Old Black Neighbour Breeds My White Wife

A seventy-year-old, black, big-cocked neighbor befriends and fucks my wife and neighbor’s wife.
It sometimes seems like only yesterday when my wife, Jackie, and I decided to leave our home of over thirty years and move to a retirement community. But as you’ll learn in this story, that move two years ago put us on a path to an entirely new and unexpected lifestyle.
The Phoenix area was a great place to raise our three kids, but they have long since grown and left the nest. My name is Ed and, at the age of fifty-five, Jackie and I were looking forward to retirement and thinking about downsizing to a smaller home that would be less expensive and easier to manage. I was still working at the same management consulting firm I joined right out of college while Jackie, then aged fifty-three, had recently retired from her job as an administrative assistant.
A friend knew that we were thinking of moving from our big home. He suggested that we look at some of the senior retirement communities in the Phoenix area. Most of those types of homes have small lots and are very similar in style, and the yards are xeriscaped with rocks and desert plants that require little or no maintenance. We started our search and, in a few weeks, we had selected a lovely community that was only five years old. The only requirement was that at least one of the spouses had to be fifty-five or older, so we qualified.
It took three months to sell our home and then we had the cash to buy our retirement home. We selected a home on a cul-de-sac so there would be less traffic. We met two of the friendly neighbor couples right after we moved in and found out that two of the five homes in our circle were owned by people who lived in the upper Midwest during the summer and in Phoenix in the winter.

We learned that the neighbors right next to us, Eric and Judy, are a year older than Jackie and me and had lived there for a year. The neighbors on the other side of them are a black couple. Ben, who was seventy years old, and Ellen, who was sixty-eight, had lived there since the community was established.
Eric seemed like a very nice and normal kind of guy. He still worked, although Judy, like Jackie, was retired. Ben is a retired high school science teacher, and I have to say that I’m impressed with him for a man his age. He didn’t act at all like an elderly man and looked to be six feet tall and weighed about one hundred and eighty-five pounds. He’s lean and fit, with dark mocha colored skin, and I found out later that he is an avid golfer and he also works out regularly in the community gym.
Ben is handsome, resembling the actor, Terrence Howard, and his head is shaved. For some reason, I expected a man of his age to be somewhat reserved and withdrawn, but he is just the opposite.
The first time we three couples were together socially, playing cards at Ben’s home, I couldn’t help but notice his strong, confident personality, which is a big contrast to his wife’s shy demeanor. He was, and still is, quick to take charge and voice his opinions. With his deep, melodic, baritone voice, there’s an edginess to him that even makes him seem a little intimidating. He is very charming and attentive with our wives, and a little less friendly to Eric and me. Our wives seem to appreciate the attention, and Eric’s wife, Judy, seems to be attracted to him in more than a neighborly way. Ben’s wife didn’t appear to be bothered by his overtly flirtatious behavior.
We soon established a routine of playing twice-weekly card or board games on a rotating basis at each other’s homes. The other two couples had not socialized that much before Jackie and I moved in. We had all gotten to know one another well, and, after two months of socializing that way, I noticed something. Ben was becoming even more flirtatious with Judy, maybe because he sensed her attraction to him. His comments, though nuanced, took on a sexual undertone that I had not noticed before. Judy seemed to be taking the lewd comments in her stride and was even laughing and teasing him back.
For example, one night we were playing poker, and Judy said, “Sorry for taking so long to decide what to do, but this is a hard hand to play.”
Ben spoke up. “Take your time, Judy. I like thinking about having my hard meat in your hand.”
Other times Ben would brag about being well-endowed and hint that Judy would really enjoy being with a black man. I half expected Eric to stand up to Ben and challenge him. Instead, Eric seemed to be inhibited and deferential to Ben. At those times when Eric would respond, Ben made snarky and sometimes demeaning comments back to him.
When we got home one night, after Ben’s comments had been especially rude, I told Jackie, “Damn, honey, you couldn’t have missed those suggestive comments that Ben was making to Judy, and the way he treats Eric so dismissively. I don’t understand how they put up with it.”
