Naked and masked, Kelly goes undercover

A case file was placed on the desk and Detective Kelly Rossii was eager to be given her first assignment in the homicide division.

The Lieutenant was curt after opening the folder. “Look familiar?”

“James Rizzo,” she said after taking a glance at the picture.

“He’s suspected of ordering the death of a rival,” the Lieutenant stated in a way that showed that this was headed somewhere. “But everything we have against him is purely circumstantial. That’s where you come in, detective.”

The fact that the higher-ups in the department trusted her with such a big task put a smile on her face. But she knew, based on her superior’s expression, that there was a catch. Instantly, she knew what it was. With the body of a professional track runner, Kelly was always on the top of the list for the most salacious assignments on the police force.

She thought she had left that world behind with her recent promotion, but she should have known better. Her body was a major asset.

“High-class escort or cheap hooker?” she asked flippantly. “What will it be this time?”

“High-end server. Consider it a compromise. You know that he has a weakness for beautiful women, and to put it bluntly, we need your legs again.”

“If you’re looking for a female agent to use her body, why isn’t anyone from Vice handling this? There are plenty of younger women there who routinely go undercover as escorts.”

“Out of the question,” he said sharply. “We now suspect that Rizzo may have multiple informants within Vice, and throughout the entire police force. We think it’s best to keep this operation as small as possible.”

She hesitantly agreed. “What’s the job?”

“Thanks to our own informant, we know that Rizzo will be attending a masquerade ball this Saturday.”

“I’m familiar with those. Masked balls at large manors, but they’re always just sex orgies for the rich and powerful.”

The Lieutenant nodded. “Correct. Our goal is to take down Rizzo before a war breaks out on the streets.”

“I’m assuming you have a plan already worked out,” she said.

“We send you into that ball as one of the models who serves drinks. We’ve already obtained several warrants. You’ll be given our newer micro recording devices. Very advanced. It’s the type of stuff the Feds are using now.”

“Bugging is my specialty. How do I get inside?”

The Lieutenant tossed another folder onto the desk. Kelly picked it up and looked at its content.

“That’s Loretta Hall,” he stated. “She runs a classy strip club, and her dancers will be working as waitresses at the masquerade party. She’s agreed to provide you cover as one of her strippers, in exchange we keep her out of prison for unrelated charges. That’s how you’ll get in.”

“Understood,” she replied, resigning herself to her fate that she’d have to use her legs and body once again.

“You’ll also be wearing a mask the entire time. Once you get inside the party, no one should be able to recognize you. Walk around, look good, serve a few drinks, and when you get a chance, plant the two bugs. Somewhere strategic, I hope.”

“I agree,” she replied. “It sounds like a worthwhile plan. If we get to send this guy to prison for the rest of his life, then I’m willing to take the risk.”

The Lieutenant gave a long, hard pause. “There’s more.”

As they looked at each other, Kelly knew it was something damning. Her boss was a blunt man, and if he was this hesitant, then it must have been something that would swear them both to secrecy.

“Just say it,” she replied, wanting to get it all out.

“We know that our target makes deals in the backroom of this party. We also know that he likes to pick out women and bring them into the same backroom as well. It would be the perfect place to plant a recording device, don’t you think?”

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