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It was pitch dark, and I lay in bed on my side, my darling husband cuddling me from behind. He had fallen asleep sometime earlier, but still had his arm around me resting on my stomach. I felt a surge of unshakable love for him and smiled at my good fortune. Truly I had been blessed with the most perfect life and husband I could have ever hoped for.

In that soft, hazy period between awake and asleep when coherent thoughts are impossible my mind drifted back and forth. A little over four years ago, I had given in and shared a bed with another man. My first man, other than my husband of course. It had been a long road getting there, but surprisingly the act itself was not difficult for me to do. Knowing that I had my husband’s full support made it all quite easy really, the only thing holding me back, my own reluctance and modesty. But perhaps most of all, my fear of what might happen if I actually enjoyed it. And enjoy it I did, in every imaginable way. Well it seemed like a lifetime ago as I lay there in bed, that night. But at other times it seemed only like yesterday. Such are the vagaries of the tricks that memories play on us.

The first night with hubby dearest after his successful cuckolding happened 4 days later, when he returned from a business trip. After a romantic supper, we lay in bed talking as I recounted my experience to him. My hand on is rock hard throbbing cock. He loved everything I told him, and I tried to oblige as much as possible by being as explicit as I possibly could.

“And boy was he big! Fully soft he was longer and thicker than you are right now sweetie.” I snickered as the delicious naughty thought occurred to me.

I felt my husband’s smallish (not tiny, but on the small side for sure) cock twitch and throb in my palm.

“You get a real kick out of this sort of thing, don’t you sweetie?” I asked

“Yes,” he whispered back.

“Well now that you have me doing what you wished and wanted, I just want to be sure you understand that I have no idea where this might lead. Just remember your promise, that I will do things my way in this matter, not yours.” I said in all seriousness, meaning every word. My greatest worry being that he would try and get me to things that he wanted, not those that I did.

“Of course, darling,” he replied, “I would not have it any other way. It’s all about you!”

“Good! Tariq,” I said. “But just remember the saying, be careful what you wish for, you might get it, my darling tiny cocked husband.”

We talked a little more, made love (which strangely I found a lot more intense and satisfying that I had ever before with him), and drifted off to sleep.

My mind was brought back to the present, as my husband turned over. The movement snapped me awake for a bit, and I thought a little more about all the wonderful things that had happened to me over the past 4 years, before I finally feel into deep contended sleep.

The fact that my husband is a self-employed management consultant, who travels a lot on business (particularly internationally), gave me lots of free time to play while he was gone, and I took every advantage of my freedom. Over the past 4 years I have gone kind of wild, sleeping with pretty much anyone who caught my eye. Well-hung, muscular, athletic guys were not too difficult to come by. Specially since I made it clear to them that I was not looking for a relationship, just pure animalistic sex, the rougher the better. And my husband loved hearing the details of my sex life, every bit as much as I enjoyed living it and sharing with him.

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