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i am 27 years old and my wife is 22 years old. We live in canada. Actually from bangladesh. We went back to bangladesh after 4 years of our marriage. She always wanted to go for our first honeymoon in coxès bazar. So according to our plan we went there and reserv a hotel honeymoon room. That hotel was 5 storied tall and we got a balcony room in the corner. There was another balcony attached to ours. We planned to stay there for 7 days. The first night of our honeymoon was very sexual and she fucked my brain out. Specially when i was telling her about taking another cock in her pussy. I noticed that she got extremly horny while talking about it. I knew from before that she has a fantasy about fucking older men while i am not present in the room. That hotel had a few bell boys but none of them were older and since it was only me and her there and no one was known to us so i made her wear sexy sari and also i set up a trap for her to fall in. So we went to a restaurant at 2nd night of our honeymoon and i made her sit there alone and went to washroom. On my way back to the table i heard someone commenting on a girl in a dirty way. I turned around and found out that there were 3 guys age around 40+ sitting at a table and they were straight looking at my wife and saying dirty stuffs. I got a boner right way. I didn’t say anything and went to the table. We were having our meal and i noticed that my wife was also sometimes checking those mature guys at the other table. I pretended like nothing happening. In the middle of the meal she went to the washroom aswell and i noticed that those guys were checking her out like hungry wolves. Suddenly one of the guys went to the washroom aswell. Both mens and womens washroom was beside eachother so i wasn’t worried about that. So took more than usual in the washroom and when she got back i asked her if everything was alright or not and she replied things were just fine. Now in my mind i was having wierd thots about last night and her fantasy about mature men. So i went out for a smoke after the meal leaving her on the table alone once again.

I found out that 2 of those guys were also smoker and they came out aswell for smoke. So i took a deep breath and took the initiative to see my wife having her fantasy comes true. I said hello to the men and started our conversation and found out that they were from Chittagong and they are on a business trip. They have fish business. They also asked me about myself but didn’t say anything about whos the lady with me. I was trying my best to set my wife up with thses guys but couldn’t say a word about how to start it. Suddenly one of them asked me if i need anything locally and i don’t know what happend to me i asked them if i can find a prostitute in here. That guy laughed and said then who is the lady with you in that table. I smiled back and said shes my wife but i need someone else. They just smiled and said something in low tone to each other and then the guy said he can manage what i want but i need to do him a favour. I smiled and said of course and then he asked me which room i am staying and around what time i am going back to the hotel. I said i will not do it in my room but he said it not for me. Its for them to come to my room so that we can have drinks together and get to know each other. I invited them right way. As we were speaking the other guy came out of the restaurant and introduce himself to me. We stood there for few more minutes and then i went to the table and took her to the sea shore and spend the time there till sunset and then we came back. I noticed that her was biting her lips often and was thinking something so i asked her whats wrong but she just said nothing. I also informed her that we will be having some guests and told her to be ready.

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