to the car, Rich was
wondering when his lovely wife would get another phone
call from Billy Ray or any other black man wanting to
use his beautiful wife a ‘cum dump’. ‘My God, that was
so exciting! How can I get Nell down on her knees and
take me in her mouth like she did for Billy Ray?’ he

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