Naughty cheating wife and her lover lust

She got into his car with butterflies in her stomach. The longing for this unknown man had been filling in all the small spaces and nooks of her mind for the past two weeks and now, finally, their skin will touch…their lips caress out a hello.

His face looked familiar, like a very old friend known for years…and she leaned forward straight away to kiss him tenderly. The kiss was soft at first, just the barest hint of a kiss, then their full lips dipped again into each other, more fully…then again adding the first lick of their tongues. The slippery soft warmth of his kiss sent shivers of lust into her pussy, and she pressed more fully into him, as the car seat and distance would allow. She rested one hand on his chest and felt the fast rise and fall of his breath and knew he was just as turned on as she was.

Their kiss turned hot and passionate fast, tongues dancing in one another’s mouth, their lips feasting with an erotic hunger that was intense. Unable to control her passion, her hand slowly moved down to rest on his bulging erection, and as she felt his hardness he gasped in pleasure and reached out to fondle her breast in response. She loved the way he cupped her full tit, his hands trying to take in its large rounded softness…the way he stroked her nipple.

Her pussy was throbbing, even more intensely than all the times it had drummed out its need to her the last two weeks. She could tell from the way that he took his time to drink in her kisses that he was a sensual lover. It became obvious fast that the first time fucking that was going to take place soon would be incredibly hot and wonderful. The images of them naked and her astride him, his cock buried deeply into her cunt flashed in her mind and sent another wave of thrilling wetness to her pussy.

Absolutely no thoughts of her husband, or his wife entered their minds…they were just full of the sexy pleasure only they could give to one another. Her new lover was hot and she couldn’t wait to fuck and be fucked by him!!!

Their kiss broke apart after a few minutes, her hand resting on his cock, and his on her breast and they smiled out a hello to one another. There was something so hot about fucking a stranger, now to become a familiar lover, and it was all she could do to sit still and not pull him into the back of the car right then and there. She gave his hard shaft a squeeze and said “I can’t wait to feel this deep inside of me lover…” and leaned forward to give him another full lipped sensual kiss.

He firmly squeezed her breast in response and circled his tongue around hers in a lusty response, arching his hips up against the seat belt and put more of his cock in her hands. She slipped her hand down lower to rub his balls and cocks thick length. She wanted him totally hot and bothered for her!! She felt the knob of his cock through the trousers and from the heat that emanated from his shaft knew that he was totally turned on.

She pulled away slightly to look in his eyes, and he said “let’s go, I HAVE to have you NOW” with a fierce lusty look. She reluctantly let go of his cock and gave him the directions to their new private “fuck spot”. It had taken her a little while to figure out where he could park his van for their tryst and found the perfect secluded spot just yesterday morning. Her pussy was on fire…she pressed her legs together tightly to relieve some of the pressure and wished so hard that his fingers were playing with her pussy right now…or his tongue…or the head of his cock!! Anything!! Just fondling her clit and pussy hole right NOW!! She remembered the way they wrote in emails about this moment, the way her pussy was on fire all this time from the words he wrote her about how he would fuck her!

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