Night nurse cums calling

I had cause to stay in hospital for a few days; nothing serious but it did involve several long tests. When I arrived I was expecting to end up on a general ward but was surprised to find that there were no beds available on the ward and arrangements had been arranged to put me in the private section which meant a private room on the exclusive top floor of the hospital.

First a little about myself; I am a forty year old male; medium build for my six foot two height with a larger than average cock measuring seven and a half inches whilst flaccid and nine inches when rock hard.

Upon arriving at the hospital I was asked to go up to the private section on the top floor and report to the reception nurse. Not knowing what to expect I got in the lift and when I pressed the button for floor R a voice suddenly asked me for the patient name. I stated that I was the patient and gave them my name and then the doors closed and the lift set off. Now normally lifts in hospitals have a habit of stopping at every floor but this time it was a smooth nonstop ride to level R.

As the lift doors opened the typical grey white walls disappeared and the walls were now brightly decorated and the floor literally sparkled. I followed the corridor and turning a corner came face to face with a reception nurse sat at an imposing desk. No traditional NHS nurse uniforms here; instead the nurses wore white starched uniforms and skirts; the skirts appeared to stop mid thigh and all the nurses could easily have been extras in a porno film with their looks.

The reception nurse signed me in and handed me a pamphlet telling me what the visiting times were, included in the pack was menus for the week I was to be there and directions to my private room. I followed the directions and found my room; it almost blew my mind as I entered the room for not only was there a large screen TV on the wall facing the bed but on a cabinet near the window was a coffee machine and accoutrements for making drinks like tea or coffee.

The standard hard hospital bed was not there instead there was an air mattress bed with several settings to massage you as you lay there; not for the private sector was there hard cheap plastic chairs instead there was a two seat leather sofa. All in all opulent luxury abounded or so it seemed to me who was used to the usual NHS standards.

I sat and waited for a nurse to come and within five minutes the door opened and in stepped a five foot ten inch beauty; she introduced herself as my day nurse and told me her name was Marie; she asked me the usual questions, took my temperature and other observations before asking me to undress and get into bed. I expected her to turn to leave or at least pull screens around the bed but she did not instead she sat on the edge of the settee. I glanced in her direction and had to catch my breath for she was sat on the low settee with her legs open and showing me all the way up to her white panties.

I think she saw me looking because she smiled but did not say anything until I got to the point where I was stood only in my boxers and was about to put on the pyjama’s; when she coughed and told me that I was not allowed to wear the boxers and they had to come off. It was my turn to smile to myself when she was caught staring at my semi hard cock which at that stage must have been nearly eight inches in length.

Before I could cover up she got up and came over to me and said, “I have just on little test to carry out before you complete getting ready!” and with that she took hold of my cock and lifted it placing her other hand beneath my balls; cupping them she asked me to cough and then asked, “How long is it when it is fully hard?”

After coughing I replied, “nine inches long and three and a half fat, but I don’t use it as a rule!”

She laughed as she commented on my sense of humour and told me I may well need that before I was allowed to go home again. Nothing more happened as I completed getting ready and she showed me how to use the drinks equipment and the TV which apparently had loads of channels; the cheeky nurse even pointed out that the porno channels were on channels numbered 700 and above.

Then she was gone as I settled down wondering what I had let myself in for; I could not help but wonder why she wanted to know the size of my cock for. But before I could puzzle that out another nurse entered the room and said, “I am the dietarian nurse and I need to weigh you so we can work out the correct diet for your stay!”

I got myself out of bed and walked over to the portable scales she had brought with her; but before I managed to step on them she told me I had to lose the pyjamas. Once more I was naked with a strange female; as I stood there she bent over to adjust the scales and of course her skirt rode up flashing me a perfect glimpse of her white panties; so it seemed that they were standard uniform issue.

As I stood on the scales; first thing I noticed was the nurse had her hand on my backside; then she knelt down to check the reading her head just inches from my stirring cock; how I wanted her to turn her head towards me and suck my semi hard cock; but she did not instead she took it in her hand and asked how big does it get when hard. I felt like déjà vu all over again as I told her nine inches long when fully hard and three and a half inches thick. She smiled as she leaned her head close to mine and whispered that I must have a very happy wife or girlfriend.

She told me she could not believe it when I told her I was divorced and not seeing anyone at the moment; she then cheekily asked if I wanted her as a girlfriend. I smiled as I said tongue in cheek, “Well before I decided that I would have to see her naked like she had seen me!”

“You never know your luck, but I just can’t right now!” she moaned.

“Typical you nurses always seem to tease and never deliver!” I joked.

She never responded to my point verbally but slowly and confidently she allowed her hand to travel the length of my stomach until it was touching the base of my cock and then sliding her thumb and forefinger into a ring around it she applied a little pressure as she continued down now as if pushing the blood into my already semi hard cock. Her fingers stopped just under the head of my cock and she looked me full in the eyes and said, “Shame, I am not on the night shift this week!”

