No Regrets

It was an expensive hotel and the door to the room closed with a sigh and a click. Phil hadn’t bothered with goodbyes. Neil forced open his eyes and tried to forget the ache in his head and the taste in his mouth.

Vodka. Nothing got Paula going quite like vodka and the bottle was empty. Three glasses and a full ash-tray, he noticed. Oh, and a bedside clock showing 2.17am. Quite a night.

The three of them had gone back to the room after a long and boisterous dinner. Paula hadn’t eaten much – the churning in her stomach had made sure of that. But she’d drunk plenty. And after a few drinks, the thought of what they were going to do later didn’t seem so bad. Phil was attractive, with a streak of self-deprecation she found charming. And her husband Neil was always good fun once he’d had a drink.

Some time through the third bottle of Chardonnay she’d even started flirting with her two suitors. She knew she always blossomed when she was the centre of attention. She just couldn’t help it. As a girl she had loved nothing better than dressing up and showing off. Her prettiest dresses to her adoring father, her waist-length hair to her envious sisters. Her knickers to the boys in the school playground. She felt herself reddening at the memories and took a long pull at her drink. Oh well, twenty years on this wasn’t so very different. Just bigger boys and smaller knickers, that’s all.

And she didn’t have to go through with it. Just give it a try, Neil had pleaded. You can stop any time you feel like it, he’d told her time and time again. Richie and Julie love it. Just give it a try. Just for me Paula. Go on, just this once, please.
She looked closely at the man opposite. The fair-haired stranger she’d only just met. The man she’d agreed to have sex with. A quiet man with warm brown eyes, that’s how her friend Julie had described him. And lovely in bed, Paula! Just look at the pictures Richie took of us. Every position you can think of. And he lasts for ages, Paula. You’ve got to give him a go. It doesn’t bother me, honestly. And no, it won’t change things between you and Neil. Well, it will, actually. It’ll put new life in him! Richie’s been like a rabbit ever since. . . .

Paula flushed and the churning started up again. I’m going to do it, she kept thinking. I’m really going to do it with him. That’s why she’d insisted on a hotel. And Neil wants to watch, does he? Well if she knew her husband, he would chicken out before she did. It would serve him right, losing face like that. Try bragging about that to Julie and Richie, next time they came round for a drink, full of bright ideas.

The warm brown eyes were looking deep into hers and she felt herself responding. Yeah, she’d give him a try. Why not? She held out her glass and the stranger topped it up.

By the time the bar closed at midnight, they were pleasantly drunk and the flirting had turned into a noisy display of affection that had other drinkers exchanging looks. Eventually they staggered back to the room arm in arm, with Paula in the middle. And while Neil had fumbled with the key, she’d fumbled with Phil, kissing him passionately, deeply, and making a lot of noise. When the key turned at last, Neil practically dived into the room in embarrassment. Only to find that they were in no hurry to follow.

So he left them necking in the corridor and busied himself undoing the bottle of vodka they’d brought with them. When they finally walked in, Paula was glowing and her dress was unzipped down the back. Casually, she pushed it down and stepped out of it. Draping it over the bedside chair, she took the drink Neil offered her.

Personally, she preferred red or black underwear. This set, all white lace and promises, made her look like an eager bride. With two bridegrooms, too, she thought. But Neil had seen it in a catalogue and sent off for it without asking.

And so Neil kept pouring the drinks, while Paula showed off and Phil tried to play it cool. But his eyes were burning and his mind was on anything but the small talk.

Yeah, I can play it cool, too, thought Neil. Let them make the first moves. Let Nature take over. Sit back and watch. This is what you wanted, isn’t it? Suddenly, he wasn’t so sure.

And so, while Paula rolled about on the king-sized bed in her white stockings and garter belt, lacy bra and briefs, Neil eased into the armchair opposite Phil and wondered if she’d go through with it.

But Paula was enjoying all the attention hugely and sensing some action was called for, suddenly swung her legs off the bed, reached behind her for the catch, stood up and hung her bra like a trophy around Phil’s neck. Then leaned over him and poured herself a big one, her ripe breasts hanging just inches from his eager hands.

