Nursed by daughter, fucked by her son

Everything was going according to plan until the State went into lockdown. The laboratory had to be temporarily closed and the research team was ordered to work from home.

The experimental drug made Elizabeth’s breasts swollen and filled with milk, since they were now deprived of the industrial strength pumps in the laboratory.

She milked herself twice a day in her bedroom, having been supplied with breast pumps, small sealable bags, and a cooling container for transport. Each sample of her milk was invaluable as they represented gradual changes in her body. Her basement freezer was full of bags which had been carefully marked with the date.

There was just one problem; her milk supply seemed to be associated with heightened sexual activity. Technicians in the labs typically helped her navigate that snafu. Now that she was isolated, it was more of a challenge.

Left without a proper outlet, Elizabeth’s hormones were teetering on the brink. She was in constant communication with the team who devised a highly personalized masturbation routine for her. But eventually, even that wasn’t enough.

A new plan was created for Elizabeth, which shocked her to the core. At first, she refused to comply with the outrageous regimen. Any mother would. But hormones of this magnitude cannot be ignored forever.

The lead researcher wrote, “You have two, well-educated helpers at home. My professional recommendation is that you train them to provide quality assistance. Remember, this situation is temporary.”

Of course, that message was in reference to her adult offspring, who were staying at home with her during the quarantine. Correspondence with the lead researcher had gone on for nearly a week before Elizabeth’s estrogen had completely taken over her decision making abilities.

Getting naked in her bedroom, she put on a silk robe, then walked barefoot down the stairs and towards the living room. She had already texted Abby and Ray to meet her there, where they would soon receive the shock of their lives.

Her daughter Abby, a recent college graduate, had already been accepted to dental school. Like mom, Abby was a science-minded woman who wanted a career helping people. And what better way to help people than with this sort of research?

Her son Ray, on the other hand, was still a college student finishing this semester online at home. Like most college guys, he enjoyed sports, video games, and hanging out with friends. Surely he’d be up for an idea like this, because what young man could ever turn down a glorious pair of milk ripened breasts?

Elizabeth struggled with her decision as she approached the living room and saw her beloved adult children. They were a study in contrasts… so adult, yet innocent in many ways.

Her son turned off the television as she entered and both siblings seemed thoroughly amused that she was wearing such a sexy silk robe. It was more appropriate to wear in front of lovers, not offspring. Having always been a traditional mother, she preferred looking respectable at all times.

Nudging between them, Elizabeth sat in the middle of the couch. Leading with small talk, she tried to put them at ease. They joked about her robe and she said there was a perfectly reasonable explanation.

“I should have been open about this from the start,” Elizabeth confessed. “But the truth is, I tried to keep it a secret. It’s a little embarrassing, and frankly, it’s also very personal.”

Abby looked upset. “Is something wrong?”

“Is everything okay, mom?” Ray asked, equally worried.

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