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December in new York is a time of parties. When there is snow blizzard and cold wind outside, young people gather in apartments for partying, drinking, smoking pot and doing sex.

This happened with Linda on the evening December 31st, 20xx. Linda went to the Central park with her best friend Sarah to celebrate New Year. They joined a crowd of people, mostly young and drunk, waiting for midnight. It was a cold night, with snow and wind. But that did not deter crowd of young New Yorkers from celebrating. Linda and Sarah met with two young men, who introduced themselves as Fred and Dick. Linda and Sarah introduced themselves too. Dick opened a bottle of sparkling wine and poured it into plastic cups. Soon they were standing, drinking Champagne from the plastic cups and cheering the new year. At half past 12, Fred suggested to go to his friend s home, where a company will gather to continue celebration and partying. The girls agreed to go with them too.

They went to Fred s apartment, took off their coats, and joined a crowd of young people already partying there. They did what young people usually do at such parties. They ate pizza, drunk wine, then martini, then smoke pot, then drunk vodka and tequila. By 1 pm they all became very drunk. A few drunk girls started undressing themselves and danced nude and started doing blowjobs to the guys.

Fred bent to Linda s ear, nibbled it with his lips and then whispered “Let s go with me”. Then he took Linda by the hand and led her to the bedroom. She went with him, walking slightly unsteady because of the alcohol she consumed. In the bedroom she stood in Rockygy pose, holding hands on a sofa for support. Fred pulled down her panties, unzipped his pants and took out his cock. It was long and hard already. He inserted his penis and started thrusting forward quickly. She moaned and giggled drunkenly. Then she turned to him, bent on her knees and took his penis in her mouth and played with it, helping with her hands to massage it. Fred rolled his eyes and groaned with pleasure. Then she lay on her back on a bed, and spread her legs wide. He penetrated her again, with his hard penis, thrust a few times and ejaculated inside her, panting loudly. She felt a stream of warm sperm inside her and screamed with first orgasm. He pulled his penis out and some drops of white liquid poured from her vagina on a bed. Then she closed her eyes and waited. In a few moments, another drunk man entered the room, unzipped his pants, and penetrated her with his long hard cock too. She moaned again and protested slightly, but the man kept thrusting penis inside her until he ejaculated inside her too. Then another man entered the room. She passed out with alcohol blackout. During that night at least seven men fucked and ejaculated inside her. She did not remember well how did that happen.

Linda woke up on a tile floor in a bathroom. She was naked. Tile floor was cold. Her face and vagina were covered with sperm. The word “Slut” was written on her forehead with a pink lipstick. She stood up, looked at her reflection in the mirror, and she immediately felt sick. She threw up into a sink, then she washed her face with a cold water and immediately felt better. She wiped word “Slut” with a towel and soap. Then she went into the living room, looking for her clothes and underwear.

Most party goers already left, only a few remaining drunk men slept on a sofa and on a chair. The room was in disarray. Party goers left empty bottles, food leftovers, feminine tampons and assorted pieces of clothes. Linda did not find her clothes or underwear and she did not want to put on someone s else clothes. She felt she needed a fresh air to clear her head. She took a cigarette and a lighter and walked out of the apartment door on a stairs, still naked and barefoot. She lit the cigarette and smoked, standing naked with her back against the wall. She felt lightheaded and she sat on a cold cement stairs with her baked butt.

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