She smiled and replied, “Oh yeah, I noticed that, too, but I don’t think we should read too much into it. I mean, after all, Ben is seventy years old, and I’m sure that he wouldn’t be able to follow through on any of that. And in a way, it was kind of arousing listening to him teasing Judy. I used to work with a couple of ladies who talked about the sexual prowess of black men, and Ben seems to fit the stereotype.”
I was surprised that Ben’s comments seemed to have had some effect on Jackie. Over several years, our sex life had dwindled to fucking about once a month, although she did let me go down on her a few times a month, even after we fucked. And that night, she initiated sex for the first time in years. Her pussy was wetter than ever, and she was clearly aroused. I couldn’t be sure if was just because of the sexually-laced banter at the table, or if she was, like Judy, attracted to Ben because of his good looks and dominant persona.
Over the next few weeks, our sex life continued to improve, and Jackie was always the horniest right after our evenings with the other couples. Ben was becoming ever more brazen in his comments to Judy, and Jackie was paying even more attention to him. I was starting to believe that she might be fantasizing about fucking Ben. I have to admit that I’m not that well-endowed, since my hard dick is only four inches long and thin, so something else had to be causing her increased libido.
I became more and more curious about the way Eric and Judy acquiesced to Ben’s behavior, and I finally got up the nerve to ask Eric about it. He was working alone on some projects in his garage one Saturday morning, and I stopped by to see him. Eric offered me a cold soda.
After the usual pleasantries, I cleared my throat and somewhat cautiously said, “Eric, I’ve had something on my mind for the last couple of weeks, and I’d like to ask you about it. It’s kind of personal, so just tell me if you don’t want to discuss it.”
Eric laughed and said, “Come on, Ed, I think we know one another pretty well by now. Go ahead and ask your question.”
I paused and then continued, “Well, over the past several weeks, I couldn’t help but notice how Ben is flirting with Judy and making such lewd comments to her. And then, whenever you try to speak up, Ben always has a cutting remark to shut you up. What’s going on with you guys, Eric? Why do you put up with that shit from him?”
Eric hung his head slightly and his face was turned red with apparent embarrassment. He responded, “I was hoping all of that wouldn’t have been so noticeable, but I guess there’s no way to keep this a secret for ever. In fact, it’s good that you brought it up since you might soon be dealing with the same issues. I’d better close the garage door, so we won’t be overheard. The simple truth is that Ben has been fucking Judy and cuckolding me for about the past month. It all started when… ”
He was about to continue as I cut him off too soon saying, “Holy shit, Eric, how in the fuck could something like that have gotten started? You mean that you willingly let Ben fuck your wife? And how can a man his age even get it up, anyway?”
Shame was written all over his face. “I know that it sounds pretty fucked up, but you and Jackie kind of helped it happen. We had been living here for a year before you moved in and only infrequently socialized with Ben and his wife. When you guys moved in and we started getting together a couple of times a week, that‘s when Ben started to get more aggressive. My Judy has been attracted to Ben since we first met, and not just for his looks. She’s attracted to the confidence and strength he shows in his assertive, outgoing personality.”
He paused to take a sip of his soda. “Judy never tried to hide from me her attraction to Ben’s charms, and that even improved our sex lives. For the last two years or so we’d been having only infrequent sex… that is until Judy became more aroused and wanted us to fantasize about her fucking Ben in our love making.”
“I was happy for the change in her level of sexual desire and went along with her. I truly thought that her attraction to Ben was innocent, especially given his age. I just never imagined that he would be physically able to do anything more than talk about what he wanted to do with Judy. I’m not that well-endowed, and I started to enjoy the fantasy of watching Ben fucking Judy. We could only imagine he had a big cock based on his comments. That was the first time in my life that I had a fantasy desire to see another man fuck my wife and to see his cock.”
I was struck with how much their situation seemed to parallel ours. Jackie and I had also been having sex less frequently over the past couple of years, and my dick is small like Eric’s. In addition, Jackie is attracted to Ben just like Judy, and he obviously excites her. But Jackie hadn’t brought her feelings into the open with me and asked us to fantasize about her fucking Ben.
