Necessary punishment from the priest & nun

She studied the priest with a cautious intensity. She analyzed everything about his facial features as they sat closely together; examining his sharp eyes, the lines on his face, his prominent nose and chin, and the few streaks of grey on the sides of his slicked back hair. She even took time to notice his perfectly pressed black outfit and the white collar around his neck.

Celeste wished that she could read his mind, praying that he wouldn’t be mad at her, or judge her in any particularly harsh way.

“Tell me more about your transgressions against the teachings that God had bestowed upon us,” Father James said calmly, with that booming deep voice of his.

She hung her head. As a devout Catholic, this had given her so much shame and self-loathing. Worse, she had enjoyed it. As a young woman nearing her 20’s, were these feelings normal? This internal struggle. She had no idea. There was no one else to turn to, except for Father James. Surely he must know, right?

Thankfully they were alone in his private chamber, on the upstairs floor of the church. The building was an old structure, but large enough to accommodate everyone in the area. In their tight knit religious community, this church represented the strong moral values which they had all cherished. Due to a recent passing, Father James was now the moral authority of the town, a position he took with the utmost pride and prestige.

Celeste looked him in the eyes. “It was with a classmate from my university studies.”

“You gave him your purity?”

There was a look in Father James’ eyes that was piercing and deep. As if it could penetrate Celeste’s soul and condemn her to eternal damnation, with just that very look. She gulped, hard.

“Not all of my purity,” she said, hoping it would make things better. “Only part of it.”

“Be specific.”

Celeste gulped hard again. “My mouth.”


Once again, the priest gave a sharp glare without intending to. That was just the natural reaction he so often gave. It was because he cared, Celeste liked to think, and that was part of the reason she had to confide her transgressions to him, a man of God.

She nervously twirled her fingers together. “I let him touch me. Down below.”

“Through your dress, undergarments, or bare skin?”

This was pure torture.

“I let him touch my bare skin,” she admitted.

Father James leaned in closer. “Did he force himself?”

“No. No, he didn’t. It was consensual.”

The stoic priest turned away and rubbed his chin while he thought. There was something pressing on his mind, and Celeste wondered what it was. Surely this has happened before. Surely this man has heard about sexual transgressions throughout his years. So what was the dilemma?

Celeste expected this to go differently. She wanted to confess her sins of the flesh, receive her penance, be told that she was still a good girl, and maybe even cry a few tears if it came to that.

“Those on the choir must be pure,” he finally stated in a firm manner. “And purity must be absolute for those performing Mass on the birthday of our Lord and Savior.”

How badly Celeste wanted to weep. It was like a stab in the gut. She had been with the church choir since her teens. She had always loved to sing and perform. It brought her joy, along with joy to her family. Plus all her friends were involved with the choir too, so they always had a good time during rehearsals and performing together.

Christ’s Mass was different though. It was the most prestigious event given the importance of its date. Everyone in town would attend this event, wearing their best clothes, and would celebrate afterwards. Those in the choir would also dress in special gowns and have their hair fixed with extra attention.

The thought of being unable to perform during Christ’s Mass felt like a devastating blow and she fought back the tears, resisting the urge to break down in front of this holy man.

How utterly humiliating it would be for her if she were removed from this service. What would she tell her family and friends? A tear ran down her cheek and she quickly wiped it away.

“Please,” she said softly. “There has to be another way.”

Father James gave a look of sorrow. “These rules have been in place long before I was assigned to this church. The rules have never changed, as I understand it. The choir girls must be virgins, so that their voices ring with purity.”

“But…I’m still a virgin, based on the definition of the word.”

He shook his head. “I’m not so sure. The definition is open to some interpretation, but it’s better to air on the side of caution. I will not defile the day of Christ’s Mass in any way, shape, or form.”

“What about my repentance?” Celeste shot back respectfully. “What about penance for my sins? I could have kept this a secret but I came to you instead. Do I get punished instead? Punished for being honest?”

The young woman had a point, and it was something the priest had to consider, after all, he was a fair man and it was his job to encourage confessions and guidance, not to discourage it. It was an important point to consider.

He thought quickly and rubbed his chin again. His role certainly wasn’t easy and obviously involved a lot of dilemmas, especially in the area of moral standing.

“It would be harsh to deny you this opportunity,” he conceded.

