No Mum, nothing’s wrong between a mother and her son

Incest stories, mom and son nothing’s wrong.. “It’s been a great night,” I said to myself, “a really good night, and I’m just about ready for bed.”

It was one thirty a.m. my sister, my brother and their families had left before midnight as they had small kids to consider, and the last of the guests for my father’s forty sixth birthday celebrations had left a half an hour ago, leaving the back garden looking like a bomb had hit it. I’d spent the past fifteen minutes picking up the rubbish, and was now almost finished.

I picked up the last half eaten plate of food, threw the scraps on the lawn saying, “that’s for you Bozo, and it’s all you’re getting tomorrow since you’ve eaten enough for four Rockys tonight.”

Bozo raised his head, showing only mild interest in whatever it was that I’d thrown onto the ground, before falling back down and starting the process of going back to sleep. What a difference to the attack Rocky that he normally was, who from the first scent of food treated anyone trying to eat it as his sworn enemy, even knocking over a young boy tonight who’d had the audacity to think that the sausage in his hand, was actually his.

Bozo was a Labrador who despite our attempts to put him on diet still seemed to get fatter every day. Now, he just couldn’t even be bothered getting up to look at what it was that had fallen into what was nominally his exclusive territory. Anything that fell into it was his, animal, vegetable or mineral, it didn’t matter to him, he had his reputation to defend, so he’d make a very serious attempt to eat it, or at least bury it

I turned off the outside lights, closed the patio door and the curtains, then turned to see my mother with her elbows on the bench top, her face in her hands, and her eyes closed. She’d had just a little too much to drink, she wasn’t drunk, but she was what you might call, ‘relaxed and mellow.’

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I looked across into the lounge room to see the birthday boy asleep on the couch. He was super relaxed and more than just mellow, he’d had more to drink than he should have. He was drunk, and likely to stay on the couch for the next few hours.

Richard Angus Martin the Third, known when he was in the good books as Richard The Third, and when he wasn’t, as Richard The Turd. Mostly he was called Richard The Turd, or simply just, The Turd, and he’d managed to wipe himself out, again.

I looked back at Mum, who still hadn’t opened her eyes, went to the bench top facing her, put my elbows onto it, and softly placed my forehead against hers. She opened her eyes slowly, pulled back to allow them to focus properly, and then seeing that it was me, smiled and returned her forehead to be against mine before closing her eyes again.

What she hadn’t realised was that as she’d moved away from me, I’d put my hands onto her forearms, so that when she’d moved back, her breasts had landed nicely on top of the backs of my hands, she didn’t notice.

“Been a good night Ma.”

“Mmmm, it certainly has, where’s Richard The Turd?”

“Passed out on the couch.”



“He won’t annoy me.”

“Doing what?”

“He thinks because it’s his birthday, that he’s going to get sex, but I really am too tired tonight. Normally I’d be good to go, but this party has taken so much to organise, it’s drained me.” Still with her forehead against mine she yawned to prove the point.

“So do you want me to turn everything off so that you can go to bed now?”

“Yes please hun, give your old Mum a goodnight kiss, and I’ll shuffle off.” For all of this time, I’d been quite enjoying the feelings of her nice heavy breasts on my hands. Mum had quite a pretty face, but the thing that attracted men to her was her body, nicely shaped solid breasts, envious women might say they were a little too big, but what would they know? She also had a really tight arse, and killer legs, that is if their eyes got that far south.

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Mum inclined her head to the left and my lips lightly brushed against hers, she mustn’t have felt the kiss as she stayed in the same position waiting. So I moved my mouth back onto hers and kissed her again, a little harder this time.

I’d kissed her many times before, but for the first time ever I noticed how soft her lips were. Mum made no attempt to move her mouth away from mine, so I continued to kiss her. After about ten seconds of this, her lips started to move as she responded to mine on them.

Another ten seconds later they were still pressing against mine, neither of us made any attempt to involve the tongue, it was just the lips. I wondered how long she’d allow this to go on for, as she seemed to be in no hurry to bring it to an end. It went on for what must have been at least a full minute when she realised what we were doing. Slowly she pulled her head back a fraction, so that I could still feel her breath against my mouth as she spoke. With her eyes only half opened she said, “this’s nice,” returned her lips to mine, closed her eyes, and recommenced the kiss.

The kiss was slow and languid, like launching a canoe into a slow flowing river that just drifted along at its very own pace through fields of flowers. There was no hurry with the river, and no hurry with our kiss.

It was about a minute later that she again moved back a few inches, “Where did you learn to kiss like that?” I again could feel her breath on my mouth.

I grinned, shrugged, and with a show of bravado said, “Oh I’ve been seeing an older woman for a little while now, she’s addicted to kissing, and if I don’t get it right the first time, well, she makes me do it over until I do.”

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“Wow, an older woman, so who is she, do I know her?”

“That’s our secret, and of course a gentleman never tells.” The reason that I couldn’t tell her was that it was Jane Clarke who lived in the street behind us, and a few doors along. I wasn’t sure what Mums thoughts would be about that, as her husband was off in Antarctica studying penguins, or ice flow, or something like that.