So, it was with a deal of empathy that I said, “I think I can understand some of those feelings. But, it is one thing for you and Judy to privately fantasize about fucking Ben and quite another for it to actually happen. How did it get started with Ben?”
Eric seemed a little less embarrassed at that point and said, “Wow, Ed, I expected you to be very critical of me. It’s nice that you are willing to listen and that you might even identify with me a little. To answer your question, Judy and I continued to include Ben in our fantasy sex, and it was especially good after our evenings playing games with the group and she was around him for a few hours. I began to realize that I was becoming more accepting of my fantasy cuckold role.”
“Judy recognized my acquiescence and enjoyment in my submissiveness to her, and she began to exploit it by becoming verbally demeaning to me, teasing me about my little dick, and how much more of a man Ben is with his big cock stretching and pounding her pussy. At that point we had no idea how big his cock is or even if he could get it hard. I think it was probably my wholehearted acceptance of my fantasy, my subservient sexual role that made Judy think that I might allow her to fuck Ben. That was likely why she took advantage of an opportunity when it presented itself.”
“Ben goes to the gym during the day when it isn’t very crowded, and he sometimes uses the hot tub after his workouts. Well, one day when I was at work, Judy went over there to use the treadmill for an hour and then decided to relax in the hot tub. She was pleasantly surprised to see Ben there, and they were the only members there at the time.”
“He was wearing a tight, white, Speedo type of swim suit that complimented his lean, dark body. Judy was wearing her rather skimpy, yellow bikini. You know that she’s a pretty woman, especially for being in her fifties, and she looks fantastic in that bikini. Her breasts aren’t that large but they are still firm, with only a little sag, and her ass is firm.”
While Eric paused again to take another sip of his soda, I thought about how similar our wives look. They are about five feet and six tall and weigh probably one hundred and thirty pounds. Both have light brown hair and green eyes, and their bodies are very similar. Jackie also has a nicely shaped, firm ass, and her breasts are a little larger C-cup, but they are still very firm. I could imagine that Ben would be excited to see Judy in her bikini.
Eric continued with his account.
“Considering their obvious attraction to one another, things seemed bound to get out of control. That’s especially true with all the comments Ben had been making, and the fantasies that Judy and I had been having.”
“Judy told me that Ben stood up to help her into the hot tub and she couldn’t help staring at the dark bulges in his wet, white swim suit that was almost transparent. She said that his soft cock is very thick and looks huge curled around to the side. It must have been over seven inches long, even on soft. She also saw the outline of his big testicles bulging out on the other side, and she saw his pubic hair matted against the thin material. He also stared at her hard nipples and puffy areolas that were barely covered by her top, and he placed his hand on her firm ass to steady her as she sat down in the hot tub.”
I noticed that Eric reached down to rub his crotch when he thought I wasn’t looking, and I also felt my dick getting hard at what I anticipated him saying. He continued, “Judy said they just talked about mundane things, like the weather, for a couple of minutes, and then Ben, true to form, said, ‘Damn, Judy, your body looks even better in that bikini than I thought it would. I just love women in their fifties who take care of themselves and have firm breasts and asses. So many women get saggy as they get older. It would sure easy for me to be hard around you right now.’”
“Judy was still thinking about those big bulges in his swim suit and decided to tease and lead him on. She has since admitted to me that my enthusiastic acceptance of the cuckold role in our fantasies made her think that I would be okay with her actually getting sexually involved with Ben. So, she replied, ‘You look damn good yourself, Ben, with that lean, dark body of yours, and those bulges in your swim suit. I can’t imagine how big that thing will get when it’s hard, that is if you can still get it up at your age.’”
“She said that Ben got a big smile on his face and said, ‘Well, sweetie, scoot on over here next to me, and you can discover for yourself whether or not I can still get it up.’”
