Obey Your Masters

Hi, my name is Hal. I’m here to share a story with you all. Everyone has their own story about how they lost their virginity. well, I remember mine like it were yesterday. I haven’t told anyone about this, until now, though. Many years later. Most people wouldn’t believe me, if I told them the story, anyway. Funny thing is that is was not voluntary, on my part. Without beating around the bush, here’s the story. I was only 17, and walking home from school one day my freshmen year in high school. I only lived a few blocks away and, though I had a car, I liked to save gas when possible, and figured the short drive wouldn’t be worth the gas. It was a boring humdrum day, and I was glad to be out of class for the day. I had been on a couple of dates with a girl whom I really liked, and was hoping something real or serious might arise from it. When I said, liked I meant REALLY liked. Not just physical…Well, that’s how I felt, but at that age, it was hard to tell. I had thought we connected and had more of a connection than any other women I had dated, or any friends or family members, ever had. And this was only after a few innocent dates. I had spent all day that day, in school, thinking about the next night’s date with “Fiona”. Planning and whatnot. I had the house to myself, because my parents had went to visit grandmother out of town for the weekend, and was just going to go home and rest a bit for now. All of a sudden, while still walking back, I hear a familiar female voice call out “Hi, Hal.” She was crossing my path, walking in the opposite direction, but I had been so lost in a daydream, that it took her voice to cause me to recognize her. Her name was Areola (or at least that’s what she went by), and she was walking with her notorious “partner in crime”, Barbara.

I was very nervous about this. I mean, these girls were VERY popular around school, and had a bad reputation for being bitches and/or sluts. As I looked at them, I was suspicious about what they wanted, talking to me. I wasn’t exactly someone they would usually even notice, and the few runins and meetings we did have in the past were not exactly on great terms. Let me describe these girls. Areola was fairly tall, skinny build, long black hair, and a babyface and deep blue eyes that could melt the coldest heart, though don’t be deceived. She was FAR from innocent. Barbara was about my height at 5’6″, a little meat on her, and long blonde hair. Both had full tans, a few tattoos and piercings, and had “filled out”, in the “T & A” department, pretty early. And I do mean FILLED OUT. Both usually dressed to accentuate these features. Tight daisy dukes, that hugged their ass, or tops so tight, you could almost see their nipples on their full breasts. Today was no different, as they were looking hot. I tried not to notice, though, as I wanted nothing to do with them. I sheepishly said “Hi”, back.

“What’s wrong? You look like you’ve lost a best friend.” Areola said.

I had started to talk, but Barbara interrupted and told me “Look, I know you really don’t like us, but if you could drive us home, we could throw in some gas money, for ya.”

After a minute of arguing and persuasion, Areola told me “Well, at least we could call someone. Let us use your phone.”

Although, I knew this sounded suspicious, since school was so close and even if they couldn’t find a ride (HIGHLY unlikely), there were plenty of other houses, where they could ask to use the phone. Something weird had happened in my mind, when she spoke those last few words. As if her words had carried some sort of special weight, like an order I was inclined to obey or something. I didn’t think too muchof it at the time. I was tired and thinking that my head was probably just playing tricks on me. They would be in and out, and that would be that. We arrived back at my house, and I then had the thought that they would probably want to stay there and wait, which I was not comfortable with, to say the least. My mind was still on Fiona, even then, and I just wanted to get these whores out of my hair. So, right as we approach my door, I offer to drive them home, after all. Barbara notices my funny look as we reach the door, and she must have knew what I was thinking, in regards to not wanting them in my house. So, right after I offered to drive them back, Barbara said “You know what? I kinda want to stay a little bit. How bout you, Areola?”

“Good idea. Let us in.” Areola said. what happened next sent sudden waves of fear coursing through my body, like never before. Those last 3 words “Let us in” felt the same as those words a block or so back. And almost against my own wished, I found myself opening the door, and letting them in, as if I were unable to disobey her words. They both flashed me wicked grins, on the way inside. Areola told me “That’s right, boy. You’re OUR bitch, now”. She said that as a joke reference to earlier in the year when we had gotten into a semi-public cursing match, and I called her a bitch. For me, that’s rare, as I’m generally pacifist and peaceful as can be. It was as if I had wanted to say “no”, but some other part of my brain told me that it was an absolute necessity to please them.

I was speechless, and almost in shock. I’m not a very superstitious person, but thoughts of black magic and supernatural fears were running through my head, very thick. As we walk into my kitchen, Barbara tells me to stand still, as Areola closes the door behind me.

