Neighbours help her give a creamy present to husband

I would like to tell you about how I recently celebrated my husband Alan’s fiftieth birthday, as it was a life changing occasion for the both of us. My name is Brigitte and I am forty eight years old. I have been married to Alan for well over 20 years now. We get on well and as the time has passed I have got to know the deep secret places where he keeps his dreams and fantasies.

Most people would say that I still have a reasonably good figure for my age, although I freely admit that my stomach is not as flat as it once was. Alan takes me for far too many meals out! I also think it helps my figure that I have never been blessed with children. My breasts are a 36 D cup, although they sag a little now compared to how they looked twenty years ago. I have larger than average nipples which when I get turned on are incredibly sensitive. This at times has caused me some embarrassment as they get very stiff and engorged when I am feeling horny, so if I start to become aroused at work or in public they tend to very noticeably stick out through my blouse. I have brown eyes and I regularly dye my hair a natural shade of blonde. Being a blonde suits me at the moment, but I am not sure how many more years I can get away with it. My hair is not too long and I have it cut and styled into the nape of my neck I trim my pussy a little to keep it neat and tidy but occasionally I will shave most of the hair off, especially if it is one of the nights that I really want to please Alan.

Both Alan and I work in good well paid professional jobs. I work three days a week as a personal assistant to a director of a local company. Alan works in the finance department of a large firm in the next town. We have a good house and a comfortable standard of living. Life is pretty good really. We live in a small village which sadly nowadays is mostly populated by faceless commuters. We are very friendly with the couple who live next door to us, although they are much younger than us — in fact they must be at least half our age. Darren and Tracy moved into the village a couple of years ago and we hit it off straight away. Darren owns his own fencing and garden supplies company and Tracy does some accounting and PR work for him on a part time basis.

Recently on one of my days off I was round at Tracy’s house sitting in her kitchen having a cup of coffee putting the world to rights and catching up on all the local gossip. We usually tend to meet up at one of homes when we have time off from work for a good natter away from our husbands. I certainly value the younger girl’s friendship. It seems that despite the gap in our ages we get on well and can talk about most things.

‘Are you doing anything special for Alan’s’ fiftieth birthday next week?’ Tracy asked me.

‘I wasn’t planning on going to a lot of trouble, I was going to cook him a nice meal then give him the pleasure of one of our ‘special evenings’ as his birthday treat.’

‘What on earth is a ‘special evening’? Tracy inquisitively asked me.

‘Oh its nothing really, it’s just something that I do for Alan now and again. I shouldn’t have really mentioned it’

‘Come on Brigitte spill the beans then, you can’t tease me like that by not telling me what Alan is going to get for his birthday. I want to know what a ‘special evening’ is. If it’s good I could try it on my Darren.’

‘No it’s nothing really’ I said a little sharply realizing that I should not have mentioned it in the first place, ‘it’s just something Alan and I do now and again. It’s really not that important and it’s sort of private.’

‘Come on you can tell me. I won’t tell anyone else. I want to know what this special private thing is that you do for Alan.’

‘I’m sure that you really don’t want to know.’ I nervously replied.

‘Please tell me. You can’t tease me like this by starting saying something and then not finishing it. Please.’ Tracy was almost pleading with me.

I knew by the tone of her voice that Tracy was inquisitive and would keep going on and on about it until I eventually had to give in and tell her what a ‘special evening’ was or she might let something slip and ask Alan himself. At this point I secretly wished that she hadn’t caught me off guard and I hadn’t mentioned anything about Alan’s special birthday present in the first place.

‘Ok, I should know you well enough by now so I will tell you. But you must promise me that you will not laugh and you must not tell anyone else.’ I said to Tracy quite sternly in an austere voice.

‘Alright Brigitte, if it’s that serious I’ll sign the official secrets act if it’s that important to you!’

‘I mean it Tracey; you must keep this to yourself. Alan would be really cross if he knew that I had been talking to you about our private things.’

Hesitantly at first I started to explain to Tracy the fantasy that Alan had developed over a long period of time about creampies. I told her that for a long while he has had fantasies about me fucking another man and getting my pussy being filled up with another person’s sticky sperm, and then being allowed to clean me up by licking it all out from deep inside of me. I went on to explain that now and again to feed this fantasy I would make up situations and role play that I had been with another man. I would do this by getting ready to go out, spending time to carefully apply my makeup and dress provocatively. Sometimes I would even tie him to our bed while I did so making him watch me get ready and asking his advice on what I should wear for my lover. When I was ready I would leave the bedroom. Sometimes I would go downstairs and enjoy a glass of wine while I watched a film on TV. Other times I would actually leave the house in the car and park up somewhere for a while and listen to a CD in the car to kill some time before coming home. This all added to the fantasy for Alan that I was actually out fucking another man while he waited for me alone in the bedroom to come back to him.

