Night nurse cums calling

I had cause to stay in hospital for a few days; nothing serious but it did involve several long tests. When I arrived I was expecting to end up on a general ward but was surprised to find that there were no beds available on the ward and arrangements had been arranged to put me in the private section which meant a private room on the exclusive top floor of the hospital.

First a little about myself; I am a forty year old male; medium build for my six foot two height with a larger than average cock measuring seven and a half inches whilst flaccid and nine inches when rock hard.

Upon arriving at the hospital I was asked to go up to the private section on the top floor and report to the reception nurse. Not knowing what to expect I got in the lift and when I pressed the button for floor R a voice suddenly asked me for the patient name. I stated that I was the patient and gave them my name and then the doors closed and the lift set off. Now normally lifts in hospitals have a habit of stopping at every floor but this time it was a smooth nonstop ride to level R.

As the lift doors opened the typical grey white walls disappeared and the walls were now brightly decorated and the floor literally sparkled. I followed the corridor and turning a corner came face to face with a reception nurse sat at an imposing desk. No traditional NHS nurse uniforms here; instead the nurses wore white starched uniforms and skirts; the skirts appeared to stop mid thigh and all the nurses could easily have been extras in a porno film with their looks.

The reception nurse signed me in and handed me a pamphlet telling me what the visiting times were, included in the pack was menus for the week I was to be there and directions to my private room. I followed the directions and found my room; it almost blew my mind as I entered the room for not only was there a large screen TV on the wall facing the bed but on a cabinet near the window was a coffee machine and accoutrements for making drinks like tea or coffee.

The standard hard hospital bed was not there instead there was an air mattress bed with several settings to massage you as you lay there; not for the private sector was there hard cheap plastic chairs instead there was a two seat leather sofa. All in all opulent luxury abounded or so it seemed to me who was used to the usual NHS standards.

I sat and waited for a nurse to come and within five minutes the door opened and in stepped a five foot ten inch beauty; she introduced herself as my day nurse and told me her name was Marie; she asked me the usual questions, took my temperature and other observations before asking me to undress and get into bed. I expected her to turn to leave or at least pull screens around the bed but she did not instead she sat on the edge of the settee. I glanced in her direction and had to catch my breath for she was sat on the low settee with her legs open and showing me all the way up to her white panties.

I think she saw me looking because she smiled but did not say anything until I got to the point where I was stood only in my boxers and was about to put on the pyjama’s; when she coughed and told me that I was not allowed to wear the boxers and they had to come off. It was my turn to smile to myself when she was caught staring at my semi hard cock which at that stage must have been nearly eight inches in length.

Before I could cover up she got up and came over to me and said, “I have just on little test to carry out before you complete getting ready!” and with that she took hold of my cock and lifted it placing her other hand beneath my balls; cupping them she asked me to cough and then asked, “How long is it when it is fully hard?”

By :Niteowluk2003.

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