Naughty bridal party

Malena said quietly, “Okay, that wraps up the official pictures. Are you all ready?”

Michelle, Audrey and Linda nodded, even though they had butterflies in the stomachs, it was Malena’s wedding day, and as the bride, she had talked her bridesmaids into what she had planned. The pictures had been taken in a park, where there was a large hedge maze. They went over to the photographer, and told him that they’d like some more pictures of them taken, just the 4 ladies. They led him into the maze, Malena had gone through the maze beforehand, and she knew her way around the corridors. This was the perfect spot, totally isolated from the rest of the party. They turned to face him.

Malena said, “Jeremy, these pictures are for our own personal enjoyment. We ask that you do not share these, or put them on the official photo album. Can we have your word that they will stay private?”

Intrigued, Jeremy replied, “Sure Malena, whatever you say.”

The ladies smiled, then taking a deep breath, they reached down, grasped their dresses near the bottom, and hiked them up. They held them up above waist level, and 4 pubic regions were on display, Jeremy’s eyes bugged out as he saw that none of the ladies were wearing panties. Oh what a sight. Malena the bride had a bridal garter halfway up her right thigh, and her pubes were waxed totally bare and smooth, lucky husband, Jeremy thought. Linda, on Malena’s right, was sporting an equally bare pussy with a well trimmed landing strip as red as the hair on her head. Audrey, on Malena’s left, was also waxed totally bare and smooth, and on Audrey’s left, Michelle was sporting a smoothly waxed pussy, with a blonde landing strip just above her opening.

Linda giggled, “This is great, I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

Malena joined in, “I love it, it makes me feel so sexy. I’m gonna fuck Chad so hard tonight, hope I don’t break his prick!”

Michelle said, “I bet you weren’t expecting this today! This is awesome!” then giggled.

Audrey said, “I thought this was a crazy idea, but I love it!”

The ladies were feeling prickles of hot lust as Jeremy reeled off several shots of them as a group. He then centered in on Malena, framing her smoothly bare pubes, and ran off several shots. Oh yeah, her husband was gonna get such a hot sight as he plunged his prick into his freshly married wife’s cunt. Next, Linda’s pubes, with the red strip was focused on, and the camera clicked off several shots of that hot scene. Jeremy had a weakness for real redheads, his last girlfriend had a lush pelt of red, and she was the best fuck he’d ever had. His prick had risen up, he knew it was more that clearly delineated beneath his trousers, as he saw hungry looks locked onto his crotch. Forcing his concentration back to the task at hand, he focused in on Audrey, framed her smoothly waxed pussy, then clicked off several shots. He then framed Michelle’s bare pubes, the blonde landing strip, oh yeah, he liked that too. His cock felt like steel, as he focused in and got several shots of her.

When he lowered the camera, Linda purred, “Jeremy, such a nice hard cock. I think we should give Jeremy a good cocksucking, it would be a shame to have him go around at the reception, having to take pictures while his cock is still so hard and eager. We will all take a turn, since it’s Malena’s wedding day, Malena should have the honor of sucking Jeremy’s cock to a mouth filling rush, her last wild cock suck before she has to settle for just one.”

Jeremy watched, spellbound, as Linda stripped naked, handing her dress to Audrey to keep it clear of the grass. Jeremy filled his eyes with the sight of her nudity, ummm, big tits, curvy waist, and that landing strip of red pubic curls, then she turned so he could feast his eyes on her high, tight ass, he could see the faint tan lines of where her bikini had covered her. Turning back to him with a smile, she eagerly took to her knees, unzipping Jeremy’s trousers, Jeremy’s 8 inches was fished out, hard and ready.

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