When I returned home I would role play with Alan that I had been fucked and that my pussy was messy with another mans sperm for him to clean up. I would tell him in detail how I had gone out to meet a lover who then fucked me. This really turned Alan on. Once I was telling him in detail how I had been sucking a long thick cock while at the same time I was gently stroking his nipples and he had got so turned on he had actually come without me even touching his cock! I would undress for him still telling him how horny I was and what a mess my pussy was in. Always I would get him to lick my pussy for me pretending that it was actually full of another person’s hot sticky sperm. This turned Alan on so much which meant that sex was always fantastic on these occasions. I would always come several times as his tongue lapped at my wet pussy before he made me come again when he entered me. Over the years I had become quite an expert at role playing and making up imaginary scenarios to tantalize Alan with telling him in detail all of the sexy things that I had allegedly been up to.

When I had finished explaining Tracy exclaimed ‘Wow you kinky couple.’

‘It’s not that kinky,’ I replied. ‘Its quite harmless and it really turns Alan on. I don’t know why he enjoys imagining I am fucking another person, and I don’t even pretend to understand why he likes to think he is eating up their sperm up afterwards as I know that he is not at all gay. It does make him happy though and every month or so I pretend that I have been with someone else just to please him.’

‘Well it’s certainly different.’ Tracy said.

‘I can think of far worse fetishes that he could have.’ I joked with her.

‘Have you ever done it for real?’ she said changing the tone of the conversation to a more serious note.

‘What do you mean,’ I replied.

‘You know, have you ever given him some real sperm in your pussy, or do you always just pretend.’

‘It’s only playing; I only pretend for him that my pussy is dirty and messy.’ I said to Tracy in a shocked manner. ‘I think that most of the time he gets off on imagining me doing things with another man while he is at home helpless to stop it. He enjoys the anticipation of waiting for me to come back to the bedroom and tell him in detail what I have been up to. While he is waiting for me he can let his imagination run riot’

‘Well if he gets off on you pretending imagine what he would be like if you actually did it and gave him a fresh gooey cream pie in your pussy for him to cleanup.’

‘I couldn’t do that.’ I told Tracy.

‘Why not?’ she said.

‘Because he’s never directly asked me to, and anyway I don’t know anyone who I could do that with safely. Any way it’s a totally different matter putting fantasies into reality, and if I actually did it Alan might not like it, then I would be in deep trouble’

‘I bet it would send him absolutely crazy if you actually did do it. If he likes you pretending that you have been with another man and telling him all about it, then I bet if you came home with a dirty sperm filled pussy he would be in heaven. I bet it’s really what he wants but he is too frightened of what your reaction would be if he asked you to do it for real’

I stared at Tracy. My friend was actually talking about me having a liaison with a real lover in order to feed my husband a proper creampie instead of pretending that I had. As I started to think about what she was saying I felt my nipples begin to stiffen and poke at the thin material of my blouse. Tracy must have noticed this as I saw her eyes stare at my chest before she embarrassingly looked away.

‘I couldn’t do that.’ I told her. ‘I wouldn’t have a clue about how to find and actually take a lover.’ I laughed out loud as I thought about it. ‘At my time of life, and in this day and age you can’t just go out and pick blokes up for casual sex.’

‘I don’t know what you mean about ‘your time of life.’ You are still a very attractive woman. If you were interested you wouldn’t have to look very far.’ She said.

‘What do you mean?’ I curiously asked.

‘Well if you were interested in fulfilling Alan’s fantasy for real you wouldn’t have to look very far for someone who was willing to do it.’

I looked perplexed at Tracy as I wasn’t sure exactly what she was getting at. ‘I don’t understand,’ I told her.

‘My Darren would willingly do it for you if you wanted him to.’

I looked at Tracy shocked at what she had just said. I wasn’t sure that I had heard her correctly. ‘What?’ I said.

‘You heard.’ Tracy said. ‘If you wanted a creampie my Darren would do it for you. He has always had a bit of a thing for sexy more mature ladies like you, and I know that he has fancied you for ages.’

‘You’re joking.’

‘No,’ Tracy said. ‘If you want Darren to fuck you he can fill you up with a creampie for you to take home to Alan for his birthday surprise.’

‘But what about you?’ I asked. ‘How would you feel about that? Wouldn’t you mind?’

‘I think that it would be really horny to watch Darren take you. I wouldn’t mind at all.’ Tracy told me. ‘I can be quite open minded sometimes and I know that Darren would only be doing it just for the sex with no emotional attachment involved, so no one would get hurt. In fact it would really turn me on to watch him doing ‘it’ with you.’

‘I can’t believe we are having this conversation.’ I told Tracy. ‘I only came round for coffee and a chat, and here you are offering your husband to me.’

‘Well think about it. I know my Darren would jump at the chance to fuck you, and it could be a fantastic birthday surprise for Alan. You could give Alan what he fantasizes about instead of pretending. Why don’t you go home and give it some thought and then get back to me tomorrow if you are interested and we can start making plans. If you don’t want to do it then we need never mention the subject again’

‘You’re serious about this aren’t you?’ I asked Tracy.

