Never Been There Before

In my earlier years when I was some what innocent to sex I had the best encounter ever. It all stared when I we moved to a new neighborhood. I must of been seventeen or so. After making my rounds with the easy girls in the neighborhood, I developed a bit of a reputation. I was the new guy with a huge dick and I knew how to use it. Around the same time we moved in a couple moved in next door. I never seen them, but, Moms and Pops went over and introduced them selves to them. I heard them discussing how sweet the lady was. Pops said, how he hoped I would grow up and be responsible like the young man. Leave it to Pops to find away to bring me down.

It was a warm and sunny day and I decided to to my work out in the back yard. From the moment I walked out sided I felt like someone was watching me. I looked around to justify I was alone. In about twenty minutes I was sweating pretty good as I did squats. I took my tank top off as I positioned my self to do bench press. My carmel skin glistened in the sun light as I did my reps.

I took a breather when I heard this sweet voice say, excuse me. I looked around, but, no one was there. The lovely voice sang out again. Excuse me, I’m here. I located the nice voice coming from the new neighbors yard. I walked over to the sound and said, yes. Could you come over and help me lift a few things, she asked. My husband isn’t home and I’m not able to lift the big boxes, she explained. Sure, I told her, just let me put on a clean shirt and I will be right over. Of course my mind wonder if her face and body matched that heavenly voice. Boy….was I surprised.

I rang the door bell and heard the sweet voice say, come on in. I rounded the corner to see the prettiest brunette I have ever seen. Long flowing hair, lovely green eyes, very perky full breast and….hold up. Her tummy is big….awwww man, she’s pregnant. My name is Josh, I told her. Hi, my name is Candy. You have nice parents. Damm….she beautiful, but, she’s pregnant. I kept smiling even thou I was a bit disappointed. She pranced around in some shorts the were made out of that flex material. A over size tank top which showed off her ripe melons. When she turned to lead me to the boxes, I got a good look at her nice ass and sexy legs. Although she’s pregnant this women is hot. My good, she bent over…….mmmmmmm, nice bend over for a pregnant woman. Look at that kat, I couldn’t keep my eyes out of her tail. These are the heavy boxes I need your help with, she told me. Where would you like them, trying not to stare at her shapely breast? Down at the bottom of the stairs as she opened the door to the basement. Any where down there will be fine, she instructed me.

It took a while, but, that’s the last one as I looked around the basement, neat and clean, I went back up the stairs. Thinking how I wanted to get one last look at Candy hot pregnant body. I entered the kitchen and she was not there. I walked around to the dinning room, no Candy. I called out to her, no response. I heard a sound at the top of the stairs, I wondered if I should check it out. But, I wasn’t invited up there, well, here goes.

As quite as I could, I crept up the stairs. The sounds became louder and started to sound like moans. I reached the top of the stairs. I looked back to make sure she wasn’t behind me. Peaking around the corner I located the sound coming from the master bed room. Easing along the wall I made it to the room with out being detected. I looked around the corner to see…DAMMMM.

There she was……bare ass naked, legs spread, rubbing her swollen clit. Pussy wet and glistening as she coated her fingers with her warm wet nectar. I watched and became very excited as she licked her fingers clean. Moaning mmmmmm as the taste delighted her mouth. Her body quivered as she stroked and fingered her clit. This was the most erotic thing I ever seen. I’ve heard that women did this, but, I never thought I would be witnessing it. Candy looked so horny pleasing her self and her moaning was sweet music to my cock. Which was trying to bust out of my strained pants.

Her pussy is much fatter and way juicier than the girls I’d mess with. Pregnant and sexy, something I didn’t think I would ever put together. I realized that I never been there before……I’ve never put my cock in pregnant pussy before. Man….. I wanted to fuck that phat pussy. The more she stroked, caressed and played with that phat pussy. The more excited and hornier I became, I was so hard. I had to unzip my pants or I was going to hurt my self. Zip… bang….stumble….ouch, slipped out.

Everything went silent as the only thought I had was to get my dick off this zipper. The pain was all I thought about, ooooooh, now that feels better. When I realized I was supposed to be silent. Is it all better now, I heard Candy say. My heart went in my throat and my mine went blank. Aaaaaah, let me see, she offered. There she was, reaching for my penis as her love juice ran down her inner thigh. Her hand was soothing and the pain went away, she stroked it a few more times. I was throbbing like crazy while she lead me by my cock to the bed. This is nice and hard , she commented. It’s even bigger then it looks as I spied on you through the fence. Don’t look so surprised, she told me. I was so aroused…..I shot my wad all over her face, breast and belly. Gobs and gobs shot all over her, I didn’t think it would ever stop. Candy kept pumping and my cock kept splashing. Finally, my cock stopped spurting, my, my what a load you had built up, she commented. Candy massage my cumm into her skin. Sperm is good for stretch marks, she told me. I was still stunned at what just happened as I watched her massage my sperm onto her tities.

