Old man trains neighbour in the art of sex

Hi, I’m Fred, 59 years old and a widower for two years. I lost my wife in a car crash and since then I must admit, it’s been pretty lonely. You see, when you get to this age it’s not easy to go out and meet other people, I’m not exactly into the club scene and the pubs in my area seem to cater for the younger set, all TV’s and arcade games. I do go to the British Legion twice a week, but it’s mostly my old army chums, all about the same age and mostly still married. I’ve always been sexually active but now it’s a case of the old five finger widow three or four times a week while watching one of the many porno videos I’ve collected over the years. To make it worse, my wife was a wonderful woman and very experimental when it came to sex, she would try anything including group sex and light bondage. I really miss her.

I sold the big house when she died and bought a small two bedroom semi detached bungalow here in Dorset. The insurance money and balance from the house sale meant I could retire and still maintain a good standard of living, you could say I’m not short of a few bob.

6 months ago my new neighbours moved in and well, it changed my life. Richard and Rebecca are a young couple, probably mid twenties, newly wed and this was there first house. Rebecca’s an absolute dream, a blue eyed blond with a models figure and tits to die for, she’s a lovely girl and we hit it of right away. Richard’s a prize plonker, a stuck up arrogant little turd who thinks the world owes him a favour. To make matters worse, he’s a practising Baptist and takes every opportunity to preach the gospel trying to convert not only me but the rest of the neighbours. He works as a car salesman and according to Becky he has to rely on commission to make up his wages, this leaves them continuously short of money. Money worries and the fact that they can’t have kids causes endless rows which I can hear through the walls. I’ve really started to hate that guy.

Becky was looking for work to supplement there meagre income but to be honest she was just a little bit slow, lovely girl but thick as two short planks. Eventually, through a contact in the church she did manage to find a part time morning job cleaning houses.

She was sun bathing in the garden one afternoon looking sorry for herself when I brought a tray of tea and biscuits out. “Hi Becky, thought this might cheer you up.” There was a gate linking our two gardens and with a big smile on her face over she came. She was wearing a white bikini which contrasted nicely against her tanned skin and those tits were just fighting to get out. We chatted about all sorts, the weather, gardening etc, but then I mentioned children and she just burst into tears. It seems she was medically incapable of having kids and this was causing all sorts of arguments with Richard. Add to that the fact that he hadn’t made a sale for three months left them with financial problems as well. She really was on a downer. “Tell you what, now I’m on my own I sure could use some help keeping the place tidy, maybe a couple of hours every other day in the afternoons, it would help you with the money side.” She leapt up and planted a great big kiss on my lips, “Oh Fred, your so kind, thank you.”

For the next three weeks Becky would clean the house, do the washing and ironing and all the other little house hold chores. I loved having her about and being summer she would wear cut of denim shorts and tee shirts, often going braless, I was constantly having to hide my erection. One afternoon she turned up late. “I’m sorry Fred,” she said, nearly in tears, “Richards just phoned and said that unless he makes a sale by the end of this month he’s out.” She broke down completely.

I led her into the lounge and sat her on the sofa. “What are we going to do, if he looses his job we’ll have no money and loose the house, oh Fred, what can I do?” “Well, for one thing you’re sitting on a gold mine …”

Now to this day I don’t know what made me say it and I immediately wished the ground would open up and swallow me. “Fred, what do you mean sitting on a gold mine?” “No, nothing really, just joking.” She sat and thought for a minute, as I said, she wasn’t the brightest kid at school and things took time to sink in. “You mean sell my body for sex don’t you.” “I’m sorry Becky, I don’t know what made me say it, it just came out, really, it was a joke.” She thought some more. “What sort of money are we talking about?” “Becky, I was joking, you can’t be serious,” she just stared at me with those baby blue eyes, “well, I guess the going rate is about £50 an hour.” “FIFTY POUNDS!” Becky’s eyes lit up, “that’s more than I make all week, what would I have to do?”

“Well, you’d um, you err, you would have to have sex with different men.” “Would you pay £50 to have sex with me?” Christ, my pecker shot to attention at the mere thought of fucking this beautiful woman. “Of course I would, your absolutely beautiful.” Becky stood up and went to remove her tee shirt. “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking my clothes of to have sex with you,” she replied matter-of-factly.