And when he reached out and cupped them, she made it easier for him by sitting on his lap, twisting around towards her husband. She just had to see the expression on his face. As she leaned back against Phil his hands gripped and squeezed her breasts, kneading them like soft, white dough. She wriggled and jiggled, pushing backwards into his erection, staring hard at Neil.

“Enjoying the view?”

Neil couldn’t trust himself to speak, so just smiled. Phil’s fingertips had found her nipples and they were hardening fast.

“Mmmm, that’s nice. Neil doesn’t mind, do you, darling?”

She playfully rubbed a stockinged foot into the front of her husband’s bulging pants.

“Best hard-on you’ve had for years!”

She laughed nervously, then slipped her hands behind her back, where Neil could only guess what they were doing. So he sat there smiling stupidly, trying to ignore the gnawing in the pit of his stomach, his painful erection, watching Phil smoothing her breasts and nuzzling into her neck. Paula’s hands seemed to be busy behind her back. Her breathing was getting harder and suddenly she twisted herself through a quarter turn, swinging her legs away from Neil, draping them over the arm of Phil’s chair.

They kissed deep and hard, her left arm going around his neck, his right hand on her hip, pulling each other closer. Neil poured himself another drink. This was what he’d wanted ever since Richie had shown him the pictures of Julie performing with this guy. Though he’d never have bet that he could talk Paula into it. Never.

But she was certainly getting into the swing of it now. She gasped and groaned as she came up for air, Phil taking in whole mouthfuls of her neck, his hand smoothing up and down her flank, making her tremble with pleasure.

She looked at Neil for a reaction and when he gave her the same lopsided grin, she held his stare while she pulled Phil’s head down to her breasts. He must have bitten her hard, for she took a sharp intake of breath. Her nipples were erect now and Phil suckled them greedily, while they both watched him. Another sidelong glance at her husband, a silent request for approval. But he was still stuck with the frozen smile, so she spoke.

“All right, darling?”

He nodded, perhaps too eagerly.

Phil was kissing and sucking her noisily, so Paula lay her head back into the crook of his arm and closed her eyes. His right hand gently smoothed circles on her firm, flat stomach, his fingertips leaving trails of pleasure as they skimmed across her skin, slowly working their way downwards.

They kissed again, fiercer this time and Neil felt his heart pounding faster as Phil’s hand slid from stomach to thigh, up and down, up and down. Just like in the photos.

It was then, when his wife dropped her left foot to the floor, to open her legs, that Neil realised she’d made up her mind and that only he could stop things going further.

But he said nothing, turned away and poured himself another drink, wanting but not daring to look, knowing from her soft little noises that the stranger must be inside her pants. The expensive silk ones he’d bought specially for tonight.

He was desperate to see what was happening, yet deliberately held back the moment, giving them time to go further. His blood was pounding in his ears and when he eventually turned around, his mouth was dry and his hands were shaking.

He stared at Paula, straight at where a stranger’s hand had slipped underneath the flimsy scrap of lace covering her mound, swelling the delicate white silk. Still the deep kissing went on, both gasping with pleasure when they parted, Phil’s arm pumping in and out, Paula whimpering as his fingers plundered her sex.

She let go of his neck and fumbled clumsily at his shirt. But he couldn’t support her and instead, she slipped to the floor, somehow turning it into a graceful change of position, her mouth hardly leaving his for a moment. She knelt upright, so their heads were level and started on the buttons. The chairs were close together and when she leaned forwards to bury her head in Phil’s lap, her firm white buttocks pushed up against Neil’s legs.

He watched the pleasure his rival’s face as first his belt and then his zip surrendered to Paula’s eager fingers. Suddenly Neil realised that she was pressing herself into him, in a mute, rhythmic plea to be mounted.

Easing himself forward to the edge of the chair, he gently ran the back of his fingers around the smooth swell of her buttocks. Instantly she came up off Phil and thrust backwards, turning her head to look at him, her eyes heavy with lust, her breath rasping.

Neil could see the cock clearly now, just as it had been in the photos, wet with saliva, the big purple head looking as if it might burst with pleasure. His fingers slipped under the elastic and found her hot and slick and she groaned and lowered her head back down on Phil.

As his fingers slipped inside, she shuddered and pushed back hard, forcing him deeper. With his other hand he undid his belt and with difficulty, his zip. His own prick was rock hard, too, and if anything, he noted with satisfaction, he had the edge on size over Phil.

