OMG- talk about a freaky date

So I was recruiting in a small multi-agency office the last couple of days. Although I try not to hook up with people I work with, there was this totally hot recruiter from the Navy. I thought he was gay for the first day I was there, but as we all went out for drinks I found him hitting on me, as were the other guys.

I really pushed everyone off as I just wanted to keep up with my rule about not fooling around.

So last night 4 of us went out, instead of the 6 like the night before. Slowly people bailed out and it was just me and Navy boy. We were both more drunk than sober and feeling pretty good. He finally says to me, “you know I have been at my table looking at your ass for 2 days, I just have to know if it feels as good as I have been fantasizing about.”

I looked back at him and asked “Is that a question or a statement?”

He laughed and said “I guess it was a careful question, which if it pissed you off or you felt offended, would have been a statement.”

I replied “so if I wanted you in my pussy and not my ass, would that turn you away?” It was amazing that the guy actually looked rejected. I did my best not to show any emotion to his change in facial expression.

He thought a little too long and replied “hell no, I would love to be in bed with you no matter what.”

“Gee sailor” I stated “took a little too long for me to really believe you” and laughed and put my hand on top of his on the table.

He was trying to figure out how to respond and then I hit him with a question; “ so, most guys I meet who are really into anal and blow jobs, tend to be bi- and maybe more on the gay side, where would you put yourself in that category?”

He didn’t respond. So I said “yea I know, we are trained in recruiting not to ask such questions, so I will say something and you let me know what you think.”

He still just looked at me, trying to figure out where I was going with all this.

“If I was sitting here with another woman who was in the Navy and had been recruiting with me for the past two days, who I felt was as pretty as you are handsome, I would probably be asking her if she would like to go back to my hotel and have some fun.” I told him. “So all I am asking you is if I was a guy, would you want to be up my ass?”

He didn’t say anything, but he had a huge smile on and just nodded. So I looked at him and said “Ok faggot, let’s get out of here and I will let you take my ass.” He laughed and almost jumped out of his chair and went to pay the tab.

We talked on the way to my hotel which was like 2 doors down from the bar we were at.

We got into my room and started to make out. We got undressed and I smiled as my sailor boy had a nice cock, and actually one built for anal sex- long and not too thick. We got on the bed and as he continued to kiss me, I reached down and grabbed his dick and started stroking it. About 20 seconds later he pushed down on my shoulders (the universal sign for “go down on me.”) I took the hint and worked my way down.

I was starting to think this guy was much more gay than straight so I stopped at his nipples and sucked them. He was wiggling below me like a girl. I smiled to myself and finally work my way lower.

I got to his cock and teased the head for a minute or two and then took it into my mouth and then went as deep as I could. He moaned and I knew I was doing a good job.

While I was sucking him I decided to play a mind game with myself and decided to pretend I was another gay guy. I pulled my head off his cock and used my tongue and worked down his shaft and then started licking his balls. I took one of them into my mouth and sucked it and then the other. I was driving him crazy; he was moving his arms all over the bed.

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