Ordeal of Jenny

Jenny entered the room as the instructions had told her, she walked to the table and immediately began to undress; in front of her on the table she noticed the items she was supposed wear. She shuddered inwardly as her eyes took in the items on the table, she wondered how the hell the purchaser of these items had managed to find her size and if indeed the items would actually fit. As she let her blouse drop into the basket, a strange thought ran through her mind, would she ever see these items again. Quickly she dropped her bra into the same basket and this was just as quickly followed by her skirt and her panties. Now standing naked and alone; a spine tingling chill ran down her back as she wondered just how she had managed to get herself into this, all alone in a strange house and in this particular situation and whether or not she really had the courage to do exactly as she was told.

She now turned her attention to the items on the table and the first item she picked up was a bright red satin Basque, she set this to one side and then began to go through the few meagre items that remained on the table. As promised there was a little bit of choice but not much, she had a choice of the panties that she could wear, whether they were the bright red lacy ones or the navy blue school type. She also had a choice of skirts to wear it could either be a wraparound moderately short mini or a granny type ankle length heavy duty skirt. Of course this was no real choice at all for the 5 foot six slim blonde Jenny, after all she did not want to appear a frump because she always prided herself on her fuller figure and her sexy nature.

So she quickly managed to put on the satin Basque, the bright red lacy panties and chose the short wraparound skirt to complete her appearance. She was amazed that the Basque fitted perfectly and normally this would only have been achieved by having it either handmade or with alterations to an off-the-peg item, likewise the panties were a snug comfortable fit and the skirt was just the right length so as not to show her cunt. As she turned she caught a glimpse of herself in the window reflection and even she nearly let out a whistle of approval, she looks sexy but not cheap and distasteful.

Now her heart raced as she waited for the next part of the initiation to take place, she glanced at the clock on the mantelpiece and its fingers seemed stuck as they did not appear to move while she watched them. The minutes seemed like hours as she waited for the person to arrive who would escort her into another room to face her test. Oh courage to not fail me now she kept saying to herself as she waited and she physically jumped when the door opened and into the room walked a large busty coloured woman who appeared to be wearing a basic French maid’s outfit. The woman was clearly not wearing a bra as almost hypnotically Jenny watched her tits bounce as she walked and she could clearly see the aroused nipples poking out against the white lace of the apron, Jenny suspected that this woman was not wearing panties under the short skirt but did not have the courage to ask her.

As the woman approached Jenny she simply said follow me and then turned and walked towards the same door that she had entered the room by, as she walked Jenny could not help but notice the undulation of the woman’s hips and her swaying of the cheeks of her arse, in fact they seemed almost hypnotic in their effect. Jenny walked 10 paces behind the woman and each step she took she swore her cunt jumped and tingled in excitement. Once out into the hallway the woman led her up a flight of stairs and off to the right before stopping outside a closed door; when Jenny stood beside her and the woman reached forward and gave three loud knocks on the door. With this the woman indicated that Jenny should stay where she was and the woman herself turned and walked off to the left.

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