Night Bay Patrol

Dale guided the sailboat into the bay. It was past midnight and the lights from town shimmered off the water as they slid silently along. His girlfriend, Jen, was snuggled comfortably into the bunk below decks. Only a few miles left and he could drop anchor and join her. God, he was tired! It had been a long day and they had put in many miles, but they would soon be home.

The sole movement on the water was the twinkling lights from another boat headed out off to the left a mile or so away. “Probably someone headed out early for fishing” he thought to himself. He watched for a moment as the lights skimmed along just above the surface, and cursed when they suddenly extinguished.

Even with just the light of the moon and the reflections from the city, he could see the outline of the patrol boat as it turned and headed across the bay towards him. The growl of the engines slowly increased as the darkened boat approached. “Fucking Coast Guard,” he cursed through his teeth. “Why do they always have to fuck with you when you’re so close?” At that moment, the boats lights came back on along with a bright spot that glared in Dale’s eyes, effectively blinding him.

“US Coast Guard, prepare to be boarded” blared a harsh female voice through the loud bull horn. Dale eased the tiller and the sails slackened. The boat coasted to a stop a few minutes later, just as the patrol boat slipped alongside.

The blinding spot, glaring at Dale was joined by another from the rear of the patrol boat as it bumped into the sailboat. “Secure us alongside” Dale heard the female voice call and two young men in uniforms, with side arms, jumped aboard the sailboat and began to lash the two boats together. Dale could just make out two additional crewman with rifles pointed at his boat next to the spotlights.

A tall woman stepped on to the sail boat. Dale could just make out the lines of her face and estimated she was probably somewhere around 30 years old. She was what many would consider attractive, tall and slender with nice curves, a tight ass, if the way her uniform fit was any indication and a pleasingly large set of tits.

“Well, what have we here, someone trying to sneak in late? Carrying something you shouldn’t?” she queried Dale. Then, without waiting for a reply, she ordered “Check below for others and contraband” and the two sailors ducked through the hatch below decks.

A few minutes later after some scuffling and surprised shouts from below the two emerged from the hatch with a confused, bewildered and nearly naked Jen. They shoved her over to stand shivering beside her much taller companion. Dale stood well over 6 feet and towered taller than anyone on the boat. Jen looked small beside him. Slender and petite with small firm breasts and shapely legs Jen had slipped below to get some rest and stood before them in a pair of brief pink panties and one of Dale’s tank tops. Though 21, her diminutive size and youthful appearance might lead some to believe she was no more than 14. Her nipples grew taught with the cool night air and pushed out against the thin fabric of the tank top. The sailors looked on, lust forming in their eyes.

“Oh, well, smuggling in a minor, are we?” the woman asked Dale. Jen responded for him. “I’m no minor, I’m 21, and you have no right to kidnap us like this” she admonished, glaring at the older woman. “On the contrary,” replied the woman, “you’re on the bay in US waters. I have every right, to stop and search all vessels entering these waters for safety violations and contraband. In fact it’s my duty to do a thorough search” she advised Jen. “Strip search ‘em” she ordered the crew. Jen’s eyes grew wide with fear as the crew members moved forward. Dale pushed in front of Jen and blocked their advance. They drew their side-arms and leveled them with Dale’s chest. “You heard Chief Sloan, buddy” yelled the one on the right his finger dancing just off the trigger. He was average height with a stocky build and a glare in his dark eyes. The ribbon sewn above his uniform pocket read MARKS. “Now off with your clothes, like the chief said” barked the other. He was shorter and slender, but obviously muscular and fit, by the lay of his clothing. With blonde hair and blue eyes, he was actually quite handsome, and Jen could feel herself responding to his vivid blue gaze despite their predicament. The tape above his shirt pocket read SAMUELS.

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