Never Have I Ever!!!

Here I was again, another Saturday night at home, alone. Drat. How did I always manage this? I just never got around to planning nights out, also, I didn’t know anybody on campus, or at least, no one well enough to go out on the weekends. They always said that college would be the best time of my life, but it was turning out that way.

I left my room and walked towards the shared restroom of the hall. Just as I was heading back to my room I overheard some laughter, and a woman’s voice mention a party that was going on at one of the Frat houses tonight. A different voice interjected, saying that it would be a whole lot of fun. I went back to my room and thought for a second. Should I go to the party? I didn’t know anyone at the particular frat house, but that might not matter. There would probably be several people who were not close to the house. I decided that I would go: I quickly threw on a green polo shirt and a pair of nice denim jeans.

When I arrived at the Frat house it was jam packed with music booming. I entered through the maze of people and managed to grab myself a beer from the fridge before heading out to the patio to get away from the blaring music.

I sat on the low wall of the patio, away from a large group that had assembled around a table. I was minding my own business, when a woman’s voice exclaimed, “Hey, would you like to join us? We are just playing some games.” I looked in the direction of the voice, and a beautiful, long-haired brunette in a blue top smiled at me from her seat. I noticed the usual frowns and expressions of discontent around the table, mostly from the men and didn’t get my hopes up, but then I saw her give a stern look around the table before she looked back at me and smiled. I smiled back, and walked over and took a set between her and a pretty blonde on the bench.

I introduced myself to everyone around the table and partook in the small talk. I learned that the brunette’s name was Ruby and the blonde was Bridgette, but everyone called her Bri.

Ruby’s long brown hair was hanging down her back, with a few strands settling in front around her chest. And what a chest! I tried not to stare, but the blue top she was wearing was quite low cut and put her large breasts on pleasant display. I was no expert, but I estimated that her grapefruit sized breasts to be a nice pair of D cups. On my left, Bri had her blonde hair in a pony tail and was wearing a nice white blouse, with jeans below.

I was awoken from my reverie by a laugh from Ruby. She smiled at me. “So Dave, have you played Never Have I Ever before?”, Ruby inquired.

“A few times”, I replied.

I had a distaste for the game, as it was based around sex about 98% of the time, and being relatively inexperienced, I was forced to divulge information that I would rather have not.

The game began. I managed to finish my beer early on, but found that I was soon provided with a pint glass, which was refilled regularly. I soon found myself feeling quite tipsy, although I found myself to be in good company. The girls seemed to be getting more and more giggly as the night went on.

Ruby’s turn came around. She thought for a second. “Hmmmm………never have I ever pleasured a man in public.”

The table arose in oooohs and exclamations of disbelief. She smiled and looked all around, and I thought I saw a quick wink and flirty smile at me.

It was now my turn. “Ummmmm…….never have I ever groped or felt up a woman I was not in a relationship with”, I said, immediately regretting my choice. The other guys at the table started whooping and laughing at my expense. I looked away, in Ruby’s direction, but found that she was not laughing, but that she looked me in the eye, a warm smile on her lips.

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