Owning The Boss’s Daughter

“Owning The Boss’s Daughter” is a complete work of fiction. All characters and ideas were made my me, the author.

Owning the Boss’s Daughter
By Muhabba

Codes: M/F, Teen, Reluc

Chapter 1.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” David grumbled as he pulled out of the
driveway of his middle-class house.

Kim reached over and ruffled her husband’s short cut, sandy blonde hair. “Cheer up,
sweetie. We’re not going to be there for very long,” she said before patting him on the
knee. “We’ll make the rounds, say ‘hi’ to some people and then leave. We won’t be five

David huffed in anger before looking over at his beautiful wife. She was out of his
league by all the rules of every sport: beautiful, sexy, smart, funny, clever, quick. He had no
idea why she had chosen to spend the rest of her life as his wife but he was thankful for her
every day. She had spent hours getting ready for the dinner party tonight, making sure she
looked her best just for him and it wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate it, he just wanted to be
mad. “It’s not like I don’t have an excuse to be angry, Kim. He stole that account right out
from under me.”

Kim leaned over the front of their small SUV and snuggled up against David. “You
have every right to be mad, David, but that doesn’t mean you can storm in there with a chip
on your shoulder.”

Dave would have thrown his hands up in frustration if it wasn’t for the fact that he was
a fastidious driver who kept his hands at 10 & 2 at all times. “But to throw a dinner party
and then invite the guy you stole the account from, Dick has such…”

“Balls, sweetie,” Kim said as she rubbed up against David’s arm. She had chosen the
low cut, emerald green dress because it was her husband’s favorite and also because it did
such wonderful things to her large, firm breasts. David had been crestfallen when his boss
had stolen his account from him, an account that would have meant a pretty sizable bonus
and perhaps a promotion and now Richard was throwing himself a dinner party to celebrate
and which had her husband on the verge of a ulcer. So here she was, dressed to the nines,
playing the trophy wife for her husband at Richard’s party to try and cheer her husband up.

“What?” David sputtered.

“I said, ‘balls’, sweetie,” Kim answered, still trying to get a reaction out of her husband.
“He has a great big pair of wrinkly balls and he’s throwing a dinner party to show them off to
everybody so don’t take the bait. He already stole the business account from you so don’t
give him an excuse to fire you as well.”

“Bloody well kick him in his wrinkled old balls,” David muttered under his breath.

Kim rolled her eyes in frustration at her husband. The fact that he wore his emotions
on his sleeve had always appealed to her, so different from her, but his problem was that he
always followed his emotions as well, All heart no brains. Not that he wasn’t intelligent.
He was far smarter than he believed and she knew that in the future he’d find the right job
and that they’d be set. Find a bigger house in a more up-scale neighborhood and start a
family, especially with her handling their finances. She may have been the more business
savvy one but he had made more money so she played the stay at home wife while juggling
their finances, But if David let his emotions get the best of him tonight then they’d lose

Kim sat up straighter and looked at her husband. “You know I love you, right?”

“Of course,” David said, never taking his eyes from the road, “And I love you.”

“Good,” Kim said matter of factly as she bent down and quickly unzipped his pants.

“Kim!” David shouted as he jerked the wheel and then righted the SUV, “I’m driving

“Then you better concentrate on the road,” Kim said with a mischievous grin that she
knew her husband could hear in her voice as she pulled his soft cock out of his pants. She
sucked the entire thing into her mouth, sucking firmly on it as she enjoyed all the different
textures with her tongue. She reached into his pants and began fondling his balls as his
prick started to swell in her mouth. As he started to stiffen she began bobbing her head up
and down his shaft until he was poking against the back of her mouth. Holding her lips to
the base of him, her husband’s prick continued to swell until his fat cock head slipped into
the top of her throat and she felt him jerk the SUV again.

David’s eyes rolled up into his head before he righted the vehicle again. “Kim, you’re
going to kill us,” he panted as he struggled not to thrust up into his wife’s mouth.

“And it would be totally worth it,” Kim chuckled as she pulled Dave’s prick out, circled
the tip with her tongue, and then sucked it back into her mouth. She continued fondling
his balls as she bobbed up and down in his lap, her talented tongue keeping him hard and
quickly bringing him to the point of cumming.

David crested the last hill and saw his boss’s house just at the bottom. “Hurry up,
we’re almost there,” he gasped as he struggled to keep a hold of the steering wheel.

