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The opportunity was now when her dad left for work and her mom went out with her friends on a Saturday morning. Sarah being the young brunette with brown eyes slim, given braces for humility, and petite build at a mere height of 4’10. Puberty being her best friend gave her a nice bust of C cup tits and a small yet firm ass. As she was watching porn off her phone getting off to it, she couldn’t help but freeze at the sound of the doorbell ringing. She peeked around the hallway corner as she notices someone completely different. She opens the door, trying to remain calm as she opened the door to her neighbor Mark with a 6 foot height and big build wearing a tshirt and pants. As he stands over the young sarah whose only wearing a t-shirt with tight small jean shorts and sneakers . She looks up at him.

“Hi I’m Mark, I’m your neighbor next door and I was wondering if you guys have any sugar? I’m asking cause I’m too lazy to drive to the store for my wife” Mark says, Sarah seeing this as a grand opportunity smiles as she let’s the tall neighbor in “Yeah let me grab that for you, come in. You’re lucky, my parents just left me about now.”

“Yeah? Good thing I knocked” as Mark watches the young teen sway her hips as she walks over to the kitchen bending over to grab the bag of sugar from the cabinet. Cant help but notice her young tight ass, eyefucking her overall body. Mark walks over to her as he fights the urge to feel her ass. Sarah gets up as she grabs the bag, pouring sugar in a ziploc bag for Mark.

“I haven’t had sugar in weeks” she says. “You should try some, makes everything sweet with what you eat” Mark says flirtatiously. “Guess everyone needs some sugar then” she giggles as she turns around but cant help but notice Mark’s huge bulge. Smirking now, Mark leans towards Sarah not resisting his urge to take his cock out for this teen. “You think he wants some sugar too?” She says giggling. Mark, without hesitation, unbuttons his pants and slides them down revealing his 8 inch cock to Sarah. Looking shocked and amazed she grabs his cock and smiles widely, “I take that as a yes”.

Grabbing his cock firmly as she rubs it slowly, dripping spit and using everything she saw from her dad’s porn videos she puts herself to use. Sarah slowly slides up her tank top and bra revealing her C cup tits as she gets on her knees on the kitchen tile floor, licking Mark’s cock from base to tip. Mark moans softly as he feels the teen’s tongue as he watches her slide his cock in her mouth moving it back and forth slowly hearing her slurp as he feels her tongue swirling and flicking his tip.

“Oh fuck yes, I’ve been wanting this since yo-mmm fuck- you moved in this neighborhood.” Sarah moans on his cock as she sucks on his tip rubbing it with both hands as drool begins to leak out of her mouth.

Mark looking down at the horny teen stands her up as he pulls down her shorts and panties tossing them off to the side as he makes Sarah bend over the kitchen sink. “Let’s see how much cock you can handle.” He lines his cock to her bare pussy as he slowly slides the tip in then sliding all 8 inches in deep. Sarah moaning loudly as she feels this man’s cock stretch her young tight pussy, “Ohhh yeah Mark, please fuck my pussy.” She begs with lust in her voice. Mark gripping her hips, starts thrusting hard and fast hearing his balls clap loudly on the teen’s pussy.

Sarah gripping the sink tightly as she cant believe her neighbor fucking her bare and with no one catching them in the act until Mark’s cell phone starts ringing. Sliding out of her teen pussy, Mark reaches for his cell phone from his pants, and sees it’s a call from his wife. He answers trying to sound calm and collected meanwhile Sarah drops to her knees and starts blowing the older neighbor. She slid his cock in her teen mouth swirling his tip as she pumped his cock then moving her head back and forth as she looks up at him. “Hey honey” Mark says as he tries to hide his moans. “Where am I? I’m at the neighbor’s house talking to her, she doesn’t have any sugar babe uhhh.” Sarah sucking his cock tip as she smirks massaging his balls. “No, I would never do that babe, I would never fuck that teen whore.” He says as he looks down at Sarah watching her enjoy his cock. “I’m gonna drive to the store ohhh and buy the sugar and other groceries babe.” Sarah deepthroating his cock as she gags loudly. “I gotta go now babe, cant be on the phone if I’m gonna drive. Bye, love you.” Mark hangs up as he returns back to enjoying the young teen sucking his cock moaning with each suck and swirl. “How does it feel to get your cock sucked by a teen?” Sarah asks. “Fucking amazing, I always wanted you to suck my cock” He says as he grabs the teen, picking her up in his arms. In an instant move, Sarah knew what was gonna happen as she helps Mark align his cock to her pussy as he thrust it in her sliding all 8 inches of his cock inside her tight pussy. Thrusting harder and harder Sarah cries out in pleasure as she gets manhandled by the tall and older neighbor. Feeling her pussy grip his cock she screams out his name as she begins to feel to cum on the man’s veiny cock. “I’m gonna cum!” She yells as she starts releasing her juices on his cock, Mark moaning and feeling the juices run down to his balls, his cock pulsating with the need to cum. He walks over to the living room of the house as he drops Sarah on the couch. “I wanna cum on that pretty teen face of yours.” He says as he rubs his cock furiously. Sarah looking up at him as she smiles big with her braces opening wide moaning for him. “Mmm give it to me Mark, cum on my fucking face.” Sarah commands as she remembers vividly what the girls would say in those videos. Mark moans are mixed with him groaning as cum shoots out of his tip landing some cum right across Sarah’s face as the second shot lands on her forehead and nose. Then the third shot landing on her lips and chin. Sarah opens her mouth as Mark keeps landing more cumshots all spraying in and around her teen mouth. Sarah swirling the cum in her mouth as she swallows, making a loud gulping sound as she smiles big with cum on her face. “Ohhh fuck yeah, you’re better than my wife. Definitely gave you enough sugar.” He chuckles as he sighs with relief. “Come by again if you need more, neighbor.” Sarah says as he wipes some cum off her face with her fingers licking it and cleaning it off. “Will do, maybe have more fun with you when your dad does poker night.” “That would be fun” Sarah thought as the idea of being used was forming in her mind. Mark gets dressed as Sarah walks him out still nude as they walk to the door. He leaves and Sarah simply lays on her bed exhausted at what happened and curious to see what this neighborhood can offer.

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