Loosen up, She commanded. I finally exhaled and put my hand on her breast. So soft and tender as her nipple responded to my touch. Her moan was angelic while I caressed and stroked her nipple. Just as I was being sooth by her moans. She stopped to put my penis in her mouth. Now the girls that I fuck called them sleeves’ sucking my cock, but, Candy gave me head. Her mouth and tongue was the best feeling I ever had. The way she used her tongue and the suction. No little girl I fucked had ever did that. My dick throbbed in her mouth as I played with her nipples. Both of us became fully aroused and ready to fuck.

I broke the lip lock she had on my prick, pushing her back on the bed. Now….be careful with me and don’t fully lay on my belly, she warned me. I had to take a deep breath to slow my self down. Then I eased my cock head up to her wet pussy lips. Sliding the head of my cock along the length of them. To coat the head of my cock in her wetness. Making it easier to push my cock into her hungry pussy. Gently I parted her pussy lips and sank into her hot coochie. I could only get half way in, being mindful of her stomach. Deeper she hissed, put that thing all the way in me, she begged. Lifting her legs up as if she was placing them in stirrups.

My cock had never experience any thing so moist, tight and hot as my nut sack tightened ready to explode. That’s it…..that’s it fill my cunt with all of that big dick of yours. You feel so good and your bigger than my husband, she told me. That made my cock throb listening to those erotic words. Your pussy is the best I’ve had, I told her. Silly pregnant pussy is always better than regular pussy. Don’t you know?? I know now,I told her. Feeling my cock grow in her, throb in her, I almost came again.

With my hard cock in this juicy pussy, I had to figure out a way to fuck it with out hurting the baby. Her coochie quivered all on my dick as I lifted one leg. Turning her to lay on her side, I placed her leg on my shoulder. Ableing me to push my cock all the way in with out hurting her tummy. I pulled almost all my penis out of her. Her pussy clamped down on the head of my dick. Almost milking my nuts again, easing my staff back in her I was all the way in. She shook, quivered and came all over my dick. Aaaaaaah…….your dick is magnificent…….mmmmmm it feels soooooooo goooooood. That’s it…….fuck me good and slow. Yeeeesssssssss……..pump my hot, wet, hungry pussy. Mmmmmmmm…..this pussy hasn’t had any dick in it in over seven months, she said throatily. I just pumped my cock in and out….in and out……in and out. Savoring her tender, sweet pussy.

Oh….yesssssss, she would yell. When my dick was fully in her delicious pussy. Give it to me, she would demand as I pulled my dick out. But, I just kept on giving it to her slow and easy. Inching my cock in and out of her dripping pussy. Your driving me wild, Candy said. Ooo…….I’ve never been fucked this slow and good, she offered. I was so close to cumming, I had to get my mind off of cumming.

So…..why haven’t you been fucked in seven months, I asked her? What……what, she had to clear her mind. Umm….ummm, she tried to focus, as I pumped her hot hole nice and slow. Ever since I got pregnant my husband hasn’t touched me. I’m not sure if he’s in shock or what. Oooooooooo……..but, this is making up for it. Your penis is so……..good and hard, she told me. You like this dick, do you, I teased. Yesssssssssssss, she responded. Now, fuck my cunt, she ordered. Candy was besides her self with lust as I eased my cock out of her soaked pussy. I paused for a good minute, letting my dick cool off. Allowing the excitement to build as she tossed her head from side to side. Then I slowly pushed my prick back in. The heat, her quivering pussy and her silky love juice was driving me crazy with pleasure. I wanted to slam her cunt sooooooo bad, but, as I watch what this slow fuck did to her. I reframed from pounding her twat like a mad man in lust.

This went on for some time, even thou she begged me to pound her pussy. Candy was getting off on the slow, wet, hot fuck she was receiving. Concentrating on how not to cumm in her in her warm pussy, I totally forgot about letting my hands explore her body. Placing my hand on her very soft tender breast, I teased her erect nipple. The response was immediate, her pussy grabbed hold of my dick and splashed it with hot cumm. Her moans intensified and her nipple dripped milk onto my caressing finger. I’m cummmmming…….I’m cummmmmming…. I nev-er….nev-er came like this……this before, your sooooooo dammmmmmm gooooood, Candy explained.

Even thou the passion and excitement ran extremely high, still, I fucked her slow. In and out………in and out at a very slow pace. My cock throbbed, poised, ready to explode. Trembling became jointly, when her pussy clutched around my prick, I throbbed in her steamy twat. The moans moved me in a way no young girl has. But, still I gave it to her nice and slow, fighting every fiber of my being. Not to pook her baby in the head, I must of already done that. Cause when I ran my hand from her nice nipple over the belly to her hot coochie. The baby kicked, sweet justice’s I guess, although, it’s mother loved every minute of it.

