Neighbor’s daughter

It was just after midnight, I was out just beyond the patio, sipping a drink. The barbecue had been a big success, everyone had a good time, except myself. My wife was giving me the cold shoulder, after 10 years, I guess we’d just found out that there wasn’t too much to hold us together. Our sex life was almost non-existent, once every couple of months was what it boiled down to, and at 35, I decided it was time to cut that damn cord. I could start over again while I was still relatively young. The party was over, my wife was snoring loudly away in our bedroom, I faced another lonely night in the guestroom, and I needed to get away from what I had come to hate.

“Hey Mr. Robsin.”

I looked up, smiling at the sight of Roxanne Silverton. She was our neighbor’s 17 year old daughter. She was a nice girl, long brown hair in a pony tail, she looked to be about 5’6″ inches tall, I guessed her weight to be about 125 pounds, warm brown eyes, a nice perky chest that looked to be about a 34C, and a warm smile. She was wearing a button down blouse and a short skirt that showed off her sleek, smooth legs.

“I saw you from my bedroom window, I really enjoyed the barbecue, what are you doing out here, all by yourself?”

Before I could even begin, she said, “Troubles with your wife?”

That started me going, and I said, “Yeah, getting married 10 years ago, now I see it was a mistake. There’s very little to hold us together, and I think it’s divorce time. Jeez, we only have sex once every few months….”

I trailed off, damn I was getting way too personal.

Her brown eyes were warm and inviting, and she purred, “That’s not good, a man had needs, denying a handsome, sexy man like you is not what a wife should do.”

Roxanne stood a few feet before me, I saw her reach under her skirt, a few tugs, and I watched wide eyed, as a crumpled ball of black fabric fell to her feet. She picked them up and gave me a grin. She unbuttoned her blouse, she was not wearing a bra, letting her perky 34C’s out to the night air. With her blouse spread open, she then lifted up her skirt to show me her pussy, HOT DAMN, she was waxed totally bare and smooth, I almost couldn’t breathe, that was sexy beyond all measure.

A tiny piece of my mind tried to put the brakes on, but when I stood up and she stepped right up to me, her nearness, and my raging hard-on crowded out any rational thought.

She cooed, “Would you like to sniff my panties, honey?”

I couldn’t speak, I nodded, and her black thong was under my nose, she purred, “Sniff it, smell how hot I am, sugar.”

The scent of her hot spicy juices patterning the crotch of her panties drove me up like a rocket, I felt as hard as tempered steel. She looked down, seeing my tent pitch, giving me another eager grin.

Roxanne purred, “Would you like to suck my tits? Feel my pussy? Lick my pussy? Fuck my tight little 17 year old pussy?”

Her hand reached down, opened my trousers, she wrapped her hand around my cock and cooed “Ummm, oh my god, you are so hard, I love a cock as hard as yours. I bet I’d love to suck it, bet you could give me a good hard fuck. Feel my pussy, feel how hot and juicy I am.”

I reached down and slipped my fingers under her skirt. Running my fingers along the seam of her bare pussy, the feel of her smooth, hairless pussy made me tremble, I could feel the slicking up, and I quickly slid two fingers in, Roxanne giving off a soft growl of pleasure as her juices surrounded my fingers.

After pumping in and out for a minute, she purred, “Now take them out, and lick your fingers clean, taste my juices.”

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