Celeste’s eyes went wide. “So you’ll let me perform?”

“I’m not saying that either.”

“Then, what? Can I continue my repentance? Beg forgiveness from the Lord? Will you help me?”

He gave a short nod. “I am here for you. Always.”

“Thank you, Father.”

“To be candid, physical desires are the most frequent things that people confess to me. It’s the hardest sin to overcome. The flesh is weak and has its craving.”

“Then you must understand,” she said cautiously.

A conflicted look came over Father James’ face. Of course he understood! He is a man like any other man, with needs, longings, and desires. But as a holy priest, this was nobody’s concern but his own. Celeste understood this by the simple expression on his face.

He changed the subject. “Was your physical transgression out of love, or was it purely desire?”

“Does it matter?”

“Yes, it does matter. If you plan on marrying this man, then the sin is considered to be lesser.”

With great regret, Celeste shook her head and felt even more embarrassed over this whole thing. She didn’t love the guy she had transgressed with; in fact, she didn’t even want to marry him. It was purely lust of the highest order.

The look on her face was clear and she knew that the priest understood it.

“He’s someone I enjoy spending time with,” she said. “We’re friends.”

“Friends don’t cause each other to sin.”

Celeste hung her head briefly. “I know.”

“Was he the pursuer? Or were you?”

“He was.”

Father James nodded. “Did this young man pressure you? Coerce you?”

“He commanded me when we were alone.”

“Commanded you?” the priest asked with a tone of disbelief.

And his disbelief was reasonable too. Celeste was a smart girl, who was strong and devout. How could a young man have commanded her to sex? It was something Celeste couldn’t fully understand either.

“Yes, he commanded me,” she said. “Not forcefully. But the way he asked. There was something about his command which drew me to him, which made me obey him in that way. I felt it was intoxicating.”

“In what way? Be specific. Do you mean sexually?”

She slowly nodded. “Yes. I was commanded sexually, and I obeyed his commands.”

“I am familiar with this concept of sexual control,” he said calmly.

“You are?”

“Women speak to me. Men, too. I hear everything. I know the secrets of human flesh. I know the weaknesses and desires.”

“Then you must forgive me,” she pleaded. “Am I a sinner?”

“You’ve committed a sin, because only God commands, and a husband can command his wife; all stated in the good Book. What you’ve done is outside the scope of moral law.”

Celeste wanted to weep. “I can stop it. I will force myself to stop!”

“In all my years in the priesthood, I can tell you that human desire is unstoppable. You are unmarried, and you will not marry the man you’ve transgressed with.”

She clenched her eyes shut. “I will stop seeing him. I promise I will stop.”

“How many times have you obeyed him sexually?”

“Several.” Her voice was shaky and tears nearly burst.

“How many? Be precise with your answer, as it is important for you to be forgiven.”

“Eight times,” she said, opening her watery eyes to look at the priest. “We did things eight times.”

“How far did you transgress with each meeting? Tell me honestly.”

Celeste felt her cheeks burn. “We did the same things each time. When he commanded me, I exposed my womanhood to him, so he could see inside. I let him touch the outer part only. He never went inside, I swear!”

“And your mouth?”

She gulped. “I took his penis inside my mouth. Until he climaxed and white fluids gushed from it.”

“Did you…” The priest was far too modest to finish this sentence.

She nodded in humiliation. “I swallowed it.”

“Every time?”

“Yes,” she nodded again. “Please, I beg to be forgiven. There must be a way. Performing on Christ’s Mass is everything to me. I want penance for my sins! I will do anything to be forgiven!”

Father James was a strong man who resisted allowing his emotions and sympathy for Celeste to interfere with his judgment. Upholding his vows was everything to him. Like many in the priesthood, he had seen his fair share of crying and begging, and he never let that interfere with his decisions.

But issues of morality and sex were always tricky. Father James wasn’t the man who made the rules; he only provided guidance and clarity, and upheld the rules of this sacred church. But where did the rules fall on this? He simply did not know. He understood his own limitations as a priest and as a man.

“I will consult with Sister Mary,” he said in a soothing tone, to make Celeste feel at ease. “As a woman, she will help guide me in these matters. I feel that is the fairest solution.”

“Thank you.”