“Whoa Becky,” here was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up, and the thought of getting back at Richard by fucking his beautiful wife just made it worse, “you can’t just strip off, you’ve got to be dressed properly if your going to do it for money.” “Oh, what should I wear then?” “Well, some nice stockings and high heels, a mini skirt and maybe a see through blouse with no bra, um, some nice red lipstick and some mascara, that sort of thing.” “Wait there,” she said, “I’ll be right back.”

Twenty minutes later Becky let herself in the back door. I nearly had a heart attack, she had taken my suggestion to the letter, what a picture, the red mini skirt barely covered her stocking tops and her tits were clearly visible through a black silk blouse, with the make up on she looked like a real whore. “Well,” she asked, doing a twirl, “is this OK?” “OK, its fantastic.” I pulled her towards me and started to kiss her. She was hesitant at first but soon responded once I started caressing her tits through the thin material. “Hmmm, that’s nice, what else do I have to do?”

I led her into the lounge and sat her on the sofa. Kneeling in front of her I ran my hands up each leg, feeling the silky smoothness of her stockings and stopping just short of her little black panties. Then I caressed her thighs, gently brushing against her pussy mound. “Do you like this?” “Hmmm, it feels lovely,” she purred. I didn’t want to push her along to fast but I was dying to see her cunt so lifting her arse of the sofa I hooked my fingers into her panties and slowly pulled them down.

Becky sat there and allowed me to open her legs wide; it was a beautiful sight. Her cunt was glistening with juice and she really was a natural blond. I leaned forward. “Fred, what are you doing?” She had both hands on my forehead trying to push me away. “I’m going to lick you pussy, don’t you like that?” “I’ve never done that before, Richard says it’s unnatural.” “Then Richards a bigger arsehole than I thought, trust me, your love it.”

She reluctantly released her grip on my head and let me open her legs again. I started by licking along her thighs, from her stocking tops to just below her cunt. Then I licked all round her labia letting my tongue drift across her clit very lightly. I felt her hands on my head again, only this time they were on the back of my head and she was pulling me closer, trying to grind her cunt into my face. I could feel her stomach muscles tighten and small earthquake like shudders raked her body. I attacked her clit with my tongue and nibbled it gently with my teeth.

“Oh my God, what’s happening, arghhhhhhhh FRED!” She raised her hips of the sofa and gripping my head with both hands held her cunt to my face while her orgasm tore through her body. It lasted a good full minute and as she slowly released her hold a series of small shudders went through her. I waited until she had fully relaxed before sitting up, my face covered in her succulent cunt juice. “Oh Fred, that was wonderful, I didn’t know it could be like that.” “Did you enjoy your orgasm?” “Is that what is was, an orgasm, wow, my very first orgasm.” She was off in a dream world as she savoured the feeling.

“Doesn’t Richard bring you to orgasm when you make love?” I asked, “No, he just gets on, does me and gets off.” “You mean he never makes you cum or plays with your pussy?” “No, never, he says the good book states that sex is for making babies and not for our enjoyment.” I couldn’t believe my ears, that jerk of a husband didn’t even know what he had. “Looks like I’m going to have to teach you then.” I reached up and started to tweak her nipples, eventually, undoing the buttons to expose both perfect tits. The nipples responded instantly and were just begging to be sucked. I sucked each titty in turn letting my fingers glide across her soaking wet mound, occasionally dipping them into her honey pot or across her clit. It wasn’t long before she was coming again, this time holding my head to her tit and clamping her legs shut on my hand. It was time to fuck.

“Have you ever sucked a cock?”

“Urgh no, I couldn’t, Richard says its dirty.”

“Sweetheart, you said that about having you pussy licked and look how much pleasure that gave you. Don’t you think you should at least try it?” “Well OK, but you’ll have to tell me what to do.” Fuck me, I thought, I’ve died and gone to heaven.

I quickly stripped off and we changed places with Becky now kneeling between my knees. “My God, it’s much bigger than Richard’s, and you haven’t got all that loose skin on the end,” she said staring at my rigid prick. “Becky, is Richard the only man you’ve ever had?” “Yes, well until now,” she smiled. “OK, well mine’s been circumcised which makes it nicer for you to suck, just lick round the end a little bit, feel how smooth it is, when you feel comfortable slide your lips over it, take some in your mouth.” She did as instructed and within a few minutes she had half my cock in her mouth sucking on it like a stick of rock. “Like it,” “hmmmm, it’s so soft,” “use you tongue a bit more, swirl it round my cock when it’s in your mouth.” Boy was she was so eager to please.

