Parenting my Crush

Let’s start off with a little about me: My name is Matthew, I am a lawyer in the midwest. My main area of focus is corporate law. I travel all around the world helping large businesses acquire/merge with other medium to large businesses. I married my wife Lex 3 years ago. I spoil the hell out of here, have brought her home from working in corporate America, bought her a new set of DD tits that she loves showing off and we have an unbelievable sex life. Lex is 5’4 120lbs soaking wet. She was a soccer player through high school and college so she has just the perfect amount of curves with all the sexiness of toned muscle. I am 5’7 185 pounds, brown hair worn high and tight and always styled, and a 6.5inch long, and 4.5in thick cock. Alright, enough about that… let me get into something that happened that has changed my life forever.

Lex and I were out to dinner at our favorite steak house. Lex hates to cook and by the end of a long day of talking on the phone, meeting after meeting, and paperwork there is no way that I want to go home and cook a meal. We were sitting in our corner, a booth that is usually waiting for us because we go in here so much. We were wrapping up and I was just about to pay the bill when from across the room I hear my name yelled out… “Matthew, Matthew from Westchester High, is that you.” I looked up and the second I saw her, I knew EXACTLY who it was. It was Lauren, a girl that I ALWAYS had the hots for in high school but was never good enough to have a chance. She got closer and I could tell that she was a little drunk. “Oh my god, Matthew!! How have you been? What have you been up to? What are you doing nowadays? Who is this young lady?” Lauren asked, or I guess slurred. “I have been good. I am actually an attorney. I run a firm that does mergers and acquisitions. I work a lot, but nothing really new. This is my wife, Lex.” I replied. “Oh, wife. Look at you Matty boy” My wife glared at me. At that point, I should’ve ended this conversation but I couldn’t believe a girl that I had the hots for, for so long was this close to me and actually talking to me with interest, so I asked her the same things she asked me. “Well, I am a CFO of my brother’s company. I just left my dirtbag ex-husband. Do you remember Jake? Yeah, I married him. What a waste of 4 years of my life.” She then went on and on about something but I couldn’t even tell you what it was. She was so damn hot I wasn’t paying attention. Lauren is blonde about 5’5, probably about 145, curvey, thick ass, great tits, and piercing blue eyes. She was wearing a black dress with a v cut down of cleavage, it was tight enough to be sexy and show off all the perfect things about her body, but also just the right amount of classy that she can wear it into the board room and probably own every cock in there. After a while of talking Lex shut it down visibly annoyed and maybe even jealous. I handed Lauren my card and said that I would love to talk to her brother about his business and his exit plans and walked out with my wife. Hand in the small of her back, showing off she is mine, but also showing off my wedding ring, diamond cuff links, and a great Rolex yacht master. Hoping Lauren would notice and realize that I may have been the nerd in high school, but I was the nerd who grew up to make a damn good living.

I love when lex gets jealous, she always has to mark her territory after a girl actively flirts with me. I have learned that it is best to act like I had no idea that it was happening and let it play out for me. I get lex in the car and I go around and get in the driver’s seat. INSTANTLY she latches onto my face, kissing me passionately, rubbing her hands all over, and says “Get me home and fuck my brains out. You need to remember that, that big cock belongs to one person and one person only.” I start making the way home. Briefly chatting about whatever came up, hand on her thigh, reminding her I was proud to be her husband. I pulled into the garage, and start to walk inside, and instantly I am attacked. Lex is rubbing all over me, kissing all over me, breathing heavily, I pick her up and take her to the bedroom. I rip her dress off of her and take her bra off, all while still holding and kissing her. I throw her on the bed and start kissing her tits, and down her body. I get to her thighs and start kissing and nibbling, hearing her moan ever so softly “Ohhhh fuck, baby” I move just a little bit. Lex has the PERFECT pussy, only ever been fucked by 3 guys including me, perfect lips, and always completely bald because of the laser hair removal I pay for. I am the type of partner that always likes her to cum first before I slide in, I get off on making a woman cum. It EXCILERATES me. I run my tongue up and down, slowly, teasing almost, I slowly slide a finger in, and latch onto her clit sucking. At this point Lex is moaning louder then she normally does. “Fucking suck that pussy. This is your pussy. You don’t ever get to suck no one’s pussy like this. This one is yours.” That is how I know she is really tuned up. Her dirty talk gets nasty, she gets territorial, and I love it. She lets out a long moan/scream and a stream of juices hit my face. I never stop sucking, licking, and fingering. I want it all. When she recovers she sits up, looks at me, and tells me to lay back, I lay back she grabs my cock and lines it up with her pussy. Normally she would blow me a little bit, but all bets are off. She is really turned on and really wants me to remember who I am married to and who I need to be fucking. I would be lying if for a few moments I wasn’t thinking about Lauren and what it looked like under that dress. I snapped out of it those when she put her hands on my chest and really started bouncing on my cock, her breathing picked up, and I could feel it. It was coming. I grabbed her neck and started choking her as she started to really hammer up and down on my cock. Then we both let out a loud grown, came together, and she collapsed right on my chest. Eventually rolling off of me and drifting off to sleep, naked as the day she was born. I soon followed suit.

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