Our First Time Anal

About an hour after they went to bed, I went to her bedroom door open. Walked in and took off my clothes. I took her in my arms and we started kissing, our tongues massaging, my arms wrapped around her. She could feel the heat from my already hard cock against her stomach it was sliding back and forth a little from the precum already oozing out. One of my hands slid down her back to her butt, my fingers finding their way into her crack and lightly rubbing and pushing at her butthole. It made her moan a little. I broke the kiss and asked her if that’s what she wanted. She said yes. I said I wanted to be the first man to have her there. I started kissing her again.

I told her best way wad Rockygy that it was the easiest position, but she told me she needed to be able to see me. She lifted up and put a pillow under her lower back to help raise her hips up some. I got between her legs and rubbed my cock up and down my ass crack. She reached down and took hold of me and put the head of my cock against her butthole. I started to push and it I could feel the pressure of it. Then my cock suddenly slid and it slipped right in her pussy. We couldn’t help but laugh and she told me I was in the wrong hole. I pulled out of her and she took hold of me again and put it back against her butthole, but this time she kept hold of it. It was really slippery from her pussy juices on it. I started to push again and could feel her butthole being pushed open. All of a sudden I could see the sharp pain on her face, my cock had slid in a little and the head of my cock had busted through her cherry and was in her butt. I could tell it hurt some. I asked if she was alright, did I want me to stop. She told me it hurt a little bit but to stay where I was and don’t move, she needed to get used to it. She pulled my face to hers and started to kiss me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held her head against me and whispered into my ear to go slow.

My cock went into her slowly, inch by inch. I could feel every movement as it filled her up in a new way. It wasn’t entirely comfortable but it wasn’t painful either. When there was no more left to go in, she pulled my face and looked at me. A look of concern came over my face when I saw the tears in her eyes, I asked her if she was ok, if she wanted me to pull out, that I didn’t want to hurt her. She told me that she wanted me, no, that she needed me to have this and that she trusted me. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her to show me she I wanted it. I began to move in and out slowly, watching her face the whole time to make sure I wasn’t hurting her too much. After a few minutes, she told me that she couldn’t take much more right now. I started to pull out and she told me no. I said I didn’t need to finish. She told me I needed to, that she needed to feel my love inside her. I started pumping a little faster, and it hurt a little more, fresh tears were in her eyes. After another minute I felt my dick getting harder and start throbbing and I gave one final push and unloaded my babies deep in her. She moaned, half from the pain, half from the pleasure of having my seed in her. I collapsed on her and she gave me a deep kiss and told me thank you. I kissed her face and kissed her tears away and told her No, thank you. We stayed like that until I went soft and fell out of her. Then I rolled off of her, and we spooned, her in my arms and went to sleep.

A few hours later, she woke up, still in my arms. She said she felt a little sore down there. She reached between us and started rubbing my cock to bring it back to life. It didn’t take long and I come life in the process. I kissed her neck and asked if she was sure. She said yes, and I put the head of my cock in place. It went in easier this time, but it still took her breath away. She told me to just lay there, and she moved her hips back and forth. My hand reached around her and started rubbing her pussy. The soreness didn’t bother her as much then. she could feel the heat in my body growing the closer she got to orgasm. When it finally hit, I had to turn her head into the pillow to muffle her scream. When she cum, her ass clenched me hard, and I couldn’t hold it in either, and cum in her butt again. When she finally came down, we kissed sleepily and fell asleep again.

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