“Here. Wear this.” Barbara snapped a collar with a leash around my neck. Then, I must have been standing there a good while, while I heard them trashing things, and it sounded like they were just checking the place out. I’m not sure what for, or if they were looking for something, but it was the farthest thing from my mind, then. “So, we hear it’s just you, this weekend.” Barbara said as I could hear her opening the fridge door, and I faintly heard glass clicking. I assumed this was her grabbing some of my parent’s bottle beer.

“Please. That’s my parents’. Don’t” I replied, stuck in place, by my last command.

Areola had snuck up behind me, as she slapped the backof my head and told me to “Shut up, bitch.” She then laughed. Barbara walks in and hands Areola a beer, asking her “want one?” I notice Barbara ashing a cigarette on the hardwood floor.

Areola lit up a cigarette and grabbed the beer as she said “Hell yeah!”

“Please don’t smoke inside the house. My parents will kill me if….” I said before being interrupted again.

“Honey, you’re kind of cute.” Areola said, as she blew smoke right into my face.

“You ever been with a girl?” Barbara chimed in.

“I’m dating someone right now.” I replied.

At this, they both burst out laughing. “Aaaaaawww, let me guess. Saving yourself for love” Areola mocked.

“We didn’t ask if you were dating, bitch”, Barbara said. “Take off your shirt.” They both put their drinks down. Areola put out her cigarette, and Barbara put hers in the ashtray.

“P-please don’t do this.” I muttered. A look of lust appeared on Barbara’s eyes as Areola tugged the leash attached to the collar around my neck, choking me a little. Barbara then grabbed the top of my shirt above the first button, and ripped my shirt clean off of my body.

“Mmmmmm. Niiice.” said Areola as they both looked at my bare chest and fingered along my abs. Both of them started kissing and sucking my nipples, as they felt up my chest.

“Look, I’m not into this. I beg you not to do this. I-I can pay you.” I told them.

“If we want your money, we’ll take it. Right now…we just want some dick.” Barbara told me before grabbing her cigarette again and exhaling as she moved in to kiss me, choking me, before finally putting it out. “On your knees, bitch.”

“Wh-what are you going to do?” I stammered.

“NOW!” Areola said. Both girls proceded to strip bare, as I knelt.

“Maybe we should just leave, Areola” Barbara said, looking as serious as I’d seen her before.”He looks really scared. Something seems wrong about this.”

Areola said “That’s probably just the beer talkin, toots.”

“Yeah, you’re right” Barbara laughed before shoving her snatch into my face, almost suffocating me. Areola knelt beside me, knibbling my ear, and whispered to me “Eat her pussy, bitch.” I did my best, though I was actually half in tears as I felt so guilty, thinking about being unfaithful to Fiona. Areola was now, kneeling behind me, necking me as I ate Barbara’s wet snatch. She ground into my face, almost choking me. Then, a minute later, she degraded me for “sucking at oral”. They both made me stand up, again with my jeans still on. I was ordered to take my shoes off. They then dropped to their knees in front of me, and my first reaction was to cover my crotch with my hands.

Areola told me “Move the hands, sweet meat.” They both started mouthing my crotch through my jeans, as I was hard as granite. Areola grabbed my zipper in her teeth, and reached her arms around my back pulling my pants down from the ass portion. As she got the zipper down and pulled my pants down to my knnes, she ordered me to step out of them. They both stared in lust at the 8 inch bulge they seen in my boxers. Like a hyena, Areola immediately dove to start mouthing my crotch through my underwear.

“Fuck, that’s hot.” Barbara said.

Areola then somehow worked the cock through the cockhole of the pants, just using her tongue, before slurping long and slow. “You got a nice dick” Areola said, coming off my cock a second. She goes back down a second, before coming up again, and saying “It should be a sin for you to let this go to waste.” She started picking up pace, and slobbering hard on my fully engorged meat. She was going pretty fast, and I could feel her tongue stud wrap around my shaft and lick at it. I could not hold back any longer, if my life had depended on it. I then felt myself cum in Areola’s mouth.

“I-I’m sorry,” I said.

“Haha. You won’t see me complain, sugarbritches. I love it.” Areola said, licking her lips, and wiping her mouth on her arm.
Barbara sucked me for a quick second, and said “Now, it’s our turn to cum.” She got up and grabbed a chair. “Have a seat, slutboy.”

“But..” I started.

“But nothing. Don’t even speak right now, bitch. Just do what you’re told.” Barbara then threw her empty beer bottle on the floor shattering it, and decided to go to the fridge to grab another beer. Areola was facing me and choking my neck as she was about to mount me. Right then, Barbara returned from the fridge, with another beer. “Let me get him first. You had first dibs on the last dick.”