I decided not to cum in her mouth, at my age you can’t always get it up a second time and I really wanted to fuck that sweet pussy. I pulled her reluctantly off my cock and had her straddle me. I hadn’t fucked anyone since my wife died and the feeling of her hot wet soft cunt sliding down my pole was out of this world. To look into the face of an angel at the same time was mind blowing. As her warm velvet glove embraced my cock a look of pure bliss filed her face. “I’ve never done it like this before, it feels soooooo deep.” She was now fully home and we kissed passionately as she rocked her pelvis back and forth on my prick sending shudders through both of us. Then, on her own accord, she started to ride up and down, her big succulent tits swinging just inches in front of my face. I poked my tongue out and licked the nipples as they flew past bringing little squeals of joy from Becky. “Oh God, this is incredible, my whole bodies on fire, oh Fred, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

I let her continue to ride my cock until another orgasm ripped through her. Her cunt absolutely flooded my thighs and as she rested her head on my shoulder I could feel her damp hair and hear here rasping for breath. Suddenly she was kissing my entire face, my eyes, my mouth, my neck, my ears, “Oh Fred, thank you, thank you, thank you, it was wonderful, oh Fred, I’m so happy.”

“Whoa, hold up there, we haven’t finished yet.” Her big blue eyes flew open in surprise, “there’s more?”

“You bet there’s more, I haven’t cum yet.” We changed places and now it was my turn to get between her legs and thrust my cock up her. As she lay back on the sofa I hooked her legs over my arms and manoeuvred her so her arse was hanging over the edge. This way I had a clear shot at her cunt and my hands were free to play with those luscious tits again. As I thrust my cock in, her eyes opened wide and she grabbed my arms. “Fred, its so big.” I’d always considered myself pretty average in the cock department but hey, who was I to argue.

I was in heaven. Looking down at this beautiful young woman with flawless skin, massaging her massive tits, running my palms over her erect nipples while ramming my cock up her wet cunt, life couldn’t get any better. “Like it Becky, do you like being a whore?” “Oh yes, I love it,” “you want more Becky, maybe other men to fuck you?” “yessss, oh yes, please Fred, don’t stop, oh God, it’s lovely.”

At this point she would have agreed to anything and the thought of other guys fucking this little sex goddess sent me over the top. I shot what felt like gallons into her willing pussy. She pushed up to meet my final thrusts and went into her own orgasm, her cunt pulsing round my cock, pulling me in deeper and holding me there. When we eventually came down to earth I pulled out and plonked down beside her. “You’ve just earned £50, not bad eh?” She cuddled up to me, “Oh Fred, I think I’m going to like earning money from now on.”

Over the next few days Becky continued to visit. Not much cleaning got done but boy did that girl have a sexual appetite, I think I’d awakened a monster. All she wanted to do was fuck. I explained that I couldn’t afford to pay her every time but she wasn’t bothered about the money side, she just wanted more and more sex, I just couldn’t keep up with her demands. No sooner would I fill her with spunk than she was down on her knees trying to suck my cock back to life. You’d have thought she had struck gold the first time I came in her mouth, instead of spitting it out or choking she drank it like a seasoned whore, licking up every last drop.

“What happened,” she asked afterwards, licking her lips, “don’t you know Becky, you just made me cum in your mouth,” I explained. “Wow, you mean I did that, just by sucking your prick.” It was all so new to her, she really was like a young kid let loose in a sweet shop.

“Becky, look, if your going to fuck other men and start to earn some serious money then we need to make up a story to keep Richard quiet.” “I know,” she said curling up to me with nothing on but stockings, shoes and a smile, “I’ll tell him I’ve got a job.” “Yes, but he’ll want to know what sort of job, where, the hours, how much you earn, all those sorts of things.” “Hmmm, s’pose your right. What do you suggest Fred?”

