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My wife Simone and I are a young professional couple. Both in our late twenties and very active staying fit and socializing with friends.

I’m not a big guy standing 5’8” and about 150lbs. Simone is a petite blasian (black/Thai) 5’0” and 120lbs.

She has small firm breast, a very flat tummy and a cute firm ass with muscular thighs and calves. She wears her hair in long curly ringlets when it is down. But more often than not her hair is pinned up or in some version of braids.

Her skin complexion is a flawless light brown skin tone. Her full lips always look soft and moist. She hastwo sexy tattoos. A multi colored tattoo of a butterfly on her upper right back/shoulder. The other larger tattoo of a scorpion and stars on her left ass cheek. She is a Scorpio.

When I met her she was very conservative. I exposed her to erotic movies before we married which she enjoyed very much. But only from a fantasy perspective.

That’s where she noticed some women with tattoos and told me she thought it was beautiful and erotic. So we got a couple tattoos together. It did seem to have an affect on her libido and making her more sensual.

Most of my guy friends would comment on how hot Simone was. I always took it as flattering but never considered sharing her. She seemed to be naive about their attention.

A few years into our marriage she started a new job. She was hit almost immediately. In particular by a guy named Peter about fifteen years her senior.

He was her bosses boss and quite the flirt. At first she felt uncomfortable but came to the realization that he flirted with all the women in her division.

Many of the women would tell her, “Oh that’s just Pete.”. She noted that some of the women openly flirted back with him and all of them were married. We attended a few of her office socials that always included plenty of alcohol and even some other mind altering substances. People she worked with definitely let loose when they partied.

I met Pete and he was definitely gregarious. He strove to be the center of attention at every party. He was also very selfconfident and worldly. Not to mention he looked like a taller version of Richard Gere. Complete with squinty eyes and wavy salt and pepper colored hair.

When Simone and I arrived at these functions he would pour on the charm. Acting like I was his best buddy all the while sizing Simone up with lustful looks.

I might have been imagining things but at every function it appeared Pete would use proxies to separate me from Simone. When they were successful he would have her off to the side chatting her up. Sometimes alone our with another guy or woman.

At first it was annoyingly obvious to me what he was doing. Simone seemed naive to his intentions. But soon became more of a catalyst for my emerging sexual fantasies.

After one party Simone seemed somewhat distracted. I asked her if something was bothering her. She seemed hesitant to say anything at first. I reminded her we agreed to talk about everything.

I suspected it had something to do with Peter. I was right, he had told her that he and a few others in her company frequently “partied together.” I was confused saying we already knew that and attended those parties. She clarified that he meant they had sex parties.

I was both shocked that he told this and extremely curious as well. She once again was feeling uncomfortable. I asked her if he specifically asked her to join them. She looked at me like I was crazy for saying it. I explained that he was obviously attracted to her and feeling her out.

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