Kim popped her head out of her husband’s lap and started trying to get his prick back
into his pants.

David looked at his wife in disbelief. “Wha… what are you doing. I didn’t…”

“I know you didn’t,” Kim said matter of factly as she finally managed to zip up her
husband’s pants, “This was to remind you of a couple of things. First, there’s worse things
than this dinner tonight.”

“What? Blue balls?”

“Like blue balls,” Kim continued, “And second, there’s better than a blow-job waiting
for you at home if you can keep your temper.” She stared at David defiantly as he pulled
into Richard’s drive-way.

David stared back just as defiantly but only for a moment before sighing in defeat.
“Fine. You’re right. But promise we won’t be to long. I plan on getting white girl drunk
tonight and I’d like to start a soon as possible.”

“Yes, sweetie,” Kim said as she fixed her lipstick right before the valet opened her door.
David joined her on the other side of the SUV before the valet drove it off to park it and they
looked up at Richard’s house.

“All the money Richard makes…” David started before Kim joined in.

“And he decides to make his house look like a smaller version of Graceland.”

David shook his head in disbelief. “Rich people are weird,” he muttered.

“I believe it’s called being “Eccentric”,” Kim said as she grabbed David’s hand,
squeezed it reassuringly, and pulled him into the party.

The inside of the mansion was every bit as over done as the outside had been. Dick
didn’t try to continue the Elvis theme after the front door, instead every thing was done in
sheets of gold and gaudy crystal every where. Chandeliers hung in every room and were lit
low to create a kind if sparkling, confusing nightclub effect as what little light there was
trickled through the crystals dangling down from the ceiling.

“Donald Trump would think this was to much,” David whispered into Kim’s ear.

“That’s debatable,” Kim giggled as she gave her husband’s hand a loving squeeze.
“Now, here’s the plan. You go congratulate Dick,” she began and felt David stiffen up, “And
all the while you remember my lips around your cock and what you are going to get as a
reward when you get home. Meanwhile I’m going to go find Dick’s wife and tell her what a
lovely home she has, then we’ll make a quick round and agree with everybody on what an
ass-hat Dick is and if everything goes according to plan I’ll have my ankles around your neck
by midnight. Agreed?”

David chuckled and looked at his beautiful wife’s face. Only she could come up with
a plan that included bold-faced ass-kissery and rough sex with a straight face. “You may be
the most devious woman alive,” he said with an affectionate squeeze of her hand.

“And you’re lucky to have me,” she said as she scanned the faces in the crowd.

“And I’m lucky to have you,” David agreed. “I’m off to find Dick,” he said as he
released Kim.

“And I think I see Christina,” Kim said with a nod to the patio. “See you in a bit.”

“Love you,” David said.

“Of course you do,” Kim said as she walked off to the back of the ridiculously
decorated house.

David had no problem finding Dick, he had the largest group of people in the house
around him all trying to kiss his ass the best. And now it was his turn. “Mr. Staff,
congratulations, sir,” he said through gritted teeth. He seethed as Dick pretended to not
know who he was like he hadn’t stolen the patent idea from him.

“Ah, my dear Dave. Such a pleasure you could make my party tonight,” Dick said
through a crooked grin as he took David’s hand and shook it like it was sticky. “And are you
having a pleasant time?”

David looked around at the shimmering layers of gold on gold. “It’s, ah… It’s lovely,

Dick turned away without another word and began chatting with somebody else,
completely ignoring Dave.

David stared at Dick’s flat ass, seriously wondering exactly how much force the human
foot could generate as it parted another human’s ass-cheeks. He nodded to a couple of
people he recognized in the small crowd and saw them give him an apologetic look, all but
confirming that everybody in the office knew what had happened, and just shrugged his
shoulders at them, trying to let them know that he wasn’t upset that they were still trying to
properly kiss Dick’s ass while he had been worse than dismissed, he had been ignored.

Just outside on the patio, Kim found Christina Staff sitting on the patio table with
several empty wine glasses in front of her. “Mrs. Staff, such a pleasure to meet you,” she
said as cheerfully as possible while holding her hand out. Cristina stared at it for several
moments and Kim could tell she was trying to focus her bleary eyes and decided that the
millionaire’s wife was already good and drunk during a party that had barely begun half and
hour ago.