Jane told me that he’d given her permission to be with someone else if she needed to, as she was always ready for sex. According to her anyway, he knew that she wouldn’t be able to go without it for the entire twelve months that he’d be away, and so him telling her not to, would have only been ignored anyway. From the first time that we were together, it was obvious that she was never going to be able to go that long without sex, and I actually convinced myself that I was doing something for him, as at least I wasn’t trying to take her from him permanently.

“Mmmm, you’ll have to introduce me to her, if she kisses that well, I might just try playing for the other team…where’s The Turd?”

“Unconscious, why?”

“You sure?”

I moved my head to see him, nodded yes at her, and moved my face back to be about two inches away from hers.

“Good,” and with that she moved her mouth forward the required two inches so that it once again reconnected with mine. This time she wanted to be in control so that she became much more aggressive, totally outside of the parameters of soft and sensual that had guided our first kisses.

I pulled back, she looked surprised, “what?”

“Mum you need to kiss as if you’re sampling a fine wine, just using your lips and your tongue. At the moment it feels as if you’re eating a Big Mac.”

Her eyes were glazed as she moved her mouth back towards mine, and just before they met, said softly, “it’s been a while since anyone’s eaten my Big Mac.”

Her eyes closed just a split second before our lips touched, but mine didn’t, they were wide open in shock at what I’d just heard her say.

What the hell was I supposed to read into that?

She seemed to slide right back into the soft and sensual very easily, she was obviously affected by alcohol, and most likely wouldn’t remember much in the morning. But if she did, she’d likely be horrified by her actions.

I was enjoying kissing my Mum. I’d never ever considered her as someone who’d actually be good to kiss, or someone who would enjoy being kissed, and certainly not by her son.

She made no attempt to pull away, as we launched another canoe into the river, and allowed it float along with us in it, so I let it go on for as long as she wanted. She was enjoying our shared moment, and so who was I to deny her the pleasure of a simple kiss?

Soon she was pushing her mouth harder against mine and moving her jaw slightly. Nothing outlandish, nothing overt, but soft and sensual seemed to do it for her, now that she’d accepted that that was the way that it had to be.

I pulled away very slightly from her, but she was having none of that, and her mouth followed mine, pushing firmly to ensure that she quickly established contact again. Now I became aware that she was making small sounds of appreciation in the back of her throat.

This was starting to become interesting, very interesting indeed.

As I pushed back at her, I took her bottom lip between my teeth and bit it ever so lightly, I felt her tongue slide across my top lip, curl up and run over my teeth. I continued to bite, and then stretch her lip as far as it’d go before letting it go, and then reclaiming it again several times. She seemed to not really be aware of what was happening, as for the whole time she was making those noises in her throat.

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Softly at first my father stated to snore, softly, and then louder and louder. Until my mother became aware of it, pulling sharply away from me. I opened my eyes and a second later, she did also. It was as if Dad was protecting his property, right at the moment that she was showing signs of really enjoying it, he’d broken the spell, and once that’d happened, it was going to be hard to rekindle the flame.

She was frozen like a rabbit caught in the spotlight, her face away from mine now. She was blinking her eyes quite wildly, and I think that she was trembling just a little. She shook her head as if to wake herself from a dream. As the snoring got louder, she became more and more aware of her situation, and continued to move away from me.

Mum then became aware that her breasts were resting on the tops of my hands, and that my thumbs had slid up and were resting on her nipples, well not actually resting, more like rubbing them softly…and also pressing them down so that they sprung up hard and erect every time my thumbs released them. Her nipples, buttons that were visible most of the time anyway, had responded to the stimulation, and were showing real signs of being interested.

“No Alex, s’wrong.”

I shook my head, “no it isn’t, you’re enjoying it?”

“No I’m not, you’ve taken advantage of me, I’m very drunk and you shouldn’t have done that.” She was lying of course, it was a classic case of someone refusing to accept responsibility for their actions, and blaming anyone but themselves.

She was lying, but her nipples weren’t.

At this point, Dad let out one of his best snores, which you thought might have even rattled the windows. She moved further away, the moment was clearly over, the mood was lost, and our little escapade had come to a screeching halt.

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Mum continued to move backwards still shaking her head, and now nervously wringing her hands. I had no idea what I was supposed to say, and stood quite still, just holding her gaze.

“No,” she said sharply, “it is wrong.” Then turning away, she cast a glance at my father and walked unsteadily to the stairs, supporting herself on any items of furniture as she passed them.

I let her get out of sight before adjusting the erection that seemed to have arrived unannounced. I had no idea what was going through her mind, but I knew for sure that mine was racing. What’d happened did so at the speed of light, one moment I was standing there with my forehead against hers, and the next I was kissing my own Mother, stretching her bottom lip with my teeth, and of course, rubbing her nipples with my thumbs.

