Naked Paintball tournament

The BDSM striptease club was a place in the city where very extreme bondage shows took place for the entertainment of perverted sadistic customers . The female members who worked there had to hang down for example, suspended from their tits, all night as decorations, or having to support a heavy abajur from the ceiling with only their breasts, tied up extra tight to it. And these were the easy tasks with only partial customer participation. Most of the BDSM strippers had also their anal cavities trained so much, that they could not close some, even had their urethra worked out to the point of no return.
So our action takes place now in the locker room where some BDSM strippersare getting ready for the paintball tournament. It was the 6th this year. Despite being voluntary the management did not like very much girls who backed down from it, especially if they were short on people as this was a way to earn tons of money from the rich customers – both for mistresses who where the managers and the normal strippers.
The tournaments where planned when enough clients declared their wish to participate and they better had lots of money – as everything was charged and skyrocketing expensive. A game would cost 10k only to start, and then there were the in-game charges. If a customer got hit he had to temporary or not – depending on the rules – leave the battlefield and pay around 1000 usd, depending on rules and market, of which only 40 percent went to the girl who shot him. The mistresses were watching closely, one per girl on their mobile drone cameras the girls so mistakes were rarely made. However is a girl got shot, the customer paid only 400 usd, plus the girl had to lift her gun above her head and duck on the battlefield exposing to the best of her ability, her tits and vagina to the paintball bullets, facing the customers. Usually the rules were that she had a chance to go back in the game if no bullets were shot at her in 3 minutes. The customers of course were having a hey day shooting at her tits or trying to shoot her clitoris on inside her vagina or anus if she wore speculum or gapers . The interest for the girls in this position was however that every shot on them in this submissive state that hit their tits costs 25 $ and 140$ for direct hit in their urethra plug or uterus (protected by special transparent tin rubber replica). 70 percent went to the girl. This made the matches very dynamic, making it sometimes very difficult for an inexperienced team of customers who could get very frustrated and not play anymore if the far more experienced and moving in cohesion female team won.
So that’s why the management put huge caps on the girls and gave many advantages to the customers, short of the obvious that customers had full body armor protection while the girls had only arm and face/neck protection (transparent cat-woman mask).. For example the customers many times had terrain advantage (some had pride and swapped map spawning points) with sold hide outs while the BDSM strippers had tiny spots to hide like say trees. A clear example is a map with nowhere else to hide but stacked barrels. While the customer side had almost ho gaps in-between barrels, the female BDSM stripper members had to deal with big holes between the professionally beaten barrels and get shot even if hiding. Some horny strippers sometimes placed their tits in the holes to dare customers to use precision shots and hit them. The submissive women were allowed to poke their weapon only trough the top gap but that always made them expose their tits and vagina to the other holes.
Another disadvantage was that the females had to weak sexy high heel all the times which made it almost impossible to run efficiently on the battlefield, especially if it was muddy so they ended up tripping over often even with their experience.
So all that combined with the fact that gils earned more money if they got hit by the bullets made the matches satisfyingly long, dynamic and competitive with the females giving a good resistance, leaving the usually victorious customers properly erect and satisfied.

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