That was all she said as she suddenly disappeared out the door and I was left speechless and naked with a tingling need for sex emanating from my cock head. I had no alternative but to try to forget it and put my pyjamas back on; although it looked a little awkward with my prick threatening to pop out the fly at every step.

I decided to check out the TV and settled down to watch a war film trying to put all the teasing behind me; when in walked a tall leggy coloured nurse; she introduced herself as Trixie and told me she was in charge of infection control. She asked if I had been swabbed and disinfected; she smiled when I said no and told me to follow her. She led me to an on suite bathroom and without even looking she told me to undress. Here we go again I thought as my Pyjamas were of more often than a bride’s nightie on her wedding night. Trixie was half filling the bath when she as I undressed and in leaning over the white panties were a stark contrast to her brown skin. I was naked by the time she actually turned round and she let a little wolf whistle escape her lips as she said, “Boy, you got more to piss with than most white men have to walk on!”

Taking as a compliment I simply thanked her and waited her next instruction; she produced the swabs and first one she probed my nose with; second one was brushed around my mouth, third on was in my groin area, a fourth was gently inserted into my anal ring and the last one was very carefully inserted into the pee hole of my cock.

After they were all safely stored away; she told me to get in the bath but to remain standing; then she proceeded to wash me with this antiseptic smelling pink lotion before washing it off; taking great care and attention of my cock.

Then handing me a large fluffy towel she told me to dry myself; As I did so I finally took a long look at this nurse who had been the most intimate with my body; she was five four tall; with afro hair on a medium frame but her tits looked out of this world; her tight starched white uniform top struggled to hold the monsters together and her nipples threatened to tear holes in the material as they pressed like bullets against the top.

She must have caught me staring because she ran her hands over her tits in a most un-nurse like manner and said, “If you are interested they are 44EEE and my nipples are so sensitive that I can easily orgasm form just pinching them!” After I handed back the towel I felt rather silly for I was still stood calf deep in the water of the bath when Nurse Trixie came over and leaning over right in front of me she pulled the plug and as she went to stand up I swear she deliberately brushed my cock with the side of her face.

After that she told me to put my pyjamas back on and return to my room and was gone.

Now my raging hard on threatened to engulf my mind as I thought seriously about having a wank before returning to my room but suddenly the door swung open again and Trixie popped her head inside and wistfully said, “I would not play with that if I was you!” pointing straight at my swinging cock.

Reluctantly I put on my pyjamas and returned to my room and wouldn’t you just know it even the film I was watching had ended so I missed out there too.

The rest of the afternoon I was alone until around 5.30 pm when in walked a sweet young thing; she could not have been older than eighteen in a pink uniform; she told me she was Janet and she would be looking after my needs for the week. I almost did a double take and wanted so much to say I have the need for my cock to be sucked at least right now but I knew it would be so wrong to do so.

Janet then brought me in my evening meal and made sure my drink requisites were topped up before giving me a wink as she told me she would be back in an hour to collect my things and she was going to bring me a chocolate around 9.30pm for my night cap.

The meal was not like any hospital food I had ever tasted; it was good enough to have been served in one of the finest restaurants anywhere in London. I found myself craving the return of Janet if only briefly for some company and another chance to see her angelic face and beautiful body. At around 9.30pm she entered the hospital room and came over to check if I was asleep; I must confess from sheer boredom I had dozed and was about to open my eyes when something told me not to; you know when your subconscious tells you to let things run and see where they head; well right now was one of those times.

Seeing me asleep; Janet carefully placed my drink on the bedside cabinet and then slipped her hand beneath the bed sheets; the first contact was high on my thigh and soon she was caressing my rapidly hardening cock; which she had thoughtfully exposed out of the pyjama fly. Being a little bolder or more curious I suppose she moved the sheets back exposing my cock to her gaze.

I was just about to open my eyes and grab her when she did the most exquisite of things; she lowered her head and literally nibbled my cock head like a butterfly nibbles cabbages; the light sensitive touches sent me mind into turmoil; should I declare I am awake and stop her or carry on pretending to be asleep and see where she goes.

Quickly I thought it was a no brainer for having gone this far thinking I was asleep how much further would she go. I heard her gently panting and stifling low moans and sneaked a peak in her direction; she had her hand on my cock, her lips tenderly caressing my cock head and I saw her other hand buried inside her panties as she was obviously fingering herself like mad.

She seemed to be getting rather worked up; and her hand seemed to be getting faster as it moved beneath her short pink skirt; when suddenly she went stiff and her mouth opened and she swallowed nearly the whole length of my cock; at the self same moment she shuddered her way through what was obviously an orgasm; before carefully replacing my cock with much difficulty I may add; then covering me up; she regained her composure before waking me gently to have my drink.

