Older woman and a teen girl

Hi, I am Kelly. I am 30 years old and considered a very attractive and sexy looking woman. About two months ago my lesbian lover walked out on me and I haven’t gone out since. I just wanted to forget about the dating world so I started working longer days then come straight home and crash.

My life was really sucking, so I decided I needed to do something with my weekends and evenings; so I decided to call this music teacher from the middle school who is an old friend of mine. I told her that I wanted to give piano lessons to kids who wanted or needed extra help. My friend told me she would put a note up and also that I should come hang out with her and her lover some night (yea right.)

Within 2 weeks I was teaching 3 kids between 12 and 15 and it did help me take up some time. I was getting this new student tonight. I had just finished dinner when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and standing there was an adorable teenage girl.

“Hi, I’m Andrea, but most people call me Andy” she said as she entered the house.

“Well hello, I am Ms. Oh hell, you are old enough, you can call me Kelly” I replied.

The girl walked right into the living room that sported my baby grand piano. As I watched the girl walk away from me, I noticed that her skirt couldn’t have had more than 7 or 8 inches of fabric from top to bottom. Her little crop top left about 2 or 3 inches of bare skin between the top and the top of the skirt. Damn, these new mini skirts drive me crazy.

I got my brain back to focus mode, and went in after her. Andy had some sheet music in her hand so I said “why don’t you play something for me so I can see what we need to work on.” She turned to me after scoping out the room and the piano and said “I brought some music, can I play from this?” Looking at her I couldn’t believe this girl was at the most, 16 years old. She had nice tits and her top was cut low to let you know.

“Sure” I said and then without even thinking I blurted out- “Is that how girls dress in middle school now?”

She smiled and said “Some of us. I have an older sister in high school and if she can dress this way I figured I could. My mother had a fucking cow that I was dressing this way to meet you, oh she said told me to tell you that she would stop in when she picked me up, but had to run back home.” With that she just moved and sat down and set up her music. I guess using the word “fuck” was for me to show how grown up she was or something.

She started playing one of the Nocturnes by Chopin. She was good. I walked up behind her to see her hand positions and to watch her play. She had lazy form, which didn’t surprise me of a girl her age. My eyes left the keyboard and I found I was looking down her top. I saw a nice amount of skin, till it stopped at the top of her light yellow bra. Her bra was a little more padded than I thought it might be, but she did appear to have a firm C cup from what I could tell.

She finished the piece and swung her legs around the bench to face me and asked “well, what did you think… wow Kelly your nipples are longer than mine!”

I didn’t have to look down, I have long nipples, that when hard are 5/8” long (yes I have measured them.) I said “your playing turned me on, good music or a good looking girl has this effect on me, it’s a dame curse most of the time.”

She surprised me when she said “I have big nipples too, it is so embarrassing. I mean I can be in class which my arms crossed or something and bang, hard big fucking nipples. How do you handle it?”

I couldn’t help but look at her tits as I started to speak and at the start I thought it must be my imagination that they were getting hard as I said “well first off I wear a padded bra, which I didn’t tonight obviously.” She was looking at my nipples which was not helping them go down at all, and yes now I could tell for sure hers were getting hard too.

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