Although Celeste thanked the priest, she secretly dreaded this. That particular nun was known for her stern authority. She had been with this church far longer than Father James had, and was integral in running it.

Even worse, Sister Mary used to be Celeste’s teacher and had disciplined her a few times with a ruler across her bottom. Celeste could still feel the stinging sensation across her butt whenever she saw this nun, a feeling she’d never forget.

Her eyes were locked on Father James as he left his private chamber and headed down the stairs to look for the nun. Celeste hunched over a little, feeling sick in the pit of her stomach, and sat upright again to look around the room. She admired the priest’s devout way of living, and it reflected in his chamber.

She estimated that took a few minutes before Father James returned with the nun by his side. They entered the private chamber and shut the door. There they were, both standing in their black outfits.

Making matters even more intimidating, the nun had brought with her a leather travel bag, which she had placed on the floor.

Although the priest had an intimidating aura about him, he always tried his best to be open with people, and to understand their problems. Sister Mary, on the other hand, was unrepentant in her icy demeanor. She stood tall with a robust, voluptuous figure which reflected her middle age.

By the cold, nearly angry look on the nun’s face, Celeste realized that this wasn’t going to be easy. They stood near Celeste, who was still sitting down, and the priest spoke:

“Fortunately, we both agree that you should be given a chance to perform at Christ’s Mass,” the priest stated. “However, Sister Mary feels you should be punished for your transgressions as penance. Frankly, I’m inclined to agree. You have sinned on multiple occasions and should face a rigorous atonement process.”

“I understand,” Celeste answered, secretly hating this.

The priest continued, “Sister Mary has recommended rather unorthodox means for your penance. But we agree that it should be enough to allow you to perform during Mass.”

At this point, Celeste felt more like a prisoner than anything else. But this was her choice. She wanted this, no matter how torturous this was going to be. She wanted to seek forgiveness, no matter what the cost. However they chose to discipline her, she deserved it, she thought.

Celeste tried to appear brave. “I understand, and I’ll do anything.”

When the priest and nun looked at each other and nodded in agreement, Celeste knew that it could only spell trouble for her. After all, the only time it ever seemed like Sister Mary ever agreed with anyone was to dole out punishment.

Sure enough, Sister Mary stepped forward, looking as intimidating as ever, with her voluptuous body, stone face, and large wooden cross that hung across her chest.

“Did you enjoy letting the young man defile your body?” the nun asked, with a tone which suggested that you better not lie to her.

Celeste breathed deeply. “I did.”

“And you said that he commanded you. Meaning you like to take orders and be at someone else’s mercy, don’t you?”


The nun’s eyebrows arched, making her look even more menacing. Although Sister Mary wanted the truth, she didn’t seem happy to receive it.

“Explain yourself,” the nun said. “Explain to us why you would let a young man, who is not your husband, desecrate your body in such a demeaning way.”

Celeste felt her cheeks burning again, which she was certain had become a bright shade of red. The humiliation of having to explain herself to this cold-hearted nun and the respected priest was almost unbearable. But she had wanted this. This is necessary, she thought. It was her chance at forgiveness so she could perform at Mass.

“It made me feel good,” Celeste said in a small voice. “Like I was comforted in some way.”

The nun winced. “You felt good by taking a man’s penis in your mouth?”

“It’s not just that. Well…I liked that it made him feel good. And it made me feel good in return. I can’t explain it. These are power feelings inside me.”

The nun stared right through Celeste. “Did he touch your body?”

“Yes,” she reluctantly nodded.

“Roughly, I’d imagine. He used your mouth and brought submission to your body, and you enjoyed that aspect, didn’t you?”

Celeste nodded again. “Yes.”

“You’re one of those kinds of women,” the nun said with blatant disdain. “I’ve heard about women like you, and your lustful, sinful ways. Abhorrent! Disgusting!”

Tears welled in Celeste’s eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“Where did that conniving young man touch you, Celeste?” the nun asked sternly, in a strongly demanding way.

Celeste brought her hand below and gestured to her crotch and butt, then around her breast area.

“These parts,” Celeste said.

“And how far did he go inside of your mouth?” the nun asked, as if in disgust.

She gulped. “Near my throat.”