As she was leaving she turned and smiled as she said, “Sweet dreams Mr Francis, and I know you will be in mine!”

I thought long and hard about what had happened and my only regret was that she had cum before I had as my balls ached and I was hornier now more than ever. I drank my chocolate and settled down to try to sleep when the door opened once more and in stepped Trixie and along with Trixie was another young nurse. I assumed this was the night hand over and the young nurse was merely checking me out as the other nurse (Trixie) explained my case notes to her.

However the conversation between the two of them was anything but routine, as I heard Trixie saying, “You won’t believe me but I am telling you this white guy has a black man’s cock, no I don’t mean its black in colour but it is the size you normally expect to find on a coloured guy!”

The other nurse simply said, “I don’t believe you; no white man has a cock like that!”

“See for yourself sweetie!” Trixie declared.

“Mr Francis, We need to check your temperature, but we need an accurate reading would you mind if we took an anal reading?” Trixie asked.

I faked being semi awake and mumbled if you must; whereas the two nurses uncovered my lower half and asked me to undo my pyjama bottoms; I replied, “look I am getting a little fed up of taking them off and putting them back on so if you want them down, you do it!”

Trixie then leaned over almost hiding my cock from the view of the other nurse and for me it meant that my cock was actually touching her large tits; even if they were still covered by the uniform. Slowly my bottoms were pulled down to my ankles and then Trixie rolled me over towards her colleague and all I heard was a gasp, Then the new nurse took hold of my cock and as she gently stroked it she said, “I apologise, Trixie, you are right this is the dimensions of a nigger cock and I must have it!”

Trixie looked at me and asked, “Would you like something to help you sleep?” I figured she was not offering me a sleeping tablet so I said ok.

Quickly Trixie returned to the door and bolted it before slowly returning to the bed; as she did so she unzipped her top and her large tits seemed to tumble out to their new found freedom. I did a double take and then looked towards the new nurse to see her reaction but she too had her top open and her smaller tits on display (I would say hers were a 36 B) however her hands were not idle either as she stroked my cock with her right hand as she tried to lose her panties with her left.

Trixie moved around the bed and quickly pulled the nurses panties down where the nurse stepped from them and climbed up on the bed straddling me as she did so; I barely had time to get comfortable before I felt her hot wet cunt on the tip of my cock and she simply slid down till my balls were trapped against her arse. As she began riding my cock, Trixie came around her side and held up one of her 44EE tits and said, “Come on Beth, you promised me if you had fun you would suck these for me”

Without missing a stroke Beth latched her mouth on to Trixie’s large erect nipple and began suckling as if her life depended on it and Trixie’s hand became a blur as she clearly fingered her own cunt. I had recovered sufficiently to slide my hand between Trixie’s legs and began thrusting three fingers into her chocolate coloured honey box. Soon the room was full of mixed panting as Beth neared her climax on my cock and Trixie rode harder and harder on to my hand and me I tried to think of everything except sexy thoughts to avoid blasting off too soon.

Beth Came first closely followed by me as I unleashed what seemed like a torrent of thick white spunk up her cunt causing her to fly over her peak again and finally in the space of seconds Trixie came with loud plopping sounds coming from her soaking wet cunt.

As we calmed down Beth declared that was the first time ever she had experienced a double orgasm and particularly one triggered by my hot semen hitting her cervix. Trixie helped a shaking Beth to dismount me but as soon as she could Beth had my spunk streaked cock in her mouth while Trixie sucked hard on her cunt and delighted in showing Beth and me her mouth full of my spunk and Beth’s cunt juice mixture.

Wow did I sleep well that night and that was my first night in the hospital surrounded by caring angels or should that be horny devils.

Next morning I lay awake waiting for Janet to arrive with my breakfast; but in walked a trainee with my tray; placed it on the table and turned round to leave without so much as a single word; “Excuse me!” I said.

She turned to almost stare at me, “Can I ask where Janet is?” I enquired.

“She starts work at 11 am; I am just finishing my night shift!” She almost snapped.

“I can accept you must be tired but if you don’t mind me saying; you should not take it out on the patients you are here to assist!” I stated.

“Oh it’s not that I am tired; it is just what I have heard during the night!” She responded.

“Oh ok but what have you heard?” I asked.

“Let’s put it this way?” She continued, “I do not appreciate working hard all night while other nurses have fun and games; when they should have been working!” She declared.

Realising to what she was referring, I simply said, “Sounds like a touch of jealousy or sour grapes that you were not involved too!”

The nurse never responded but seemed to storm out of the room banging the door as she did so. Two minutes later the ward sister came into my room and asked what had been said between me and the nurse that had just left. I simply told her that I had asked where Janet was and the nurse seemed to have an attitude about working the night shift; however I stated clearly that I had no intention of making any form of complaint as I accept that sometimes nightshifts can be stressful.

By :Niteowluk2003.

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