Once faithful wife slides down a slippery slope

On the morning of the sale, Nancy woke to her husband’s five o’clock shadow scratching at her neck, small little half asleep pecks along her ear, side of her face, neck and shoulders area. She felt his calloused hands move up her shirt, and cup her breasts as he became more passionate. She looked out the window, “Still dark outside, can’t be past six in the morning, probably had some extra time before work to get off,”

So she beckoned him to move further by putting her hand down his pajama pants, and letting him slide his half hard cock inside her hand.

Then he stopped, with his mouth on her neck, and started snoring.

She was a very frustrated woman, and let him know by huffing loudly and rolling out of bed, and walking to the bathroom. She turned on the bathtub faucet with her heel once she was positioned the right way, and relaxed as the water poured relentlessly onto her sex.

Seconds later, she heard pounding on the bedroom door from her children, and was immediately thrown into “mom mode.” “Well, that kills that idea,” she said, with her pussy still throbbing.

At least she’s got a light day at work, “Only one house to show, I can come home early and finish my business,” she thought. She felt her vagina jump a little at this thought, and grinned.

She kissed her sleeping husband’s forehead while he lay asleep in their bed, and went to work.


“Five hundred dollars for what!?”

“You to show us this house without any panties,” said the raven haired girl, “It’s not like I’m asking you to be naked, you’ll keep that cute little yellow sundress on; I just think it would be hot if you and I both had that little secret.”

Nancy’s pussy ached at this suggestion, and with the girl’s father just going out to the car to grab some contracts she’d emailed him, he’d be back quick; so she needed to make her decision fast. She felt shivers down her back as her fingers played with the hem, and slowly pulled her panties down a little bit, staring at the large breasted girl who couldn’t be over twenty three.

She decided it was easy cash, and she wouldn’t let it go any further than that. She was foggy headed enough in her painfully turned on state that she didn’t even get embarrassed when the girl picked the panties off the ground, running her finger over the wet part of her nearly soaked panties.

Chloe, her friend at work, had gotten this client for her, a widower named Jamie and his adopted step daughter Tiffany.

Tiffany said, “See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” and handed her five folded hundred dollar bills. She’d put the money in her purse, and Tiffany had put the panties into the back of her jeans by the time Jamie came back inside.

Their little secret.

When he entered the foyer he was greeted by a wide eyed thirty-something blonde in a sundress, and his smiling step-daughter.


Tiffany noticed the way she walked, going from room to room, a little more sway in Nancy’s hips; and when she stopped walking, she seemed to arch her back a little bit. She even caught her glancing at her dad’s crotch, and her own tits, despite not getting a lesbian vibe from the hot real estate lady.

Nancy herself was tired of walking, her pussy ached even more with every step; but she kept her professional composure.

“Only one more room,” she thought to herself, “then I can go home and take care of this.” It’s all she could think about, and that little mischievous girl kept looking at her like she was lunch. “Did she just pull her top down intentionally to show me the top of her nipple?”

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