Novelist mom uses her son for inspiration

Laura stood on the small dock overlooking the lake.

She was standing next to a real estate agent, deciding whether to buy the property or not. The house was large and spacious. The area was quiet and serene. It was Laura’s second time visiting the property with the realtor, and everything seemed perfect to her.

“Beautiful view isn’t it?” the realtor asked. “I never get tired of coming here.”

Laura nodded. “Neither do I. A place like this is exactly what I’m looking for.”

“Based on the things you want, I’d have to agree. Here you have a large property all to yourself, which is perfect for writing books. And there are plenty of outdoor activities, including swimming and hiking. The views on this property are amazing.”

“I’m sure my son would love that,” Laura added.

“Your son will be living here as well?”

“That’s part of the reason why I want to move to this area,” she replied. “It’s a great place to write a book, and it’s close my son’s college. He can live with me instead of a dorm, and I would have a nice place to work.”

The realtor smiled, “I think that’s wonderful. You two would be so happy here.”

“I think I agree,” Laura smiled back. “Let the seller know that I’m interested in buying this property. I’d like to move in as soon as possible.”

Fantasies of a Good Mother

Several months later. Laura sat in the office room of her new home early in the morning. There was a computer on her desk, along with family pictures and papers. Boxes were laying around the room, some opened, some remained closed. Everything had the look of someone still in the process of moving in.

She leaned back on the chair after receiving a call from Janet, her manager. The two became close friends after Laura hired her over a decade ago.

“How are things in your new house?” Janet asked. “Is your writing coming along well?”

“I’m still getting settled in. I love it here. But I’m a little scattered on the writing. I’m working on a few different things at the moment, little by little. Nothing solid, unfortunately.”

“I know how that goes,” the manager replied. “Anyway, it’s fair to say that you’re not deeply involved in writing any new stories at the moment right?”

“Pretty much. I have a few ideas for more crime novels. The usual stuff.”

“Good,” Janet replied. “Because there might be a way for you to take your career to new heights.”

“Which is?”


Laura was taken aback. “Erotica? You mean erotic stories?”

“Precisely,” Janet replied. “Erotica is highly in demand right now, and the market is craving for new and exciting authors. Someone like you could easily write a big hit in that genre.”

“I’d hardly consider myself ‘new’ given how long I’ve been doing this line of work.”

“But you would still be considered a new author in the world of erotica.”

Laura thought for a moment. “Erotic stories aren’t my thing. You know that.”

“I know. But I also know that your recent books have seen a steady decline in sales. You’re not drawing an audience the way that you used to.”

“Every author goes through a slump at some point. It’s natural. As my manager, I expect you to understand that. Besides, the stuff I’m working on right now has plenty of potential to become bestsellers some day. So please, spare me the advice.”

“Well as your manager, it’s my job to give you advice which could help your career.”

“Changing genres isn’t exactly the kind of advice that I pay you for,” Laura quipped.

“Listen, I’ve already spoken with the people at the publisher’s office and they think it’s a great idea. With your name recognition and writing credentials, it’s almost certain that your erotic novel debut will be a big hit with readers.”

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