I went and sat in a chair with a glass of water, running things over and over in my mind. The whole thing was a blur, and yet it was so clear as to what’d happened. What was also clear was that I wanted it to happen again. As I sat there I could still feel her lips contact on mine, and her nipples under my thumbs. I of course, still had an erection to assist with the memories.

There seemed to be no reason to sit there forever, as it was almost two a.m. so I thought that I should go to bed. I made sure that all the doors were locked, turned out all the lights except one for Dad. Then after standing there looking down at him, wondering what might have happened if he hadn’t disturbed us by snoring as he did. “Bastard,” I shot out, as I threw a rug over him, and followed Mum up the stairs.

When I got to her door it wasn’t quite closed, but the room was in darkness. I walked on to my own room, closed the door and after turning on the light, stripped down to my underwear. After sitting on my bed for about a minute, I said to no one in particular, “no damn it, I won’t let it end like this, she was as involved in it as I was, and I’m not going to wear the blame on my own.”

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I walked back to her room, my father was now snoring like a world’s champion, so I thought that he wasn’t going to come up and disturb us anytime soon.

Pushing open the door, with the light from my room behind me I could see that she was facing away. I went around to face her, she could see me, but her face was in the shadows. I knew that she had to be awake, there was too much emotion in what’d happened just moments ago, for her to have gone to sleep so soon.


“Go away.”

“No, there’s something that you need to know, I never set out to kiss you like that, it just started, and then assumed a life of its own. I know that you may have had a bit to drink, but so have I. You aren’t so drunk though that you didn’t know what we were doing. Be honest with me please, admit that you’re angry at yourself for the way that it developed, and also angry, because you enjoyed my kissing you more than you should have done, isn’t that correct?”

“Go away and leave me alone.”

“I’ll go away and leave you alone, when you admit that there were two of us down there, and we both enjoyed it. Admit that and I’ll go away as you ask, but you did enjoy it didn’t you?”

She was silent, the only sound, that of her breathing.

“Admit it and I’ll go.”

Still she was silent, I waited, but she said nothing.

“Mum I need some honesty from you, I’m not going to take advantage of you now, but you need to accept that what happened tonight is a shared responsibility, we were both there, it wasn’t just my fault.” I moved my mouth to where it just touched her ear, and whispered, “you did enjoy me kissing you didn’t you Mum?”

Still there was silence.

“Didn’t you Mum?”

There was another short silence, and then in a whisper came the word that I wanted to hear.


“Good, now at least we can accept that it wasn’t something that was wrong.”

“But it was wrong, I’m your mother, we shouldn’t be doing that, and you shouldn’t have touched my breasts as you did.”

I ignored the point about her breasts, as that probably was taking advantage of her, and I couldn’t win an argument on that front anyway. But my thought is that when you’re confronted by temptation, the best way to make it go away, is to give into it and the temptation will go away, and so that’s what I’d done.

“Mum, we did kiss, and we both enjoyed it, so let’s accept what happened. It can’t be wrong when two people who love each other as much as we do, show each other affection, it just can’t be wrong.”

She didn’t answer me.

“You do love me as much as I love you, don’t you Mum?”

There was of course only one answer that she could give. “Yes, of course I love you, but it shouldn’t be in that way though, it just cannot be that way, ever.”

“Alright, but are we ok now mum?”

After another long awkward silence, she gave a sigh of resignation, “ok, yes of course, but that can’t happen again.”

I slipped my hand under the blankets and found hers curled up between her breasts, her fingers grasped mine eagerly, probably so that she was able to control what I could and couldn’t touch.

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“Are you sure that we’re ok now mum?”

She nodded, and then realising that in the dark I may not be able to see, softly said, “yes, yes we are.” She seemed slightly happier now.

“Good, then can I get a goodnight kiss before I go?”

“Get out,” she sighed, shaking her head, “you just don’t give up do you?”

Slowly, I moved my mouth down to where I thought hers was, and with my chin, moved her face around so that eventually I found what I was seeking. Her lips were still as soft and warm as I remembered them. I persisted, and she began to respond. Her tongue was the one to break through those lips, and in only a few short seconds, we were back, almost as we’d been downstairs.

Soon she was moaning that soft, soft sound, and she was now the one pushing her face against mine. Somehow one of the fingers being held in her hand found its way to freedom, and wrapped itself around a very hard, erect nipple, which responded to the pressure applied to it.

Then I felt her hands pushing me away, “please stop, you said you wouldn’t take advantage of me if I was honest with you, please keep your word, don’t make me regret my honesty.”

Before I could reply, I became aware of my fathers footsteps on the stairs, he mustn’t have been as drunk, or as asleep, as I’d thought that he was.

I jumped to my feet making for the door, but was too late to get out of the room. Just as the door opened, I was only able to slip behind it hoping that he didn’t turn on the light. Mum for her part didn’t move, just lying there as if asleep. It was silly really, as I could have said that I’d just popped in to say goodnight to Mum, and nothing more would have been thought of it. But I didn’t, feeling guilty about what had happened, and the thoughts that I was having, I hid from him, and it was my guilt that made me do so.

Written By : Maverick

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