Once a boy loses his virginity, his thoughts of lust turn to his own mother

Hi there, my name is Paul. I turned 15 recently and got a surprise gift from my father of a woman to take my virginity. My dad’s name is Bill and he has a mobile car washing and detailing service. A few months back, my dad got a new account of a really rich guy who has a bunch of cars and wanted my dad to come to his house every two weeks to clean his cars. My dad had told me that the guy just got two new cars; a Ferrari and a Lamborghini and asked me if I wanted to go with him to see the cars while he detailed them. It was my birthday weekend and I was a little ticked off that my dad was going to work instead of hanging with me, but I agreed to go. I didn’t really have much else going on and I didn’t know when else I’d have a chance to sit in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini so I went with him. Little did I know, the cars weren’t really the reason my dad took me with him that day.

My dad’s customer, Mr. Sullivan, wrote about my adventure at their house in chapter 21 of his story called “Money Can Buy Happiness” posted on this site. He told the story from their point of view and here I’ll tell it as I saw it and then explain what developed after that day.

Anyway, we got to this huge house that was surrounded by a wrought iron fence and electric gates. My dad buzzed the house and the gates opened for my dad to drive his truck up the right side of the house to another building next to the house. My dad explained that this building was a secondary garage where Mr. Sullivan is starting his car collection. That’s in addition to his regular three-car garage that’s attached to the house with his everyday cars.

As we drove up to the building, a garage door started to go up. My dad explained that that particular part of the garage was for maintenance on the cars and is where he details them. He has to wait for someone from the house to bring him the keys to the cars to be detailed that day and let him know which ones to do. He already knew he was to do the two new cars Mr. Sullivan had just purchased at an auction. My dad thought the cars would already be pretty clean from the auction but might have gotten a bit dirty during the transport.

We no sooner get out of the truck and this beautiful Latina girl comes walking up wearing a shear cover-up which did little to cover the baby doll night gown underneath. She was beautiful. She didn’t look a whole lot older than me. My dad introduced me to her and told me her name is Maria. Maria gave him the keys and told him she’d open the other garage so that he could get to the cars. I was standing there staring at her and seeing most of her naked body under the clothes. They did little to hide her body. I could clearly see her nipples on some small, but perfect, tits and could just barely make out her pussy slit. I couldn’t believe she was walking around almost naked.

She turned to leave and I couldn’t look away from her perfect ass as she walked away. Her legs are long and slim and she was wearing sandals with a cork heel probably two inches high. Those heels made her calf muscles look incredible. My dad finally brought me back to consciousness by saying, “She’s pretty incredible, huh?”

When I could finally speak, I replied, “Yeah, she’s beautiful. I can’t believe she walked out here almost naked. What a body.”

My dad laughed, “The first time I met here when Mr. Sullivan was interviewing me, all she was wearing was the baby doll nightgown. She only put that coverup on for you, I think. It didn’t cover much, though, did it?”

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