“Ugh! Fine!” Areola said. “As long as slutboy here doesn’t mind. You don’t mind, do ya, bitch?” Areola went to get herself another drink.

Though, I hated being used liked this, a part of me was enjoying it, tremendously. The feelings were mixed, though, as for every ounce of pleasure, came guilt and thoughts of Fiona. While I’m still sitting in the chair, Barbara, facing away from me, reached behind her back, grabbing my cock and slowly impaling her wet snatch onto my hard cock. I was worried like hell, about not using protection. What if she became pregnant? Or what if I got an STD?

Barbara started riding up and down my hard cock slowly, moaning. She then, slammed down twice really hard stopping, with my balls resting against her cunt. She then grabbed a cigarette from the counter, tilted her head up and lit it, with a kind of hardcore looking mannerism. She then exhaled and told me “We’re gonna pick things up a bit, hon.” She grabbed her beer and tiled her head back as she chugged down about 3 quarters of the bottle, while grinding my crotch, in a circular motion. Then, she started slamming down hard and fast, as the chair shook and wobbled violently. I grabbed her hip, without really thinking about it, and started thrusting upwards. “Oh yeah! Fuck yeah! You’re starting to like it, aren’t ya, slut?” Barbara screamed.

I was still wanting to deny it, but she was right. DAMN right. By now, Areola was back from the fridge, and watching having a drink. She took the cigarette from Barbara and took a quick drag, blowing it in my face again, acting humorously as if she was unaware it was bothering me. She did it on purpose,as she watched intently, fingering herself. Even fucking herself with the beer bottle’s head a little. I was so enthralled by the psychotic slut slamming herself onto my fat cock, that Areola’s didn’t bother me too much. It was weird, but somehow,them being in such control was actually a turnon.

“Oooohhhhh Gooooooddd! Fuck…Oh yeah! Fuck……ah-ah-ah-ahh-ahhhhhhoooooo fuck YEEEEAHH!” Barbara screamed as she came a storm. Then, smiling, she climbed up off of me. I had just barely kept from coming the entire time, and as soon as she got off I shot it on her leg. I then started going soft.

Then, Areola told me “You better get it back up.” But, it was no use. At that exact moment, I was worn out. They asked if I was hungry.

I said “Yeah, sure.”

After regranting my permission to speak (although selectively), they ate in front of me at first, then decided to start throwing things at me, for their amusement. They had a jar of peanutbutter, which they made me try to catchin my mouth. They then made me eat some raw jalapeno peppers, laughing at me. I was getting annoyed quick. They then ignored me a bit, as they made long distance calls, trashed the house a bit more and just joked and carried on. Then, Areola put one of my Drain STH CDs in the CD player after a bit. After some drunken yelling and carrying on to the music, she came up to me again, raising her foot up onto the chair right between my legs. She gave me a serious look, sighing before pouring some beer over my head and spitting on my face. Then, she kissed me hard on the lips, and told me “Know, what I’m in the mood for, sugarbritches? Some anal lovin. You ever thought about that?”

To be honest, the thought had never crossed my mind much until then. It sounded kind of gross to me, to be honest. I knew there was no point arguing, though. She pulled the back of my head back by the hair and spit in my face again, before biting my lower lip. I cried out “Ouch!”

Then Barbara said “Shove something in his mouth and shut him up, please.”

With that, Areola laughed and shoved her big round right breast into my mouth, telling me to suck. She then poised the head of my cock to her puckered backdoor. She went down gradually. “Don’t worry. Ahh!-Ah-Oo. It’ll fit. Trust me.” As soon as she had me inside her to the balls, she paused a minute, and shoved her opposite breast into my mouth. It felt so tight, I knew I couldn’t last too long. I’m not sure if making her mad by cumming early, this time would be a good idea. I thought she would start slow, but, once fully stuffed with the entire length, she was slamming down like she was possessed, in a few flat seconds, and screaming bloody murder. She cried out, cumming hard, as I was soon to follow. I started to groan, and as if they could sense it, they dropped to their knees. They both sucked up and down the sides of my shaft a sec, before my full load hit their face like a piston. I actually heard the splat on their skin. They both decided to leave it on their faces, as they got dressed.

“We’ll be back to take the Mustang for a ride, in a little while. BE HERE! And you better not speak of this to anyone, slave! Else, we might go pay a visit to your little Fiona. Might not. Depends on you. Later, honeybuns.” Barbara told me, before both of them left.

What would I do? Would they actually tell Fiona? Would they do something worse? What could I do about this scenario? What about my date the next night with Fiona? A billion thoughts raced through my head. But, for now, I was just happy they were leaving. I needed time. Time to think.

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