Obedient husband falls for schoolgirl look

The following story took place last fall and I’ve finally gotten around to writing it out. While the story fully stands on its own, readers wishing to more fully understand our Loving Female Led Relationship might enjoy my earlier story Nothing More Gratifying.

I hadn’t really meant to arouse him, but I’m so glad I did. I had just gotten a new laptop (thankfully upgraded to Windows 7) and my wonderful husband had agreed to spend his Saturday afternoon transferring all of my old files and software and generally getting me set up. Knowing how these things generally go, I knew it was best for me to get out of the house for awhile so I was scurrying around gathering some things I needed to return and drop off and making a list of things to pick-up while I was out.

I wasn’t quite all the way ready to go. My shoulder length hair was still pulled up in a pony tail waiting to be let down and styled. I was wearing a navy blue vee-neck sweater over a white oxford shirt together with a short khaki skirt. I was planning to put on my favorite black boots, but since it was still a warm fall day, rather than tights or stockings I was wearing a pair of navy blue cable knit knee-hi socks. I hadn’t put the boots on yet so I was scooting around the house in my stocking feet.

I had just sat down on an ottoman to pull on my boots when my husband came into the room and asked, “So are you trying to get me aroused and unfocused before working on your computer or are you just being a tease?”

“What do you mean,” I asked, genuinely surprised as I wasn’t consciously up to anything. “You know, the school-girl look. Pony tail, short skirt, knee-hi socks.”

I hadn’t really intended it, but I could see what he meant. My outfit did have all of the usual trappings of the stereotypical schoolgirl look and knowing my husband’s foot fetish I could see why he jumped to that conclusion.

Taking advantage of the situation, I decided to jump into the role. Affecting a slightly high pitched little girl voice, I said, “Gee mister, I didn’t mean to cause you any problems. Do you like my cute little uniform?”

We both laughed a little at my acting efforts and he said, “You know I do. You’re going to have me thinking about your sweet little feet all afternoon. I just hope I don’t make a mistake and accidently delete any important files.”

“Well we can’t have that can we. Since you are being so wonderful to me giving up your Saturday afternoon to look after my computer, maybe I can help you out with that. Come over here.”

I really did appreciate what he was doing. Anyone who has ever rolled over a computer knows that it’s a thankless job and one which always includes a few unexpected snags. Equally, I knew for one reason or another it had been a while since he had gotten an orgasm from me. Those who have read my previous stories might recall that my husband and I practice a somewhat tame version of a loving female led relationship. Part of that arrangement is that my husband is only allowed to orgasm with my approval and only in a manner chosen by me. By agreement I always allow him three orgasms a month provided he thoroughly looks after my needs. This seemed like a good time to show my appreciation for him.

I continued to sit on the ottoman in my stocking feet as he came over to stand in front of me. Reaching up I unbuttoned his jeans and could see the hardened outline of his cock. He was wearing a pair of light green French cut nylon panties and the tip was just visible at the top of the waistband. One of the fun little “rules” in our relationship is if he wants to get an orgasm he has to be wearing panties, so he almost always wears them on the weekends and pretty often during the week as well.

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