Olivia has a crush on her new Daddy

I first met Olivia after Cindy and I had been dating for almost a year. Cindy was very protective of her after having had bad luck with different men that she dated in the past. She did not want Olivia becoming attached to anyone and then having to suffer from the break up. Things were headed in the right direction with us and she finally allowed us to meet. When I first met her, she was young with a flat chest, cute little butt with a beautiful face. We have all seen little girl’s on TV modeling clothe or some other product and we all know why she was picked. That’s how cute she was.

As time went on, we started spending more time getting to know each other. As a “family” we would go out to the movies and then afterwards for ice-cream. I started realizing that she was a pretty cool kid. I would stay over a few nights a week and she would come out in her pajamas to kiss Cindy goodnight, then she would sit on my lap and kiss me on the cheek. I was not sure how to react, so I would go with the flow and kiss her back on her forehead. Cindy seemed to enjoy that as she would be smiling. After several weeks of this, she started giving me a quick peck on the mouth as my goodnight kiss. Cindy’s response to this was “I think someone has a crush on you.”

Cindy and I continued dating for the next few years. We continued taking Olivia out with us to spend time with her. And yes, she continued giving me a peck on the mouth at bedtime. I was totally in love with Cindy and soon I asked her to marry me. She said yes and we started making plans on moving in together. What drew me to Cindy was her beauty and brains. She was a 5′ 8” tall (most of it legs), flat tummy, full C cup breasts with a bubble butt that looked perfect on her. She was biracial (her father English and her mother Jamaican) with black hair and striking blue eyes. She was 35 and I was 30. Her only concern was if I was ready to be a step-father to a 14 year old. That would put me at 16 when Olivia was born.

We were lucky to find a house that was right smack in the middle of both our jobs. In the morning, she would head east and I west. The house also came with a pool. Soon after moving in Cindy got a promotion at work, but it also required that she travel twice a month. She would often fly out early Monday morning and be back Wednesday night. This was her ritual every other week. By this time Olivia had started developing and would prance around the house in her little panties with a camisole as a top. I actually started developing a little crush on her. She developed little A cups with her nipples driving me crazy sticking out. This did not last long. Cindy told her that was not appropriate and that she needed to wear proper pajamas. However, when Cindy was away on a trip, she would go back to panties and a camisole, She was certainly turning into a little flirt, asking me to pinkie-promise not to tell her mother, with a sexy smile. That was a promise I was certainly willing to keep. Again, a young girl running around in little panties. Who’s going to say no?

As time went on, she also started wearing tight cotton shorts that showed off the nice bubble butt that she was continuing to develop, same as her mother. Often times when we went out and they were walking in front of me, I couldn’t decide who had the nicer ass. I remember us having brunch at a diner one morning when Olivia excused herself to go to the restroom. Cindy caught me staring as Olivia walked away, asking me “Are you checking out my daughter?”. I was caught red-handed and stalled, not knowing how to answer. I was saved by the waitress bringing us our food. Olivia soon returned and the subject was changed. Around the house, I would often catch her laying on the sofa, wearing her tight cotton shorts that showed the bottom part of her ass hanging out. Fuck that drove me crazy! Stroking my dick in the bathroom and thinking of her ass had me coming in seconds. What the fuck was wrong with me? This was my fiancees daughter.

By : nowhereman

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