Old man trains neighbour in the art of sex

Hi, I’m Fred, 59 years old and a widower for two years. I lost my wife in a car crash and since then I must admit, it’s been pretty lonely. You see, when you get to this age it’s not easy to go out and meet other people, I’m not exactly into the club scene and the pubs in my area seem to cater for the younger set, all TV’s and arcade games. I do go to the British Legion twice a week, but it’s mostly my old army chums, all about the same age and mostly still married. I’ve always been sexually active but now it’s a case of the old five finger widow three or four times a week while watching one of the many porno videos I’ve collected over the years. To make it worse, my wife was a wonderful woman and very experimental when it came to sex, she would try anything including group sex and light bondage. I really miss her.

I sold the big house when she died and bought a small two bedroom semi detached bungalow here in Dorset. The insurance money and balance from the house sale meant I could retire and still maintain a good standard of living, you could say I’m not short of a few bob.

6 months ago my new neighbours moved in and well, it changed my life. Richard and Rebecca are a young couple, probably mid twenties, newly wed and this was there first house. Rebecca’s an absolute dream, a blue eyed blond with a models figure and tits to die for, she’s a lovely girl and we hit it of right away. Richard’s a prize plonker, a stuck up arrogant little turd who thinks the world owes him a favour. To make matters worse, he’s a practising Baptist and takes every opportunity to preach the gospel trying to convert not only me but the rest of the neighbours. He works as a car salesman and according to Becky he has to rely on commission to make up his wages, this leaves them continuously short of money. Money worries and the fact that they can’t have kids causes endless rows which I can hear through the walls. I’ve really started to hate that guy.

Becky was looking for work to supplement there meagre income but to be honest she was just a little bit slow, lovely girl but thick as two short planks. Eventually, through a contact in the church she did manage to find a part time morning job cleaning houses.

She was sun bathing in the garden one afternoon looking sorry for herself when I brought a tray of tea and biscuits out. “Hi Becky, thought this might cheer you up.” There was a gate linking our two gardens and with a big smile on her face over she came. She was wearing a white bikini which contrasted nicely against her tanned skin and those tits were just fighting to get out. We chatted about all sorts, the weather, gardening etc, but then I mentioned children and she just burst into tears. It seems she was medically incapable of having kids and this was causing all sorts of arguments with Richard. Add to that the fact that he hadn’t made a sale for three months left them with financial problems as well. She really was on a downer. “Tell you what, now I’m on my own I sure could use some help keeping the place tidy, maybe a couple of hours every other day in the afternoons, it would help you with the money side.” She leapt up and planted a great big kiss on my lips, “Oh Fred, your so kind, thank you.”

For the next three weeks Becky would clean the house, do the washing and ironing and all the other little house hold chores. I loved having her about and being summer she would wear cut of denim shorts and tee shirts, often going braless, I was constantly having to hide my erection. One afternoon she turned up late. “I’m sorry Fred,” she said, nearly in tears, “Richards just phoned and said that unless he makes a sale by the end of this month he’s out.” She broke down completely.

By : Tony King

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