Natalie is humiliated

It had been ten days since Natalie had come to Cuba and they had stripped searched her and sexually abused her. Almost every night she had masturbated herself to sleep, thinking of the things they did to her body. Every time she thought of it, her pussy would get wet and then she would have to lay down on the bed and masturbate her pussy until she came.

She was enjoying her stay in Cuba, but her thoughts kept racing back to her first day and her experience at the terminal. She had spent every day looking around the city and also the countryside. Cuba was like it was suspended in time, stopped by the embargo of Cuba by the United States. Its streets were still populated with vintage 1950 and 1960 American cars, its stores empty of all consumer products, the country stripped to its bare minimum. Natalie had met many of the local population and they had eagerly talked to her, hoping to hear of the news of the world. Most spoke highly of the Castro regime, but some had negative things to say and had not hidden their disdain of Castro.

Natalie had spent the day in the countryside, seeing the sites and spending time at the local bazaar, buying souvenirs for her friend’s back home. She returned to the hotel. She browsed through everything she bought, mostly hand made items and then decided to take a shower before dinner. Tonight was going to be a first-class meal at the local restaurant and Natalie was going to dress up to celebrate the occasion.

Captain Gonzales was the head of the Cuban Secret Police. Airport security had told him about Natalie and how submissive she was, allowing them to sexually abuse her and forcing her to cum. He had been watching her since she first arrived, including her discussions with certain subversive elements in Cuba. He stared at the television screen in front of him. He watched as Natalie slowly stripped off her clothes and stepped into the shower. He could not see her in the shower, the curtain hiding her from the hidden cameras in her room, but he had seen her naked many times during the last 10 days, including watching her as she masturbated late at night. She had a beautiful body and decided it was time to enjoy her treasures. He watched as she got dressed, a low cut bra, button down blouse, the top two buttons undone, showing her ample cleavage. Her skirt was loose fitting, but short, covering a brief pair of thong panties. High heels accented her long, slender legs, no panty hose, the weather too hot and sticky for them.

“Proceed with Natalie’s arrest. I will await your arrival at headquarters.” Captain Gonzales hung up the phone. Time to make preparations for her arrival, he thought. His office was a large room, doubling also as an interrogation room. There were many pieces of furniture where his victims were secured to, including a wooden straight back chair, a low table, suitable for kneeling, a high stool, a gynecologist table, equipped with stirrups and the pillory. The pillory was his favorite. It was completely adjustable. The victim was secured by her head, arms and legs. The legs could be opened or closed, spreading to over five feet, more than enough to leave the victim spread and vulnerable. The pillory also moved up and down, forcing the head and arms of the victim down to the ground. When the legs were kept stationary, and the head lowered, the victims ass would be pushed out and spread open, ready for any abuse. Often, the victim would be forced to spread her knees to prevent them from breaking, opening herself for his pleasure. He was going to enjoy Natalie.

By : Powerone

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