I played in the soft hair’s that enhanced my experience of steamy pregnant pussy. She was very hairy and very wet as she let me ease in and out of her. I could tell her clit needed to be touched as her anticipation heighten her arousal. I bet as soon as I stroke her love button, Candy will cumm all over my dick once again. Mmmmm…..the thought of her hot cumm splashing all over my hard meat. Brought me closer to the edge…… dammmmm this pussy is good, I said aloud. Yessssss………….talk to me. Tell me that this pussy is gooooooood to yeah, cause that dick is gooood to me, Candy urged.

Candy, this is the best pussy I’ve ever put my dick in. I could fuck this pussy all day, I confessed. I-I know you could…..bu-t bu-t my hus-band my-my husband will be home soon. I don’t know if was the way she said it. Or the fact she mentioned her husband while I had my dick in his pussy, but the words turned me on. His pussy felt so dammmm good, he just didn’t know what he was missing. I couldn’t complete my thought when the front door opened. Candy I’m home. I wanted to stop, but, my hips kept on pumping.

It was all so surreal, a dream that I was living. Candy’s pussy clamped down on my rock hard cock. Holding me in her as I heard her husband coming up the stairs. Get out of here, my voice yelled in my head, but, I couldn’t move. Well, parts of me couldn’t move as I still pumped Candy’s pussy. I guess she was to far gone to care, I know she heard the same thing I heard. Not once did she try to pull away or cover her self. She just laid there letting me fuck her good pussy and enjoying it like nothing was wrong.

Candy baby what’s that smell as he hit the top of the stairs? Honey are you alright as he heard the moans. Holly Crap………What the Hell is going on in here? I heard him yell, even thou I heard it in slow motion. Your fucking my pregnant wife… little Shit. He’s fucking me well. You never touch me any more. And you know what……his dick is better than yours, Candy yelled. Don’t you dare stop FUCKING ME, she hissed. Her husband fell back against the wall and just watched me fuck his wife. For some reason I chose that moment to stroke her clit. Shit …yessss……ooh…..shit that is good. I made little circles with my thumb as I thumbed her swollen clit. With in moments, Candy was yelling I’m cumming again…….dammmm…..I’m cummming again. You hear me Harold……….I’m CUMMMMMING………..and it’s the third time. This young man knows how to fuck me, she told him.

I couldn’t even look over at Harold as his wife splashed my dick with her hot, wet cumm. Candy was loving it and she wanted more, I watched the love juice run from her twat, across her butt cheek down her thigh on to the sheet. Man……. was she soaked. More…more……fuck me some more as her twat clinched and released my penis.

There I was with my long, hard cock shoved in the best pussy I ever had. With a sexy pregnant woman and her confused husband watching. For some reason the whole scene really turned me on as this woman begged me to fuck her. I caressed her clit while slowly pushing and pulling my prick in and out of her. When I heard Harold un zip his pants. I looked back and he was pumping his cock as he walked over to us. We never made eye contact or said a word, but, he positioned him self by his wife’s head. He grabbed her by her hair and shoved his hard dick in her moaning mouth. Candy greedily sucked it in and her erotic moaning became muffled as she polished his prick. It wasn’t long before they developed a rhythm and Harold began fondling his wife’s dripping breast.

The combination of having a cock in her mouth, her husband fondling her nipples and breast. Me easing in and out of her quivering hole as I thumbed her jumping love button. Was to much for Candy, through her muffled yell I could make out. I’mmmmmmmmmm…….. cummmmmming…… moments later her husband grunted, held her head and slammed his dick down her throat. Candy swallowed the first wave, but, gadded on the second. When she pulled her mouth away the end of the second wave gushed all over her face. What an erotic scene as Candy nutted again. Clamping down on my prick. She also lifted her hips for the first time to meet my push. I couldn’t hold back any longer, I erupted as my body went numb. My man juice rushed out of me into her as her sucking pussy milked my nut sack. The sperm filled her pussy and ran out the sides as I throbbed. It seemed like for ever that my cumm was lasting. Her pussy massaged every drop from spending prick.

As my dick softened and fell from her wetness her husband began to sob. I’m sorry, candy, I’m so desperately sorry for not meeting your needs. I eased back out the way and grabbed my clothes. He pulled his wife up and onto her knee’s. her ass was in the air. I got my last look at Candy’s phat cat while creeping to the door. I paused to watch harold sink his dick in in wife’s well fuck, cumm filled pussy. I for give you Harold you and your dick feels good sliding into my cunt, she told him. Her moans and his grunts were the last things I heard going out the door.

I see Candy and Harold from time to time. They smile and we chat, but, never speak of that after noon. Candy had the baby it was a boy. Now that Candy is back to her old self she’s hotter than ever. She smiles, but, I don’t think I will ever get a chance to put my penis in that pussy again. Most morning and evening I hear her husband whareing that coochie out

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