Owning The Boss’s Daughter

“Owning The Boss’s Daughter” is a complete work of fiction. All characters and ideas were made my me, the author.

Owning the Boss’s Daughter
By Muhabba

Codes: M/F, Teen, Reluc

Chapter 1.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” David grumbled as he pulled out of the
driveway of his middle-class house.

Kim reached over and ruffled her husband’s short cut, sandy blonde hair. “Cheer up,
sweetie. We’re not going to be there for very long,” she said before patting him on the
knee. “We’ll make the rounds, say ‘hi’ to some people and then leave. We won’t be five

David huffed in anger before looking over at his beautiful wife. She was out of his
league by all the rules of every sport: beautiful, sexy, smart, funny, clever, quick. He had no
idea why she had chosen to spend the rest of her life as his wife but he was thankful for her
every day. She had spent hours getting ready for the dinner party tonight, making sure she
looked her best just for him and it wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate it, he just wanted to be
mad. “It’s not like I don’t have an excuse to be angry, Kim. He stole that account right out
from under me.”

Kim leaned over the front of their small SUV and snuggled up against David. “You
have every right to be mad, David, but that doesn’t mean you can storm in there with a chip
on your shoulder.”

Dave would have thrown his hands up in frustration if it wasn’t for the fact that he was
a fastidious driver who kept his hands at 10 & 2 at all times. “But to throw a dinner party
and then invite the guy you stole the account from, Dick has such…”

“Balls, sweetie,” Kim said as she rubbed up against David’s arm. She had chosen the
low cut, emerald green dress because it was her husband’s favorite and also because it did
such wonderful things to her large, firm breasts. David had been crestfallen when his boss
had stolen his account from him, an account that would have meant a pretty sizable bonus
and perhaps a promotion and now Richard was throwing himself a dinner party to celebrate
and which had her husband on the verge of a ulcer. So here she was, dressed to the nines,
playing the trophy wife for her husband at Richard’s party to try and cheer her husband up.

“What?” David sputtered.

“I said, ‘balls’, sweetie,” Kim answered, still trying to get a reaction out of her husband.
“He has a great big pair of wrinkly balls and he’s throwing a dinner party to show them off to
everybody so don’t take the bait. He already stole the business account from you so don’t
give him an excuse to fire you as well.”

“Bloody well kick him in his wrinkled old balls,” David muttered under his breath.

Kim rolled her eyes in frustration at her husband. The fact that he wore his emotions
on his sleeve had always appealed to her, so different from her, but his problem was that he
always followed his emotions as well, All heart no brains. Not that he wasn’t intelligent.
He was far smarter than he believed and she knew that in the future he’d find the right job
and that they’d be set. Find a bigger house in a more up-scale neighborhood and start a
family, especially with her handling their finances. She may have been the more business
savvy one but he had made more money so she played the stay at home wife while juggling
their finances, But if David let his emotions get the best of him tonight then they’d lose

Kim sat up straighter and looked at her husband. “You know I love you, right?”

“Of course,” David said, never taking his eyes from the road, “And I love you.”

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