Now I’d been giving this some thought, if she was willing to let other guys fuck her then I wanted to be there, two reasons, first I felt protective towards her and didn’t want just any jerk having her and two, I figured she might just want to experiment a little further. “OK Beck’s, how about this, you tell Richard that I’m doing some part time freelance accountancy work and I’ve offered you a job in the afternoons helping with the typing etc, how’s that sound?” “But I can’t type,” she said, lazily playing with my limp dick, “no Becky, you won’t have too, he just has to think you can, besides, I can teach you on my PC, enough to look convincing anyway. I’ll give you a proper wage slip and make it look kosher, OK.”

“But if I’m doing typing for you when will I get to fuck other men and earn my £50?” Christ Almighty, she really could be thick at times. “Look, I’ll arrange for men I know to come here during the afternoons your pretending to work. You go into the bedroom and let them fuck you, they pay you £50 and go away, easy isn’t it.” “Won’t you be jealous, all those men fucking me?” She was pouting now and was genuinely concerned about my feelings, if I was 20 years younger I’d have murdered Richard and married her myself, what a find. “No Beck’s, I won’t be too jealous, besides, I’ll be here to, you never know, I might peak round the door and watch.” “Oh Fred, you are naughty,” she giggled cuddling up close and pecking me on the cheek.

The problem now was, where do I find some suitable punters. When my wife was alive we used to place adverts in contact magazines, this always brought a good response and we made a lot of new friends over the years, trouble was it took a few weeks to get results. I was thinking of trying the internet but then it hit me, the British Legion, there were lots of blokes there in a similar situation to me, not only that but they all knew a good thing when they saw it and wouldn’t let on.

Saturday night and I was first at the bar. Harry was the next in, he was in the same regiment as me, had been divorced for the last five years and as far as I knew didn’t have a steady partner. In the old days when Mary, my wife, had been alive Harry had joined us on several occasions for a good threesome. “How do Fred mate, how’s it hanging?” “Arry, if a told you, you wouldn’t believe me.” We both laughed and chatted about all and sundry for a while. After a few beers I finally plucked up the courage. “Arry, you was always a randy old bugger, what do you do for sex now?” “Oh I get by, there’s still some of the old crowd gets down the bingo hall, why, you wanna marry me?” We roared with laughter, “no chance mate, you’re two butch for me.”

We took our drinks to a corner table. “Arry, how would you like to get your hands on a beautiful 25 year old blue eyed blond?” “Oh look,” he joked pointing to a fat old dear coming through the door with her even fatter husband, “there’s one now.” “Stop fucking about, I’m dead serious, long legs, big tits and can’t get enough.” My old mate stared at me long and hard, “your serious, aren’t you.”

I told Harry the complete story. He was thoughtful for a while and then said, “£50 you say,” “yep,” “and she’ll do anything I want?” “Well almost, she’s still learning but she’s real keen.” “Ave you tried her on the old DP yet?” “Fuck me Arry, give the girl a chance. No, but I thought with you helping me we could get her to go the whole hog, even a gang bang maybe.” Harry had his own haulage business so I knew the money wouldn’t present a problem. “Count me in Fred old mate, what you aving?” We drank to our new challenge and made plans for Monday afternoon.

Sunday morning I found Richard on my doorstep, “oh shit,” I thought, “don’t tell me he’s found out already.” I opened the door and invited a stern faced Richard in. “Rebecca tells me you’ve offered her a job, is that right?” Pompous little git, no good morning, just straight in. “Well of course Richard it was subject to your approval,” I lied. He seemed to relax a little. “Just what exactly will she be doing?” She’ll be laying spread eagled on the bed dressed like a fucking slut sucking and fucking her brains out, I thought to myself, “oh not too much, it’s just that I’ve taken on some accounting work and need help with the admin, some filing, posting letters, that sort of thing.” “Rebecca says your going to teach her how to type.” I’m going to teach Rebecca a lot of things, swallowing cum, taking it up the arse, being gang banged and just a little bit of typing I thought again. “Yes, that’s right, I will need help with the occasional letter, I’ll show her how to use the PC Word Processor, it’s really easy and she’ll soon pick it up.” “And exactly how much will you be paying her for this, err, admin work?” The pompous little shit asked, “Well, we hadn’t agreed on an exact figure and it will be spasmodic but would a hundred and fifty a week sound OK?”

By : Tony King

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