Eric and I were then openly rubbing our crotches, and he watched me for a moment, smiled and said, “Judy told me that when she moved next to him in the hot tub, he must have taken that as a sign of her surrender to him. He placed his arm around her back, and then surprised her by leaning in to kiss her. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and she also tongue-kissed him, as their passions rose quickly. She loved kissing him and continued as he rubbed her breasts, with her top still on, and she reached for his crotch. His cock was hardening in her hand, and he lifted a little as she pulled his swim suit down and off his legs. She then found that his cock is uncircumcised and so thick that her fingers just barely touched when gripping it. It is also vein-covered with a big head, and it had quickly grown to what felt like nearly eleven inches long and as hard as iron.”
At that point, Eric had unzipped his pants and was stroking his dick right in front of me. I noticed that our dicks are about the same size, at only four inches long. I was getting turned on and pulled mine out and we stroked together. He reached over like he was going to feel my bare dick, and then decided not to.
We kept stroking as he said, “Judy continued to stroke his cock, which she said felt massive compared to mine, as he untied her top. Then he leaned down to suck her breasts, as he thrust his hips, humping against her hand. She was amazed that a man his age had such a hard cock, and she got a good look at it when he quickly stood up in front of her and pulled her mouth to his meat. She took his cock into her mouth with no resistance.”
“Judy was able to take in the head and the first few inches of his shaft as he started breathing harder and quickening his strokes. His huge, hairy balls were swinging low in his scrotum and slapping against her throat. In just another minute he held his cock still in her mouth as it began to throb and pulse, and she tasted his surprisingly big load of cum. She was still sucking hard as his cock continued to spew and he said, ‘Holy fucking shit, Judy, what a fantastic suck job. You are one hot, married, white bitch, and I can hardly wait to fuck you. I’m sorry that I didn’t last that long this first time, after all your stroking, but I’ll be ready to go again in about fifteen minutes.’”
I had never in my life even thought about touching another man’s cock, but listening to Eric tell Judy’s story, and watching him stroking his own dick, was all very arousing to me. So, when he reached over again, and that time began to stroke my dick, I reached over and did the same for him. If someone had seen us, it would have looked pretty comical watching two men in their fifties, stroking one another’s little dicks. But I liked feeling his dick, and the feeling of his hand on mine.
We were breathing a little harder as he continued, “After Ben ejaculated into Judy’s mouth and she swallowed it all, he sat back down next to her in the hot tub. They began kissing again and she fondled his soft cock and balls and she lifted to help him take off her bikini bottoms. They were sucking on one another’s tongues and kissing even harder as he pushed his fingers into her hairy labia that were wet and swollen with lust.”
“Judy said that it only took about fifteen minutes for his cock to get hard again. They were both anxious to fuck and wanted to do it someplace safer and more comfortable than the hot tub. They walked naked, with their swim suits in hand, to a lounge chair in a storage room near the hot tub.”
“Ben’s cock had softened some when they walked to the room, so he lay back on the lounge and pulled Judy on top of him in a sixty-nine. He sucked her labia and clit as she sucked his cock and balls. She told me that she loved the taste and feeling of his big cock and lemon-sized testicles in her mouth, as he probed her cunt with his long tongue. His cock quickly grew to hardness, and they changed positions with Judy on her back, and Ben on top and between her legs. She said to him, ‘Please take it easy, Ben. Eric’s dick is nowhere near the size of your huge cock, and I need to get used to it.’”
“As Ben started to press into her and slide his cock head in her wet labia, he said, ‘Ahhh fuck yes, I love to fuck the white wives of little-dicked men. They just love it when my big, black cock stretches their pussies and bottoms out in them. You’re going to love me fucking you, and you won’t be able to get enough of me.’”
“He kissed her again as he pressed into her with slow, ever longer strokes, until she felt the pressure of six inches of his cock head and thick shaft inside of her. Then he pushed a little harder and bottomed out on her cervix. He kept pressing as she swiveled her hips, and he was soon buried in her cunt, with his balls pressed against her ass. Then he began thrusting rapidly into her as she had one orgasm after another. He fucked her for at least twenty minutes and finally buried himself to the balls in her as he pumped his cum into her adulterous pussy.”
