old myth about truck stops

People think when they are traveling if they want a good meal then stop where they see truck drivers stop.Well that is just a myth, yes the food might be good but it is really about the waitresses . As a tractor trailer driver my self I spent many hours alone on the road.When I stop I want company,some one I can talk too, preferably a female .A woman with a nice smile and a caring attitude is what I look for.An occasional romp in the sleeper birth is always a plus for sure,but not necessary . This story is about one of those times I had spent in a sleeper with a waitress called Lee. Lee was 62 years old, long grey hair usually kept neat in a pony tail.Even though her face was wrinkled she was pretty and her beautiful blues seemed to sparkle when she would talk to me. Her personality was most refreshing,she could make you feel right at home.

Through talking with Lee over the years I had found out that in her younger years she was a prostitute . Not by choice but by the necessity to support her self and her young daughter .Apparently she lived in a trailer park across the street where her boy friend at that time deserted her. She was left alone and had no family to help her so she survived by bringing truck drivers in to bed her.

Back in the day before the interstate this was a very busy truck stop. Lee had told me she made so much money she was able to buy a home in a near by town.Lee said was able to stop hooking later on and raise her child the right way. When the interstate came though she bought the diner and made enough to send her daughter to college. Her daughter has married and moved away stopping in on occasions ,but she was happy for her.Lee had never married and lived alone now spending most of her time at the diner which is where this story begins.

I had been driving the same route for years and now this was an old diner was just a mile from my drop. I would lay over there before going on my next day deliveries. Lee was usually there when I would stop and she was always happy to see me. We spent many hours alone talking and playing cards there at the counter , and flirting with each other. I am sure back in the day she was quite a looker,even now she could share my berth any time .

On this run it was early January and had started dropping a lot of snow thus making driving slow going.I usually would get there early enough to make my drop and have time to have dinner with Lee .I think she liked me by the way she would wait there for me to have dinner with.On this trip I was running so late that the company had left for the day. I just decided to lay over at the truck stop then make my delivery in the morning.

When I entered the diner we were the only couple there Lee sitting at a booth waiting.Thinking she would have been gone home by now I asked her why she was still there.She said the roads where shut down because of the weather.With a welcome smile she said she was glad to have some company. She said she was a little worried about me and was glad I made it safely.

I have been talking to lee for so many years we have become very comfortable with each other. She makes sure her waitresses take good care of me.She always sits with me until I finish supper and retire for the night.Always walking me to my truck and giving me a loving kiss.She often thinks of me as a dear friend she says and misses me when I dont stop to see her.

Tonight was different she was stranded there just waiting out the weather.After finishing my meal I asked her where she was going to sleep for the night.Jokingly she asked if I had room in my truck,then said “probably in the booth” .I laughed and told her my truck was warmer and as tiny as she was I sure I could find room.I had been fantasizing for years with what I would do if I ever got her in my truck.Tonight might be the night as I thought how I was going to make it happen.

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