Mystery Mailer

Carol shivered as she stepped from the bus, it may have been midnight but the town Centre seemed eerily strange with its mixture of shadows and half-light. If truth be told it was not the surroundings that made Carol shiver but her ongoing quest. In her mind she played over the previous day which had begun quite normally.

Saturday morning had been total regular getting up at eight am and getting ready to go shopping at nine thirty am. Then back home for lunch around two pm before catching up with family via the telephone and usually ending with a meal in a local restaurant. But today had been totally out of the norm when she returned from shopping she had found a crisp white envelope laying on her door mat just inside her front door.

Examining the envelope she was impressed with the beautiful handwriting which displayed her name and address and it proved the envelope was meant for her. I mention this only in the fact that it will become clearer a little later. Carefully she opened the envelope and removed the similarly crisp white paper of the letter itself; She looked and made a mental note that the same beautiful writing on the front of the envelope was continued inside the actual letter and she could not think of anyone who wrote with such flowing style as she was now reading. It read;

Dear Carol,

You don’t know me per say, but I know of you and the fact that you have an interesting fetish which I would love to explore with you. (Suddenly a shiver ran down her spine and her fingers actually tingled as if charge with static electricity.) Do not worry about how I found out about your fetish but be warned I will expose it to the whole world if my instructions are not met exactly. (She was intrigued now and to be fair a little alarmed.) Tonight at midnight you will be at the bus pickup point in Leyton Retail Park; where you will find beneath the rest seats a padded envelope. You may dress as you wish but be warned I will expect easy access to your body! Having received the padded envelope you will carry out its instructions to the letter. Failure to do so will be punished most severely. Also be alone as you will be watched

Remember be on time and be prepared to fulfill your heart’s desire.

Signed An Admirer.

Carol re read the letter hardly believing what she had read but secretly wishing it was midnight already.

Carol quickly phoned all the family members that she usually spoke to on Saturday and then retired up to her bedroom. There she chose her clothing for tonight; she actually could not believe she was planning to go through with this. She laid out a mid-knee length skirt and a loose fitting tee shirt; then she undressed and ran herself a luxury bath with all the trimmings, scented candles and luxury bath oils. In fact she almost fell asleep as she allowed herself to relax into the hot scented water; her breasts almost floating as if filled with air on the surface of the water and she blushed slightly to herself as she noted her nipples were already erect a sure telltale sign that she was sexually excited. Soft romantic music played away in the background as Carol allowed herself to go with the flow. It surprised Carol that she never even contemplated disregarding the letter, for it seemed the person who wrote the letter knew her better than she knew herself.

Suddenly Carol opened her eyes, a serious cloud darkened her horizon; what if the person meant her harm and intended she should not return from this adventure. She calmed herself why would someone go to all this planning to kidnap her after all she was not worth much money to a kidnapper that is. She tossed around the fears and weighed up all the odds and suddenly glanced at the wall clock; it was already five pm; gosh she thought I have been in this bath for over two hours and she chuckled at her next thought; all that warm water and she bet she would look like a wrinkled prawn. She shook her head as if to clear her thoughts and then she grabbed the towel and drying her hair with it she walked naked across the hallway to her bedroom. Again she thanked her lucky stars that she had took the better paid job which had led to her buying her own house; otherwise she could well imagine running into her brother or parents as she slipped around the house, naked.

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