Christina slowly raised her hand and shook the woman’s offered hand. “I’m sorry
dear, I’m too drunk to have gotten your name,” she said bluntly.

“Oh. It’s, ah… It’s Kim, ma’am,” she said, still awkwardly holding out her hand, “Kim
Gowans. My husband works for your husband.”

“I won’t remember that,” Christina slurred, “But nice to meet you at any rate.” She
continued holding the woman’s hand out as Kim shook it.

Kim noted that the older woman’s hand was slightly clammy. Mrs. Staff was
probably twenty years older than her with iron gray hair done in an expensive style that left
it up and off of her shoulders. It wasn’t really the age that Kim noticed, it was how tired
the woman looked. Even in her expensive evening gown she looked like she could fade
away at any moment. And she believed that Mrs. Staff believed it too. That her place at
the party was negligible, less important than even the gaudy gold decorations. “You have a
lovely home,” she said as she tried to pull her hand away.

As Kim finally managed to pull her hand away, Christina paid no notice and her own
hand was left hanging in the air. “It’s shit,” she murmured, her eyes seeming to focus for a
moment before glazing over again. “Gold and chrome everywhere. A child’s idea of what
classy looks like. ‘Mm surprised he didn’t put up a torrent or a moat or some such.” She
looked back up at the young woman. “What did you say your name was?”

“Kim, ma’am. Kim Gowans,” Kim said slowly, her heart filling with pity. She could
see the beauty that Christina had been: Her hair probably golden blonde, a large bust sitting
high on her chest, small waist, and a pert back-side. All gone now. Lost to age,
indulgence, and neglect. Christina’s hand was still wavering in the air and with nothing else
she could think of, Kim place a glass of champagne in it. “It’s a lovely party,” she said

“It’s shit,” Christina blurted out, “My husband congratulating himself on some deal or
some such. Be passed out in my bedroom right now if it wasn’t for you lot milling about
trying to find out who could kiss my husband’s ass better.”

“I’d leave that to the others,” Kim said defiantly, “My husband and I don’t want to
scuff our knees, his tux is a rental after all.”

Christina snorted with a sudden laugh. “Careful there. I’m the bosses wife, don’t
wanna be rude to me.”

“I’m dreadfully sorry,” Kim said unconvincingly.

Christina snorted again. “Bloody hell you are,” she said with a wide grin. “I like you,
dearie,” she started before standing up on wobbling legs, “Drink my booze, take a few cases
home if you like, eat the food, fill your purse and take some home as well. You’ve
convinced me to get away from all these, these…”

“Ass kissers,” Kim interjected, “Lick spittles, brown nosers, yes-men, minions,

Christina began laughing out loud, spilling her drink and bringing a smile to Kim’s lips.
“Help me to my room dear, I seem to be drunk. Also, grab another bottle of bubbly on the
way, I wish to be drunker.”

With a wide, friendly smile, Kim escorted Christina through the party, passing her
husband with an affectionate nod of her head.

After David nodded to his wife he turned his head and was shocked still. He felt his
heart skip a beat as he saw the stunning beauty across the room. In her black heels she
was maybe six feet tall, most of it leg and beautifully tanned thigh. Her simple, black
cocktail dress wasn’t indecently short but the way his eyes crawled up an down her legs
desperately made him want it to be. Her shoes stretched he long legs out and did
wonderful things to her perfectly heart shaped ass. As his eyes crawled up her body he
noticed that the dress wasn’t cut particularly low but her large, firm breasts made him
desperately wish that it was while her spectacular body just made him desperate. It was
the kind of body men committed crimes to be near.

As David began to study the stunning woman’s face he didn’t even hear his friend
come up and talk to him. Her face was stunning with barely any make-up giving her a
young, innocent appeal that was nearly a perfect contrast to her sinful body. Her blue eyes
were crystal clear and sparkling in the dim light while her flowing blonde hair seemed to
glow more brightly than the faux gold decorating the house.

“Pretty special treat, huh?” Tim said louder, finally breaking David’s concentration.

“Who is that?” David asked in wonder.

Tim smirked as he held out his champagne glass towards the blonde beauty. “That
right there, my friend, is Richard Staff’s darling daughter.

“Bullshit,” David said as he tore his head away from the stunning girl and looked at his
friend with skepticism. “There is no way that came out of Dick’s wrinkled, old ball sack.
The man has to be shooting dust by now,” he said.

