Never Neglect Your Wife

My business has been occupying more and more of my time
recently and my wife, Helena, felt I was neglecting her. She was
right but somehow I was too tired by the time I got home to do
anything about it.

She’s always had men flocking round her like bees after
honey. One evening when I got home at midnight and Rocky-tired, she
informed me that as I was always too tired to make love to her
properly, she felt free to look elsewhere for satisfaction. She
then went on to tell me that she had met a man and though she had
not yet slept with him, she fully intended to do so.

Needless to say, I begged her to give me another chance
but it made no difference and she telephoned him and made a date.
She arranged to meet ‘Keith’ at a luxury hotel where he’d booked a
suite then informed me that I was to take her there and stay till
she was sure it was safe.

She’s always been strong-minded and once again she got
her own way. She looked the picture of desirability when she came
down the stairs. She was wearing black seamed stockings and her
highest pair of heels. Her dress looked as if she had been sewn
into it and really showed off her fabulous figure.

Once more I begged her not to do it but she ignored me.
She looked excited and told me to bring the car round.

He was older than us, very handsome and charming and I
saw that my wife really fancied him. She openly flirted with him
as we had a drink at the bar. After a very few words of greeting,
when we’d first met him, they completely ignored me.

We went upstairs and in the lift she cuddled up against
him. I was trembling with jealousy but meekly kept quiet and
watched Helena rubbing herself against him like a bitch in heat.

Once inside the room, my wife, still openly ignoring my
presence, was all over him and he undid the zip of her dress which
slipped down around her ankles, soon to be followed by her sexy
underwear. Naked, save for her hold up stockings and high heels,
which made her look like a call-girl, she offered herself to him.

He sucked and nibbled on her firm breasts, leaving them
covered with love bites and with the nipples looking so swollen
that they seemed as if they were going to explode. Her head was
thrown back and I could clearly hear her breath hissing through
her clenched teeth as she clung to him while he feasted on her

I didn’t know what to do. Part of me wanted to leap on
him and beat him up while another part was too scared to do any-
thing in case my wife really decided that she’d had enough of me
and left me, so I sidled into a corner and sat down, nursing my
aching hard-on and bruised ego, yet never taking my eyes off them.

I heard him order her, rather curtly, to undress him and
meekly she did, which rather surprised me as she is such a strong-
headed person and I’d never managed to get her to do anything she
didn’t want to do. My wife, who had always been so dominant with
me, was acting like a lovesick slave doing what he wanted and
seeming to enjoy doing it.

She pulled down his boxer shorts and I nearly choked when
I saw the size of his erection. It curved up from his groin like
a banana, at least ten inches long but probably that was the shaft
only. The knob was the size of a large plum. She was gazing at it
with eyes like saucers while drooling as she whipped her tongue
from one side of her mouth to the other.

Again, he gave her an order and she jumped to obey, walking
to the bed where she lay down, spreading her legs wide and holding
her pussy lips open with her fingertips as he moved towards her. I
was shocked by her lewd behavior. The way she was offering herself
to him was almost obscene. I was tortured by jealousy to see her
acting like a slut with a man she hardly knew.

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