Old women can still do it : Grandma Likes It

My grandma is eighty years old. She still lives by herself. She drives and is very active. She is just a little thing, maybe hundred pounds. Her hair is gray and she wears glasses. She my dad’s mother. I’m just over thirty. I live with my wife and two daughters. There’s nothing different from my family as anyone else’s. I work and so does the wife. My kids go to school and about twice a week we eat out. When at home I watch TV in my den, my wife watches TV in the living room and the daughters do what ever teenage daughters do.

Both may Dad and I check on grandma. When dad can’t make it over to her house to help, I do. Grandma is a good cook. Every time I work around her house I get fed.

Grandpa has been dead for over twenty five years. I know she misses him, but never lets anyone know. Her retirement from grandpa is OK, but she doesn’t have much money. She’s always trying to pay us for what we do around her house. We never take it. When I’m there working she tries to do as much as possible. Now, this is not some old woman that can’t get around. She stays fit for her age. She’s eighty but looks around seventy. A good seventy. I think she looks good for a woman her age. Last summer she went with our family to Fla. She said she brought a new bathing suit. I really didn’t want to see my grandmother in a bathing suit. No woman as far as I was concerned after sixty looks good in a bathing suit.

While down in Fla. we had two rooms. The wife and I stayed in one and my daughters and grandma stayed in the other. We got ready for the beach. My daughters came out first. I thought their suits were a little too small for them, but the wife told me not to say anything. When grandma came out she was wearing a big hat and wrap around skirt over her bathing suit. She didn’t look bad. The top of her suit covered her pretty well. Her legs looked old but not gross. She was tan and her legs were still in pretty good shape. “Maybe this won’t be too bad,” I thought.

We got down to the beach. The girls and my wife went in for a swim. Grandma took off her skirt and laid it on the blanket. The suit was a suit for older women. It had a little skirt around it. She really didn’t look too bad. Her skin was not as wrinkled as I thought it would be. Her ass fit in the suit just right. I mean none of her ass cheeks were hanging out or anything like that. I thought,” If I was a seventy year old man, I wouldn’t mind knowing her.”

The rest of the vac. was just a normal vac.

Dad called me up during the week and asked if I could help his mom around the house this week end, since he couldn’t. I didn’t have any plans so I agreed.

Like always by the time I pulled into her drive-way she was waiting outside. It was Saturday morning and I told me wife I may stay the night, depending on how much work there was to do. She met me at the door. She was wearing a summer dress. It looked good on her.

She told me she made a list of things to do. I got started right away. I really didn’t want to spend the night. One of the jobs was pulling weeds out of the garden. We both got started. We’d been in the garden for about ten minutes or so. I just happened to looked up at grandma as she was bending over pulling weeds. I could see down the front of her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I could see both of her tits. Old tits, young tits, any man will look. She was busy pulling weeds and wasn’t paying any attention to me. I could see them wiggle around as she pulled the weeds. They weren’t very big so there wasn’t much to wiggle around. They didn’t look bad. I bet they didn’t sag much since they were so small. I could even see her nipples. They were a very dark brown. Hey, tits are tits. Even grandma’s looked pretty good to me. I went back to pulling weeds. I’d look up every once in a while to get another look. I didn’t have any sexual thoughts about fucking her or anything like that. They were just tits. Granted, grandma’s tits but that’s all.

By : retired04

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