This wasn’t how he’d planned it but they were all too far gone to stop it. He tried to pull her knickers down but her thighs were wide open and they jammed halfway down. So he pulled them back up and to one side and slipped easily into her. She jumped as if an electric shock had passed right through her, then pushed back onto him.

Knowing he was already on the verge of coming, he tried to slow her down, timing his thrusts to reduce the penetration. But she realised what he was doing, came up for air and turned to him.

“Whoa .. steady on… not yet.”

She could hardly speak for want of breath.

“Let me sit on him … please!”

They stood up and undressed frantically. Paula stepped out of her knickers and grabbed Phil’s prick.

“C’mon you!” she said thickly.

She led him to the bed, pushed him onto it and went down on him again. Neil could see everything now, and watched her mouth working on him, transfixed as the swollen shaft disappeared and reappeared as her head bobbed up and down, stopping now and then as her tongue ran so knowingly around the tip. He caught her looking at him and naked now, went to kneel behind her.

“No! Just watch for now. It’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

He nodded.

“Sit down there.. at the bottom.”

So he did, so close to the sucking and licking and nibbling that he could kiss her hot, wet mouth each time she took a breath. At last, Paula couldn’t wait any longer. It would have been a disaster to make Phil come now, when they were all so close. So she climbed onto the bed and straddled her stranger, facing her husband, making sure he could see every detail of the insertion.

She shuffled down the bed until her mound pushed the erection forwards, until it almost pointed at Neil. Phil grunted. Looking for any sign of uncertainty, she gave her husband his last chance.

“You sure about this?”

Unable to look her in the eye and suddenly feeling weak, he nodded stupidly.

“It won’t change things? We’ll still be all right?”

He nodded again.

“Neil, look at me. It’s important. Is this what you really want?”

It was as if someone else said the words for him. Some other voice, not his, that croaked his agreement.

“Yeah, go for it. Fuck him, Paula.”

Holding Phil by the root of his shaft, she leaned towards Neil. Her long hair fell forwards and he ducked down, determined not to miss the moment of penetration.

“Oh, wait …. You can’t see. Wait …”

Paula got off her knees, brought her feet forward and squatted above the erection. It wasn’t too ladylike but it improved the view no end. As she leant back on her hands, Neil could see every detail, every swollen, pumping vein and blood vessel in Phil’s erection as her labia pressed against it.

Phil pushed his hands up under her haunches to support her and she raised herself into position. With her free hand, she pulled his cock forward, seeking the best angle. At last, the swollen knob eased her inner labia apart and as her husband stared, fascinated, Paula slowly lowered herself down.

“Too late now!”

But she took her time and the big purple head took several seconds to disappear. Neil suddenly felt queasy. Too late now. It’s done. Even though she hadn’t taken any of the shaft yet.

But she did. Just like Julie had in the pictures. Gently, she slipped down it, engulfing it, until it forced the breath from her in a long sigh of pleasure. Leaning back, she took her weight on her arms and started to fuck her stranger, her mound rising and falling slowly. Up and down his wet, shining prick.

Paula closed her eyes and soon seemed to forget about Neil, swivelling around on the cock to offer her breasts to her new lover. She dipped her head and sucked at his mouth and her whimpers and sighs grew louder.

“Oh God…oh God…oh God…..” she whispered over and over. Soon she couldn’t keep up with her own need for faster, deeper penetration and whispered something into Phil’s ear. Instantly he sat upright, turned them around, laid her on her back and pulled her long legs up and over his shoulders.

Paula squealed with shock and delight as he re-mounted her and began to fuck her furiously. From the bottom of the bed, Neil couldn’t tell them apart as buttocks, balls, cunt and curls blurred into one.

“Oh God…oh God…oh God…I’m coming…oh God….”

As Paula’s climax reached its peak, Neil felt his own control go and his sperm explode into his hand. But still the stranger rutted into her and her pleas grew louder, more obscene….

“Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me….oh God, don’t stop…oh yes, yes, yes…oh Christ, don’t stop….”

Feeling spent and embarrassed, Neil crept into the bathroom, his fingers cupped around his sticky, shrinking penis. He cleaned himself up and sat on the toilet, shaking, feeling dirty and disgusted. But it wasn’t over yet. Through the half open door the sounds of their lovemaking still reached him. The rhythm of the creaking bed grew louder.