‘Of course I am.’ She told me. ‘I’m deadly serious.’

Shortly after our conversation I finished my coffee with Tracy, and as we couldn’t find much more to chat about I returned to my own home. My mind was in a whirl and I was still dumbstruck by what she had been saying. Would she really let her husband fuck me? Darren was really fit, young and good looking but did I want him to actually fuck me? What would Alan’s reaction be if I did give him a real creampie instead of just pretending? All of these thoughts were spinning round and round inside my head.

As I spent the rest of the afternoon preparing a meal for when Alan came home from work at about five thirty I couldn’t stop thinking about Tracy’s offer and the things that we had been talking about. It certainly massaged my ego to think that her young fit husband would find me attractive enough to want to fuck me. In all of my marriage I had been totally faithful to Alan, but thinking about Darren was starting to turn me on, I could feel my sensitive nipples begin to rub against my blouse. He was an attractive young man and I would imagine that fucking with him would be quite an experience. As I turned things over and over in my mind I started to rationalize the situation. The more I thought about it I started to justify to myself that if I was unfaithful with Darren then I would only be doing it for Alan, as I would be sharing my body with someone else for him in order to make a creampie for his pleasure. The more I thought about it the idea seemed more and more appealing and I felt that it could be the perfect present for Alan so that he would always remember his fiftieth birthday.

Just before Alan was due to arrive home from work I sent a text to Tracy. The message simply said ‘Want to do it. Arrange with Darren. See you tomorrow to plan. Bridge x x x.’ When Alan returned home from work and we were seated at the kitchen table enjoying the meal that I had prepared I casually mentioned to him about his forthcoming birthday. I told him that I didn’t really feel like going out to a restaurant for the evening, so I would stay at home and cook him a lovely meal instead. I told him that as it was a very special birthday as he would be reaching his half century afterwards I would pop out for a little while if he wanted to have a creamy desert. Alan knew what I meant and said that he would be looking forward to it.

The next day I quickly popped over to Tracy’s house. She was so excited. She told me that after I had texted her yesterday she explained the situation to Darren and told him that he was going to fuck me soon. Apparently he thought that it was a great idea and couldn’t wait for me to come round so that he could get his hands on me. We made plans that as it was Alan’s birthday that Friday I would cook him a celebration meal, then afterwards make him watch me get ready to go out so that we could play the game of me pretending to slip out to have a liaison with a lover. When I was ready I would leave our house and come round to see Darren who would fuck me. Afterwards I could then quickly return back to my own home with my fresh birthday present for Alan. Tracy asked me if I minded if she could stay in the bedroom and watch us together. I wasn’t that keen on having an audience looking at my naked body, especially as I was so much older than her, but as it was her husband I would be fucking I was not really in a position to refuse. After our chat Tracy said that Darren would be ready on Friday night and that she was looking forward to seeing me then.

On Friday after opening his birthday cards from friends and family Alan went off to work as usual, but promised to be as home as early as he could. I went shopping in town to the delicatessen for some fresh ingredients and spent a long time preparing a lovely romantic meal. Alan was true to his word and came home from work slightly earlier than usual. I poured him a glass of wine and we relaxed together while the meal I had made finished cooking in the kitchen. When it was ready we ate together in the dining room enjoying the good food that I had prepared washed down with a couple of glasses of expensive wine to mark the special birthday occasion. After our starter and main course I asked Alan if he would like to round off his meal with some desert. He answered me stating that he would love to have some desert. Seductively I asked him if he would like to accompany me upstairs so that I could get ready to go out and find him a fresh pie for him to enjoy for pudding.

Alan eagerly followed me upstairs to our bedroom where I asked him to remove his clothes and lay naked on our bed. I noticed that as he stepped out of his trousers and carefully placed them on the chair next to the bed his cock was already starting to stiffen. Alan has a nice cock, he is not circumcised and it is about six inches long. When Alan was lying naked on our bed I told him to wait there while I took a bath so that my body would be clean for my lover. I went to our en-suite bathroom and ran a nice hot bath with some sweet smelling aroma therapy oils scenting the water. I washed my body and spent sometime with my razor between my legs. I carefully removed all of the hair from around the lower part of my pussy and crinkly long love lips, leaving just a small tuft of fluffy hair on the fleshy mound above my clit. As I shaved myself I could feel the familiar tingling in my pussy and knew that I was starting to get wet. When I was done I got out of the bath, dried off and wrapped myself in my thick fluffy toweling robe. I came back into the bedroom and sat at my dressing table with my back to the bed. Alan was still lying in the middle of the bed just as I had told him to do. His cock was very hard.

While sitting at the dressing table I looked at myself in the mirror and started brushing my hair. I could see Alan watching me from the bed behind me as he was reflected in the large mirror. ‘What colour lipstick do you think that I should put on for my lover?’ I asked Alan.

By :DiggerDave

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