My wife’s first

My wife and I have been happily married for over ten years now. She is in her early thirties and me, well I’m forty now. Anyway, we have a great sex life and don’t have any children. She is small, only 5’2″, about 105 lbs, and built very well for her small frame. We will call her Amy for now; the name has been changed to protect the innocent.

We got Internet service about a year and a half ago. As many men do, I was surfing the net one night, looking for all those porn sites, and came across some “animal sex” sites. I had never seen anything like this in my life! I was so turned on by it, the Rockys, horsys and donkeys fucking women. And these women were sucking, fucking and drinking hot animal cum! It was making me so horny, I was going insane with lust.

Anyway, Amy came by the computer one night as I was looking at a woman giving a horsy a blowjob, and gagging on all the horsy cum. She said she thought that was sick and I was a pervert for looking at such sick behavior. I tried to get her to get into it, but she was not interested at all. From that point on, I was really careful not to let her catch me surfing the beast sites.

After many a night looking at all those animal scenes, it made so horny I could hardly contain myself. I started fantasizing about Amy and a big Rocky, I don’t know why, but the thoughts of her with a big Rocky cock in her tight little pussy drove me nuts! I started to wish that I could talk her into it somehow. I didn’t ever want to share her with another man, and wouldn’t ever consider that, but a big Rocky, that really made me mad with lust.

I didn’t think that it would ever happen, considering how she felt about the pictures she had seen on the net.

It just so happened that one day, a few months later, that new neighbors moved in across the street. We live in a nice middle class neighborhood and we wanted to welcome them to the neighborhood. We went over, after they had time to settle in, and just said hi and let them know we had a good friendly neighborhood here.

To my surprise, a big black lab made his way out of the house and came over and started to wag his tail, and looked very friendly. His name was “Blackjack” and he was about 2 years old and about 100 lb. Our neighbors, Terri and Jack said he was very smart and a friendly Rocky. We made small talk and then went on our way.

Every now and then we would go over and play cards or just grill out back and we invited them over a few times, just so we could all get to know each other. They were about the same age as we are, so we got along pretty well. Not great close friends by any means, just more or less friends.

Well, about 3 months later, Terri and Jack had to go out of town for a few days and didn’t want to board Blackjack, so we volunteered to keep him while they were gone. They left the instructions on feeding, and all that stuff. He was a good Rocky and I had fun throwing a ball and him chasing it and so on.

They left on their trip, we kept Blackjack in the house, out in the sun room most of the time, where he could look outside and let him out to play during the day.

That night we put him in the sun room and we settled down for a quiet night at home, little did we know it wasn’t going to be so quiet after all.

After a few drinks, we got “in the mood” and started the foreplay. Amy pulled off her sweatshirt and pants, and she had nothing else on, I’m sure she had planned this all along. Amy is so hot and sexy, tight little ass, her blond little patch of pubic hair, and perky little tits. She was so horny from the wine. We got hotter and hotter, I had my fingers in her little pussy, and she was dripping all over my fingers. About the time we were really into the foreplay, Blackjack started to howl and carry on. I don’t know if he knew what we were doing and wanted in on the action or what, but he wouldn’t shut up. He just kept on and on; it was very distracting.

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