Oh no, he thought, Phil hadn’t come. This was not how it was supposed to happen. All that and the bastard hadn’t come and now he was giving it to her all over again. Bastard! I should stop them, he thought. I should say thanks, it was great, you did it, but that’s it, it’s over. Thank you and goodnight.

But it obviously wasn’t over for Paula. He’d never heard her make so much noise. And just to rub his nose in it, she was calling out her new lover’s name.

“Oh…oh Phil…oh God…oh its so good…oh Phil…”

Soon Paula, too, lost control and her orgasm was frightening in its intensity. She squealed and shrieked, gasped and grunted as her new man pounded frantically into her. At last, after a long drawn out sigh of ecstasy from her, the bed stopped creaking and they went quiet.

Behind the door, Neil sat trembling on the edge of the bath, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Suddenly he knew he was going to be sick and closed the door, just making it to the john before the first violent, bitter wave hit. Right now, it didn’t matter too much whether it was the booze or the enormity of what they’d done. He needed to throw up and he did, emptying himself and retching until exhausted. At last, he began to feel better and brushed his teeth and took a cool shower. To wash away the sins and the sick and the sweat. To sober up, to slow down his pounding heart. And it worked. At last, clean and dry and needing another drink, he walked back into the room, expecting to find Phil gone and Paula waiting, worried about him.

Instead, he got a shock.

They were lying on their sides, head to toe, in the classic 69 position. They were sucking deeply from each other, oblivious to him. No wonder they were quiet. The perfect pair. And no room for him.

Paula looked up, holding his stare as she ran her tongue around Phil’s swollen knob. Still up, Neil thought.

The bastard.

“Feeling better, darling?”

Her lips were wet with spittle.

“Want some of this?”

Paula smiled at her own joke and went back to work. Neil got a cold orange juice from the mini-bar and watched, unsure what to do next. So when she smiled again and beckoned him, he went to her, his own erection returning. She reached for it and he knelt on the bed, letting her pull him closer to her mouth. Her left hand still held Phil and she gently wanked and sucked them both, closing her mouth first over one and then the other.

Her grip tightened and her pull became firmer until she could lick both tips at once. Firmer still, until both knobs were touching, rubbing them together in wet, slippery circles and trying to cram both into her mouth at once.

But she couldn’t, so concentrated on her husband, taking in his whole shaft, biting him gently at the base. He could have let it go on all night but Phil had other ideas. His head emerged from between her thighs, and he made them all change position, pulling at Paula’s haunches until she was on her knees, Rockygy-style.

Phil’s erection showed no signs of flagging, Neil noticed. If anything he looked bigger than before. And when he entered her from behind, it was Paula’s turn to be impressed. She gasped, then took Neil into her mouth again.

And just like they’d seen in blue movies, both men enjoyed both ends of her, for a while. But soon Paula was losing it again. It felt so good she just couldn’t concentrate on a blow job and her head dropped onto the bed, her hands gripping the edge of the mattress, her breath coming in sobs, her whole centre in glorious meltdown, her muscles in spasm, her nerve-endings on fire as Phil stretched her, pounding and pumping, pumping until she couldn’t hold it back any longer.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God, I’m coming…oh GOD! ”

And Neil stood there like an unwanted groom while the best man claimed the bride … banging into her, his belly slapping into her buttocks, sending shock waves and ripples through her, making her gasp and shudder, making her squeal like a little pink piglet …. making her come again and again.

“Oh God,yes,yes,yes…I’m coming…..oh GOD!”

Neil needed another drink – quick. He poured himself a huge vodka and downed it in one, squeezing his eyes tight shut, covering his ears as her squeals turned into shrieks.

“Oh God, oh Phil, I’m coming, yes, yes, harder Phil, harder, oh God yes, harder , fuck me, oh fuck me Phil, oh yes, yes, yes! YES!”

The noise was making Neil worried. The people in the next room must be able to hear it and it was after one in the morning. But still he made no move to stop it and sat down with his drink, watching the agony and the ecstasy on her face, watching her come in a frenzy of sweaty, rutting lust. Listening as her cries turned into sighs and finally into exhausted little whimpers.

By :David Cook

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