“Wonder of modern science,” Tim said with his usual self-satisfied smirk. “That little
morsel is the product of a year of medicine, vitamins, pregnancy specialists, and probably a
deal with the devil. I heard Mrs. Staff is the oldest woman in the state to give birth.
Somebody wrote a paper or something on it.”

Between her innocent looking face and made for sex body, David couldn’t even guess
the girl’s age. “Still, she have to be pushing, like, thirty,” he wondered out loud.

“Nineteen,” Tim whispered hungrily into David’s ear.

“Bullshit,” David said again.

“Hand to God,” Tim swore. “Still in high school too. Second senior year. Heard
she flunked so bad even her father couldn’t buy her a diploma.”

“You’re kidding,” David said as he looked at Tim skeptically again.

“Hand to God,” Tim swore again. “You’re looking at ol’ Dick’s tax man here. I’m the
one making sure his bills get paid. Apparently she’s fucked half the company board too,”
he said through an evil grin.

David rolled his eyes at his friend. “Okay, now you’re just writing an adolescent sex
fantasy,” he chuckled.

“Ha! I’m the tax man,” Tim laughed, “And I know for a fact that half the board have
bought that little piece of ass a shit load of presents that have nothing to do with her
birthdays. Face it, man. She may look like angel food cake but that is the evil,
self-entitled offspring of Dick Staff, through an through.”

“That figures,” David laughed before turning back to Tim. “Listen, I’m gonna find my
wife and head home and forget this night ever happened. See ya at work,” he said with a

“See ya there, man,” Tim said before turning his attention back to Dick’s daughter,
“And before then I’m gonna see about getting my Christmas bonus early from Dick’s

David chuckled at his friend. “Pervert,” he laughed as he walked away. As he made
his way through the party he nodded politely at the co-workers he liked as well as the ones
he didn’t because if he was going to be stuck working with them until the next big business
deal came by he couldn’t afford any enemies. He finally spotted Kim coming down the
stairs and had to stop himself from rushing over to her.

“It’s almost eleven and you promised we could leave,” David whispered into his wife’s
ear the moment her foot hit the bottom of the stairs.

“You know I’m proud of you, right?” she asked in all seriousness with a reassuring
squeeze of David’s hand.

David sighed and felt himself relax with just the touch of his wife’s hand. “I know but
I just want to go home,” he said.

Kim didn’t say anything else to her husband, she just smiled as warmly as she could at
him before leading him out of the party.

It took David far less time to drive back home then it had taken him to drive to Dick’s
house. The instant he and Kim had gotten in the SUV he had politely, but angrily, pulled
out of Dick’s drive-way, looked both ways before getting on the road and turned his radio up
as loud as he could without breaking any noise ordinances. Kim smirked to herself as she
watched her husband be angry but not enough to maybe disrupt somebody else driving on
the road. He was like that, anyone else in a snit wouldn’t care about being a bother to
those around him but her husband was the most considerate person in the world. Also
one of the most repressed which was why her panties were getting wet as David angrily
followed all traffic laws on the way home.

It had taken Kim years to get her husband to start coming out of his shell but it had
been worth it. Granted, he only came out of his shell at home but still it had been worth it
in the bedroom. With the lighter traffic it took minutes less to get home but the instant
they hit their drive-way she had her seatbelt off and was already halfway out of the
passenger door. She didn’t quite jog to the front door but she was definitely in a hurry as
she unlocked the door and rushed in. She heard her husband close and lock the door
behind him as she rushed up the stairs with a wild smile on her face. When she darted into
their bedroom she heard David coming up the stairs. She ran her fingers through her hair
to shake out the hairspray holding her wild curls and turned around just as David appeared
in the doorway and she smiled wider.

David took a mental image of his wife as he stood watching her, the green gown fitting
snuggly on the curves of her fantastic body, her hair flaring out and the smile of a kid in a
candy store. He undid his tie and pulled it off of his collar letting it fall to the floor. He
took a step closer and let his jacket slide off of his arms and saw his wife lick her lips. He
took another step as he unbuttoned his shirt and his wife’s eyes grew wider. He took
another step as he undid his belt and Kim rubbed her palms against her wide hips. He next
step brought him to his wife and he possessively trapped her hips and yanked he forward,
groin to groin and she grunted as she chewed her bottom lip.

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