Both the nun and the priest paused. It was like they were disgusted hearing this, particularly Sister Mary, who had always had a powerful disdain for sexual acts outside of procreation. The expression on Father James’ face was harder to read, but Celeste was hopeful that he was more understanding about this.

“It’s time for the cleanse,” Father James stated. “The Sister has advised me on a particular method we may use. It’s unorthodox, but your body and soul should be sufficiently cleaned, so that you may perform at Christ’s Mass.”

“Is this the only way?”

“Yes,” the priest said bluntly.

Celeste held her chin up. “Do whatever you need. Cleanse me for the Lord so that I may be forgiven.”

The priest and nun exchanged glances once more. They were ready for the acts they were about to perform. Sister Mary lifted the leather travel bag and placed it on the table, opening it.

“Undo your blouse,” Sister Mary said.

Father James nodded his affirmation. “Do what she says.”

“Why?” Celeste tensed hard, clenching her chest.

“We need to cleanse your defiled parts,” he explained. “That includes your breasts and other areas. Now, expose them.”

Celeste fought her urges of shame. After all, these are holy people, serving God the best way they can. They were here to help, much like a doctor would. That’s how she fought the shame of this all, by treating this as a doctor’s visit, where the goal was her health; nothing nefarious to it.

Gathering up her courage, she began to unbutton the top of her dress, loosening each tie and pulling them apart. She did the same with her blouse, taking every ounce of bravery she possessed to undo everything.

While still wearing her dress, she pulled the front of her top down to reveal her breasts to the holy figures. Those pert tits of hers. Slightly bigger than handfuls, with a curved round bottom, and pink nipples which were already erect from exposure. For a moment, Celeste was afraid that they would mistake her erect nipples for a sign of arousal. How tragic, she thought.

They stared at her bare tits, then the nun reached into the leather bag for a long thread of rope and a water container. Were her sins really this bad? Celeste had to wonder.

“Remain still,” Sister Mary said, putting down the water container and approaching her with the rope. “I’m going to bind your breasts.”

“Bind them? Why?”

“No questions,” the nun shot back. “You’re lucky enough to cleanse yourself of these sins.”

And so Celeste remained silent, as the nun forcefully went to work, wrapping the rope tightly around each of Celeste’s tits, causing them to form a round shape from the squeezing. She looked down and saw that her tied breasts were turning red, and that her nipples were now protruding as a result, while also turning a dark shade of red. Next, the nun tied the breasts together, giving them an intense feeling of pain, with a hint of unexpected pleasure.

The nun stepped back, and they both looked at Celeste with those bound breasts.

“Now for your cleansing,” the nun said, reaching for the container. “This is holy water. You’ll need it.”

The nun repeated chants in Latin while pouring the holy water onto her fingers, then throwing it all over Celeste’s bound breasts. For her part, Celeste did her best to remain brave and to accept it. What other choice did she have?

Father James reached down and softly rubbed each of Celeste’s tits, which were now becoming sore. At first it was soothing. But then he squeezed them, making them ache further, and pinched her nipples hard, making her scream. All while the nun continued chanting in Latin.

“This is to purify your breasts,” the priest said to calm her. “Now we’ll need to purify the rest of you.”

Sister Mary added, “Where else did that young man touch you?”

You know where! Celeste wanted to scream at them. Of course, she would never do that. Yelling at church authority was outside of her character. So she remained calm about it and accepted the humiliation.

“My butt,” she said softly. “And my vagina.”

“Bare skin, correct?” the nun clarified.

Celeste nodded. “Yes, my bare skin.”

The priest and nun exchanged glances once again. They didn’t need to speak. This had already been planned out when they spoke earlier. They knew exactly what they were going to do in an effort to cleanse Celeste of her immoral sinning ways.

“Please stand,” Father James said. “And lay face down on the table, bending over, with your feet on the floor. It will be okay. The sooner we begin, the sooner this will all be over.”

As she stood, Father James quickly cleared the small table, pushing everything aside, moving things, and placing the leather bag onto the floor. Celeste had never felt so defeated. She simply obeyed and bent over, so that her feet remained on the floor, and the side of her face was pressing down on the wooden, dirty table.

Worse, those sore, bound tits of hers were also pressed onto the hard table, making them ache with more pressure. And her nipples. Goodness, those nipples of her must have become a dark shade of red by now from all the squeezing.

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