When we got to the part of the story where Ben was ejaculating into Judy’s married pussy, Eric and I were still stroking one another, and we began to ejaculate at the same time. We sprayed two big loads of cum at our feet onto his garage floor, and I got some of Eric’s cum on my hand. We had our other hand on each other’s shoulders, supporting ourselves as our knees weakened from our huge orgasms.
I was feeling a little sheepish and contrite after Eric and I ejaculated, and I was surprised and a little ashamed that I had masturbated another man. It didn’t seem to bother Eric, and I sensed that he might have had some other experiences with men.
I knew that there had to be more to the story. So, after a few uncomfortable minutes and wiping up our mess, Eric agreed to tell me the rest.
“I sure never expected that you and I would do something like that, but I appreciate your willingness to try it. When I finish telling you everything, you’ll understand why it wasn’t a big deal for me to jerk you off. I’ll never tell anyone about it.”
He smiled at me and then said, “But to continue. After they finished fucking, Judy sucked his cock and balls clean of their juices, but he wouldn’t get near his own cum. It turns out that he really is a pretty macho guy, and I can tell you from experience that he will only let another man touch his cock when it involves fucking the man’s wife.”
“They talked for a while, and she told Ben about the way she and I had been fantasizing about her fucking him. They decided that I must be ready for it, and to bring everything out into the open, so we could have a cuckold relationship the way he had done with other white couples.”
“He wanted her to get me to suck her pussy clean of his cum, and then let me fuck her, so she could make me suck my own cum from her. Judy got a pussy pad from the ladies’ restroom at the gym, with the idea of keeping as much of Ben’s cum in her until I got home. When I got home that afternoon, she seemed very anxious to go to the bedroom to have sex and, of course, I was agreeable to that.”
“We got undressed and into bed, and she got on top of me in a sixty-nine. I was surprised since she always likes me to eat her out, but she almost never wants to suck my dick. She started sucking me and I covered her hairy labia with my mouth and began sucking her. She seemed much wetter than usual, and her plentiful fluids tasted different and felt thicker. I thought it might be because she was just so turned on that she might be producing more and thicker pussy juices. We sucked one another for the longest time, and then when I was close to ejaculating, I rolled on top of her and turned around.”
“My dick slid more easily than usual into her pussy, and she started talking to me just before I ejaculated. I thought she was in our fantasy mode when she said, ‘Oh, honey, thank you so much for cleaning Ben’s thick cum from my pussy. I was with him in the hot tub at the gym today and sucked his cock and balls and swallowed his cum. Then he fucked me silly on a lounge chair and gave me another load of his fuck cream. His cock is dark black and huge, just like we imagined it might be, and I’ve never felt as good as when he was stretching and bottoming out in my adulterous cunt, and then inseminating me. He wants to stop by tomorrow tonight, so he can make you be a part of it when he fucks me again.’”
“What I thought was a fantasy she was describing, coupled with her sucking my dick earlier, made me have the biggest and most pleasant orgasm ever. I stayed on top of her and kissed her as my dick softened. Then she continued the fantasy by pushing me down to suck her pussy again as she said, ‘Oh, Eric, Ben just gave me another load of his tasty cum. Be a sweetheart and go on down there to clean me up again. He likes my pussy to be clean for him when we fuck.’”
“For the first time in my life, I sucked Judy’s pussy after I fucked her. The strange thing was that the taste of my cum was very similar to the taste of her pussy earlier when I sucked her.”
“Judy kept talking about her and Ben fucking at the gym, and how he would be stopping by the next night. I had little reason to think that was true, except for the taste and thickness of her pussy juices when I sucked her the first time. We went to bed that night with me not believing her, but still being impressed with her for coming up with such an interesting scenario.”
Eric was about to tell me the rest of the story, when Judy called him to go into the house to do some chores. I had been out in the garage with him for over a half hour, so it seemed like a good time to leave anyway.
As I was leaving, Eric whispered, “Come back over here at around ten tomorrow, and I’ll tell you the rest of the story. Maybe we can help each other out again too.”
I was curious what he meant earlier when he said that I might soon be dealing with the same issues. I could hardly wait until Sunday morning to hear the rest of his story.

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