Nana is seduced and dommed by daughter and grandson

Apparently and much to my surprise, you can actually have too much sex.

After the crazy weekend in Vegas, especially the weddings on Saturday, where I married the beautiful woman of my dreams and fucked four brides that day and night, I was utterly exhausted and, for the first time in my life, declined the sexual advances of a woman.

Thankfully my wife had my Mother and Ellie to play with, so they had their own morning sex fest before we headed to the airport.

Exhausted from the previous sex-filled day and night, I slept the whole way home, not up to adding another notch to my mile-high club.

While waiting for our baggage, Miranda echoed my own pondering by asking, “So now what, hubby?”

I answered, “I was wondering the same thing, wifey.”

“Do you want to move in with me?” she asked, looking surprisingly vulnerable and insecure considering her ferocious sexual appetite and the reality that I was now her husband and had insisted on asking her rather than the other way around.

“Of course,” I nodded, before adding, “but I have to deal with Mom and Dad first. He doesn’t even know I was dating you, never mind that we got married.”

“He also doesn’t know his son is fucking his wife,” she pointed out playfully.

“Sometimes I feel so guilty about that,” I admitted. I was part of the reason Mom was about to leave him.

Miranda shifted from sexy teasing to sensitive in a heartbeat, just another part of her enigma of perfection. “Curtis, you can’t blame yourself for this. There were problems in your parents’ relationship way before you got involved in Alexis’ sex life.”

“I know,” I nodded, “but my fucking her triggered the domino effect that led to everything else.”

“Your Mom made her own choice to make me her pet months before you got involved,” Miranda pointed out, before adding, “plus, even though you thought you were fooling her that first time, she knew she was fucking you that time and every time since. She fucked you because she wanted to fuck you, just like you wanted to fuck her. Likewise she submitted to and married Ellie because she wanted to, and you’re not responsible for her choices, regardless of how you and I might have been plotting in the background to make it safe for her.”

These were all true statements, yet I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t decided to pretend to be my Dad this past Halloween. I wouldn’t be in this amazing relationship with a much older, but beautiful free spirit, nor would I be living every guy’s dream…to have his own pet Mommy. “I guess.”

“All things happen for a reason,” Miranda pointed out, before adding, suddenly all bubbly like a blonde cheerleader, “plus, if you weren’t such a sick pervert as to fuck your Mom you never would have met a sick pervert like me to fall in love with.”

“True enough,” I laughed, leaning forward and kissing my beautiful bride.

“Your suitcase is coming,” Mom gave me a wakeup call from a few feet away.

I finished the kiss and went to retrieve our luggage.

We all went our separate ways: Miranda headed home with a promise I would see her tomorrow, while Ellie demanded that Mom come and see her at her house after work.

Mom and I got a taxi together, both of us completely exhausted after a crazy, sex-filled weekend. Both of us were newly married, me legally to the beautiful Miranda, Mom ceremonially to Ellie. In reality a few days in Vegas and everything had changed. We both knew this and it lingered over us like a dark cloud…how would we tell Dad?

Returning home and to Dad, where Mom planned to ask for a divorce, although not tonight while I was home, had me still riddled with guilt. Miranda was right: obviously Mom wasn’t happy in her marriage regardless of my role, but I had definitely triggered an acceleration to the change that was about to happen.

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