Network consulting turns wild in an office of women

As a network consultant, a lot of smaller businesses hire me to come install their network and then maintain the systems. The initial installation is always the hardest because I need pull all the wires. If it’s just a simple office area I’ll do it myself, running the wires over all the drop ceilings and fishing them through the walls. Usually a couple days is all it takes. Bigger jobs will usually require me to hire one of a couple other firms I know to pull the wires.

This job was a pretty small one. Half a dozen offices behind a dress boutique with office computers and a few small servers. The lady in charge, a Ms. Dempsy, seemed nice enough, not at all hard on the eyes, and her secretary was even hotter, tall slim, great facial features, and oh yes, a nice set of size B tits which were well displayed by what she wore and really great looking legs. In the three visits I had to the location so far, I hadn’t seen her in anything but a mini-skirt and low cut blouse. Come to think of it, pretty much all of the ladies I had seen in the offices were good looking and wearing very high end fashionable dresses. I figured that they were connected to the boutique and got a really good discount.

I arrived with my rolls of wire and tools to get started on a Tuesday. The initial part of the job wasn’t too hard, pull wires around the ceiling space by moving from office to office and throwing the wire through the ceiling space created by the dropped ceiling and then fish them down into the walls to boxes under the desks through holes I make. Pretty routine stuff, if not a bit warm due to effort and working up in the hot ceiling spaces.

As the day wore on it got pretty warm with half of me sticking up into the ceiling space or crawling around on the floor under the desks. I was used to it though and had worn a pair of shorts to try to stay comfortable. What I hadn’t counted on was just exactly how good the ladies in the offices looked, and I felt like I was continually hiding or readjusting my hardon. I caught a couple of the ladies checking me out and even flashing me a bit more than was necessary as I was on or coming down the ladders. As I was laying under one desk trying to fish the wire out the hole I had cut in the drywall, I looked out before sliding from under the desk, and was surprised to see a pretty good looking lady sitting in the desk chair, leaning over watching me. The way she was leaning, her tits were squeezed up on her chest until they were about to fall out of her top, and her legs were spread wide enough that I could easily see what appeared to be a red lace panty with some brown curls sticking through, and stockings, rather than pantyhose. I have to admit I did stare long enough to tell that she had a pretty large wet spot on the crotch of those panties, which of course made my dick grow hard one more time.

The day had gone pretty much that way until lunch, when I decided it was time to take a break and eat. I looked around for a bathroom, and only found one.

“Does anyone mind if I use the bathroom? It looks like there’s only a ladies room.” I asked the secretary.

“Oh sure. We only have one back here, but then we’re all ladies!” She said with a huge grin. “By the way. I’m Angie.”

“Hi Angie, I’m Mike. ” I replied as I took the hand she offered before heading back to wash up and take care of my business. I closed the door, and not finding any lock, shrugged and washed my hands. There were two stalls in addition to the sink, a rather large shower stall with a chair visible inside the clear glass cube, and a fairly large sofa, which had me a bit baffled, but then I wasn’t used to using ladies rooms. I stepped into a stall and closed the door. I was sitting down with my shorts around my ankles when I heard the door open. Not wanting to cause any problem I called out.

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