Oh, No, Please No!

It was one of those hit or miss days, I decided to call it a night but decided upon a nightcap before going home. I walked into the bar area and scanned the crowd occupying the saloon bar, I was hoping to see a friend to have a drink with, because I hate drinking alone. As I turned my head I suddenly stopped as my eyes beheld a Venus live on earth.

She stood alone at the bar, her five-foot six body was perfect and to be honest as sexy hell. Although I could not understand why such a beauty was standing there alone. I made my way towards her and I noticed her brown eyes never left the floor. Even when I asked if I could by her a drink, she never changed her stance. It hit me she was displaying an underlying tendency to be submissive. I enquired whether she was alone and got back almost a mumbled response, “look at me!” I snapped, now for the first I was able to see her true beauty, her shoulder brown hair seemed to flow, her quizzical brown eyes offered a hint of excitement.

Her pale pink lips, betrayed a subtle hint of knowing she was attractive, her choice of a low cut top revealing a deep chasm of pleasure between the two perfectly rounded clearly natural 36D breasts, the knee length skirt showed a hint of decency, but even from this side view it was easy to see her skirt hid a pert backside without being too fatty. I would have put her age at thirty years old at the maximum, I later discovered she was in fact thirty-five.

Now with her full attention, “What did you say, girl!” I asked, I added the word Girl just to test the waters. “Yes, I am with my husband!” she replied trying to sound confident. However, the tone of her voice had told me all I needed to know. This woman would offer only a token resistance against being charmed into submission. I bought her a drink and simply walked away to sit at a nearby table to observe her some more.

When her husband returned he obviously must have asked where the drink came from and they both turned to look at me, I raised my glass in their direction and without any acknowledgement of my attempt to say cheers, they turned back to the bar and I saw her husband, Jerry, take her firmly by the arm and she raised her glass with her free arm and drank it down in one go. Then, rather disappointedly from my perspective they left the bar. I did see two coloured guys leave hurriedly, shortly after them but thought no more of it.

Now the story continues from Leslie’s point of view.

Jerry pulled me to one side and demanded to know, “What the hell was you doing accepting a drink from a stranger, do you know how slutty that makes you look?” I tried to respond, “All I did was accept a drink, it’s not like I” … I never got to finish the sentence because suddenly we were surrounded by six black guys. At least one of them had a knife and this was now pressed to Jerry’s ribcage. One of the other guys told us to come quietly and we would not be armed. What choice did we have, I looked at Jerry and he nodded for us to comply?

We turned the corner and came to an old Van; we were told to get in the back and four of the guys climbed in after us. For a moment or two I cursed Jerry for picking that pub to go to, but suddenly I had other things to worry about as a particularly muscled guy pressed his face close to mine and growled, “you ever been with a brotha, white bitch!” I could not find my voice to answer but managed to shake my head slightly.

“you’re in for the treat of your life then, bitch. You know what they say once you gone black you never go back!” the man growled before turning his head towards the other black guys in the van with us and then all four started to laugh. Another one of the guys said, “even better for you though, Bitch, cos your old man is here to witness you getting the fuck of your whitey, life. My heart sank to the bottom of my stomach as I realised the position, we were in. I knew I would have a dreadful decision to make all too soon, but could I lower myself to accept being fucked by a black guy, I looked to Jerry for inspiration, but he was just staring at the floor shaking his head.

By :Niteowluk2003

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